A Definitive And Latest Guide On Mists Of Pandaria

The Mists of Pandaria was released on September 25, 2012, with a level cap increased from 85 to 90. The expansion gave rise to the playable race, the Pandaren, and the character class, the monk. The pet battle system was integrated, whereas the vanity pet system was improved.

It would be a little surprising to you, but the Pandaren class was introduced as an April Fool’s joke by the developer/s for Warcraft III, but who knew that overtime a joke would end up becoming a permanent part of the in-game universe. 

The thing that separates the Pandaren from the other classes is that the others identify themselves through any one specific class. However, for Pandaren, the players are free to choose from Alliance or Horde, right from the very start. 

Mists of Pandaria: Gameplay & Features:

Mists of Pandaria: Gameplay & Features

In Mists of Pandaria, the whole approach is centralized, with an island containing seven different zones. The Pandaria island is a home to the Pandaren, which is a race that dates back its roots to the Warcraft III. If you look closely, then you would know that the theme centres around Pan-Asian motifs. 

The completion of the Serpent dailies to attain the Cloud Serpent mount is an experience in itself! This expansion even gives you the chance to build your own farm. Who doesn’t like the idea of relaxing in their own farm? Sadly, this feature wasn’t revisited any time again in the future. 

The expansion would have become a lot more popular and mainstream, in case, The Siege of Orgrimmar, hadn’t been too long. The visual atmosphere of MOP is something that’s bound to catch your attention, as it’s something very unique from what we usually get to see in Wow. Don’t believe us? Check here for yourself!


  • Level cap increased to 90
  • The tabard system got totally changed 
  • Addition of the eleventh character slot
  • Profession cap increased to 600


  • Unique storyline, whose ending satisfies all the players, irrespective of the class that they belong from.
  • A great expansion for the high level players
  • Additive pet battles
  • Highly Player Friendly Expansion


  • Hit or miss, in case of Novel lore
  • The Pandaren class isn’t a lot up to the expectations
  • Certain game mechanics are beginning to slow down


  1. Can You Still Play Mists Of Pandaria? 

Ans: Most of the content of the expansion is still out there, and could be easily played. Just buy the base pack, and you will gain access to the Mists of Pandaria. 

  1. Which Zone Is Best To Level In: Cataclysm Or Pandaria? 

Ans: According to us, it’s best to level through Pandaria over Cataclysm, as the zones are situated very close to each other, so your travelling time would save up. On the other side, in case of Cataclysm, to travel to your zones, you will have to head back to the capital city. 



The Mists of Pandaria was one of its kind expansions, which was not only creative but also very attractive. However, a dedicated group of players, argue that the game would never be the same again. For some reason, every expansion which followed after Wrath of the Lich King, have kind of been a huge part of some or the other criticism. 

In this expansion, the players finally had access to a neutral race, which wasn’t seen unlike before. Though, people always wondered that in a game of betrayal, wars, lore, etc, did we really need something so vibrant and colorful? Some other controversial changes, like the pet battle system were also integrated in the expansion. This change kind of made some players sad, ultimately dragging the expansion to the unfavourite list of many players. 

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