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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands embedded their eighth important enlargement pack for the (storied) MMO. On being judged for a unit of time (taking 30 mins approx) by playing at BlizzCon this year, it appeared like a natural evolution of contemporary WoW that will run parallel to the WoW Classic can be encountered in the predictable future.

Blizzard has spoken not much concerning what it plans to try to do following Shadowlands. It was being speculated that the next step would be to try as much enlargement as possible, so, within the next expansion, Blizzard can offer two things to its users :

  1. Moving Battle for Azeroth into the multitude of decisions to provide new character experiences 
  2.  Pushing level-cap characters back to fifty to start the next enlargement.

The new beginning zone fails to impress veteran players but is praised for behaving as a solid tutorial for brand new players. To add more to it, the Mob is shaping up to give a thrill experience,

To conclude, we can say that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has shaped beautifully into an intuitive and daring enlargement we’ve ever seen within the game’s 16-year history. 

Blizzard understands the worth of creating the resources accessible, whereas at the same time increasing the complexity of its progression systems too!

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