A Definitive And Latest Guide On Battle for Azeroth

In the list of expansion packs, the seventh that falls off is the Battle for Azeroth. The expansion continues to unfold from the events of where Legion had previously left off from. The level cap is increased from 110 to 120. 

Battle for Azeroth marks the inception of four allied races for both the factions, along with the Kul Tiras, and Ans Zandalar continents. For clearance, you are going to come across a variety of raids and dungeons. 

The initial patch 1.0.1 marked the addition of ten new dungeons, and the content in the continents started to build-up more and more with the release of further patches. The Battle for Azeroth also marked the introduction of Warfront game mode. Right from the patch 1.0.1, you will come across the Warfront game mode.

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Battle for Azeroth Gameplay & Features:

Battle for Azeroth Gameplay & Features


Except for an increase in level cap from 110 to 120, it also introduced two new continents, and the allied races are what makes them different from others. In the earlier expansions, these races were just limited to their respective factions; however, with the advent of Battle for Azeroth, the races earlier associated with one faction could now even be associated with another as well. 

In terms of the game’s system requirements, we saw a tremendous change. If you plan to go on raids, then a higher-end gaming PC, accompanied by a stronger CPU, would be the best bet. On the other side, if you are just looking to meet the game’s normal aspects, then a budget gaming PC would also work. 


  • Blizzard has tried several times to bring back the classic era world PVP, and more or less, they have failed each time, however, with this expansion, we finally get to see the War Mode. 
  • Let’s welcome the 20-player cooperative battles, Warfronts, whose inspiration has been derived from Warcraft 3. It’s more like an RTS. 
  • Many island expeditions bring in a unique and different feel to the grouping systems in the game. 
  • More & More Allied Races 
  • Legacy Loot 


  • Easier Professions 
  • Weapon Drops 
  • Introduction of Allied Races 
  • The Stat Squish 
  • Longest Running Expansion 


  • Lots of bugs 
  • Lots of users had complaints about the communication system 
  • Not for casuals 


1) Who Won The Battle For Azeroth? 

Ans: At the very end, nobody actually won! It may be surprising to you, but one city was removed on both sides, and ultimately no side could be taken seriously at the very end.

2) What All Battle For Azeroth Brings To The Table?

Ans: It raises the level cap to 120 and brings in many fresh raids, dungeons, zones and lots of extra features.

3) What Happened To Sylvanas In Bfa?

Ans: While both factions were settling their disputes to deal with the Old God N’Zoth, the Warchief went in for a run to the Northrend, ultimately ousting Sylvanas.



Battle for Azeroth is an expansion that has received mixed reviews from both the critics and the audience. The expansion takes you back to the roots of the game, and if you are actually a fan of RTS, then the game is definitely going to be a great choice for you. 

Players did appreciate the old and ever-growing concept of Alliance versus Horde. However, anybody who is looking forward to nostalgia would be already playing Classic WOW

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