Legion:A Definitive And Latest Guide In 2021

The release of Legion in 2012 marked the point where the base pack was established, and all the previous expansion packs were made available free of cost. The expansion brought in many PVP mode abilities, dungeons, and patches to balance the raid tiers. Though, out of all the additions that took place, probably the most important was Demon Hunters’ rise (a hero class).

The game got a lot more difficult and challenging, right from the point of Mythic Plus dungeon. Players were bound to complete the dungeon if they wished to attain elusive awards. To be honest with you, at times, it’s a little surprising to witness how much the game has changed from the time of Legion.

In Legion, the level cap is increased by 10 levels. Along with the Demon Hunter Heroic class, the articraft weapons are among the main highlights. Broken Isles, two raids, and five new dungeons make the game even further interesting.

Legion Gameplay & Features:


The concept of an apocalyptic event hovering over Azeroth may not sound something new and different, however, the expansion’s content was still handled pretty decently. This expansion takes you to the Maelstrom’s Broken Isles, and to be honest, in comparison to the past two to three expansions, this one is far better off.

The storytelling campaigns of the expansion are just commendable! You will come across large characters in storylines, like the Sargeras’ Burning Legion (last seen in the Burning Crusade). Right from amazing large invasions to class halls, Legion has it all that made it a favorite of many players worldwide!

Since Wrath of the Lich King, we hadn’t come across any hero class, however, the situation changed up here. Legion brought in the second heroic class, Demon Hunters, who had their own amazing storyline. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or returning player, the class is going to be a treat for you, as it’s tank capable and DPS.


  • Access to a new continent: the Broken Isles
  • Introduction of new hero class, Demon Hunter, which is playable after level 90.
  • Level cap increased by 10 times, going from 100 to 110.
  • Improved transmogrification system
  • Communication across groups saw improvements.


  • Level 100 Character Boost
  • Increase to 12 character slots per server
  • 30+ artifact weapons introduced!
  • Better and smooth storyline campaigns.


  • Lacks new Battlegrounds
  • May feel like a journey down to the old days
  • Dated graphics are hidden in the name of stylish art


1) Was Legion The Worst Expansion To Ever Release?

Ans: The answer to this question can be very subjective, however, when talking only about Legion, it would be very wrong to say that it was the worst expansion. Legion was far off better in terms of the overall storyline and features than other expansions, and we are sure the majority of the players would agree with us on this statement.

2) Which Expansion Is After Legion?

Ans: The expansion which released right after Legion was the Battle for Azeroth.



Compared to the previous two expansions, it won’t be wrong to say that Legion seems to have shattered all the roofs of quality and success! Lots of experienced players believe that the only good expansion after Wrath of the Lich King was Legion. We believe that the heroic Demon hunter class is something that you should be looking forward to! 

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