A Definitive And Latest Guide On Wow Cataclysm (2010)

Wow Cataclysm was released on December 7, 2010. The Minimum player level rose from 80 to 85. The expansion had two main continents, Eastern Kingdom, and Kalimdor that went under redesign features, including flooded areas, Java canals, etc.

Around ten fresh dungeons and five new raids were added to the expansion. The main races of the expansion are Goblins (Horde), and Worgen (Alliance). The main plot of the expansion centres around the coming back of Deathwing the Destroyer (evil dragon).

Wow Cataclysm Gameplay & Features:

Wow Cataclysm

Some time prior to the official release of the expansion, Blizzard revealed that through Cataclysm, the players would have access to ten fresh dungeons, two new races, five new raids, and a secondary skill, Archaeology. Feel free to go for a Worgen or Goblin, after you have installed the expansion to your system. In fact, once you wind up with this guide, don’t forget to check other essential categories and posts by clicking here!

The existing glyph system was overwritten. It gave rise to three different kinds of glyph (prime, major and minor). It gives you the option to eradicate a glyph using a reagent, and permanently learn a glyph.

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The quest system of Cataclysm was also totally restructured, giving rise to 3500 quests. The interface was redesigned so that the players could easily follow the low and medium level quests. A lot of areas in Azeroth also underwent some changes, like the addition of mini quests, so that more experience and understanding could be granted to the players.

This expansion took inspiration from the previous Warcraft games, and henceforth, we got to see a lot of mythology, mainly the storyline that followed in here was the return of Deathwing the Destroyer from Warcraft II. This makes the player to combat with the political power (Cataclysm), that’s been causing trouble in the whole of the game.


  • Explore new talents, earn abilities, and grab potent spells as the level cap increased to 85.
  • Choose the resourceful goblins or the cursed Worgen as one of the two fresh races. 
  • The areas that you were comfortable with until now, have totally changed, bringing in new and fresh content. In short, the classic zones totally got remade. 
  • Revamped Talent Trees 
  • Lots of cool class and race combinations to try out. 
  • Master the secondary profession, Archaeology. 


  • Explore Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor with the help of Flying Mounts. 
  • Lots of high level zones at your feet, right from the great sunken city of Vashj’ir to Uldum, and Grim Batol. 
  • Amazing rated Battlegrounds.
  • Go ahead a guild to upgrade to guild achievements and guild levels. 


  • In the name of making huge, the original zones in Azeroth got devastated.
  • Takes 20+ hours to complete, which is far far better than the average of other expansions.
  • Lacks new zones to explore


  1. What are some of the prominent herbs found in Cataclysm? 

Ans: The most prominent herbs found across the expansion are Heartblossom, Twilight Jasmine, and Cinderbloom. 

  1. When was Cataclysm released? 

Ans: The public announcement for Cataclysm was made on October 4, 2010. Though, the release was witnessed on December 7, 2010.

  1. What does Cataclysm mean? 

Ans: Cataclysm simply means flood, deluge, or violent event that leads to a significant change. 



In Cataclysm, different players are interested in different features, as there’s so much that we can just go on and go on! However, the main stuff or probably the guide that you needed to know about the expansion to begin has been covered up. If you ask us, then personally, we aren’t a very big fan of Cataclysm, as in the name of making it big, they seem to have somewhere lost the original touch, and the legends say that from Cataclysm, the expansions just started to go downhill. 

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