Savage Gladiator Chain

How To Obtain Savage Gladiator Chain In Wow Classic?

Each and every item forms a special part of a Wow character. These are necessary for every character to level-up in the game. Some items come with a special set of skills while some items provide the characters with better attack and defence stats.

The wow classic savage gladiator chain is one such item that provides the characters with a whole lot of stats.

Savage gladiator plays a crucial role in the Wow classic, and it comes with a drop rate of 23%. Most of the Wow players farm for hours and hours, to get their hands on this item. So, we have provided a detailed guide on the Savage Gladiator Chain below which helps the players to get access to the Savage Gladiator easily.

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How To Obtain Savage Gladiator Chain?

How To Obtain Savage Gladiator Chain


The Savage Gladiator Chain is a mail chest armour item. This item provides a lot of agility and stamina to go with armour and durability for players. Apart from all these abilities it also increases the critical strike of the use by 28.

The Savage Gladiator Chain is just a part of a whole 5-piece item set. The other parts of the set are Savage Gladiator Helm, Savage Gladiator Leggings, Savage Gladiator Greaves and Savage Gladiator Chain Grip.

If the whole set is completed, the user of the set will be provided with a huge stat boost along with the individual stats of each item Or You can buy the boosting service without completing the set here!

Where to Obtain Wow classic savage gladiator chain?

Obtaining the Savage Gladiator Chain might not be that of an easy job as one needs to defeat Gorosh the Devrish to get this item. Even then, the drop rate of this item is just 15%, so it’s quite not guaranteed whether one would be able to gain this item or not.

Gorosh the Devrish is an elite ocr warrior who resides in the Blackrock Depths. This is a level 56 warrior, so, soloing this character might be a little tough.

To defeat this warrior the player needs to enter the ring of law in the depths. In the ring of law, an arena event will start, and the player has to face-off against non-elite enemies and that too three waves. And after that is done, a mini-boss will appear, and the player needs to defeat the boss as well.

Now that’s not all, there are a total of six mini-bosses and Gorosh is just one of them. Apart from Gorosh, the other bosses are Grizzle, Eviscerator, Anub’shiah, Ok’thor the Breaker and Hedrum the creeper.

Now each of these mini-bosses holds a piece of the Savage Gladiator set, and to obtain the whole set, and the player needs to fight and defeat each of these bosses or one can buy a leveling boosting service too.

Anub’shiah drops the Savage Gladiator Greaves, Eviscerator drops the Savage Gladiator Grips, whereas Hedrum the creeper drops the Savage Gladiator Helm and Ok’thor the Breaker drops the Savage Gladiator Leggings.

Except for Grizzle, everyone provides a part of the whole Savage Gladiator set, and each of these items comes with a 15% drop rate. Gorosh strikes pretty fast, and it is quite hard to kill.

Gorosh has a different set of abilities such as bloodlust, and this skill increases the attack speed of his allies by 30% for 30 seconds.

Then he also has the Mortal strike, which inflicts 300% damage upon a target and leaves them wounded, thus reducing the effectiveness of the healing abilities by 50% for the next 5 seconds.

And finally, Whirlwind is his ultimate skill, which attacks all nearby enemy units with a whirlwind of steel and this attack lasts for 2 seconds and along with that it also inflicts the target with 300 damage along with the normal damage.

Apart from the Savage Gladiator Chain, Gorosh also drops items like Flarethorn. Leggings of Frenzied Magic and Bloodclot band. All these items, along with the Savage Gladiator Chain, can only be equipped by a player when his/her level reaches 57 or one can buy a leveling boosting service here!

How to Reach Gorosh The Devrrish?

To defeat Gorosh The Devrish and obtain the Savage Gladiator Chain, the player needs to reach the Blackrock Depths. Blackrock Depths is the deepest region of Blackrock mountains, and it is ruled by theEmperor Dagran Thaurissan, who also leads the Dark Iron Dwarves.

Apart from that, quite a few minions of Firelord Ragnaros also have made their home in this depth. The depth is lined with lava and is also a true wonder of the World of Warcraft as this place is a 5-man instance and it’s quite likely that this place will remain the same for quite a long time.

This area is so complex that it takes around 4-5 hours in total to clear it. The reason behind this complexity is that there are quite a lot of mobs and bosses, and along with that, there are several scripts and abundant quests. But that’s not all, almost all the enemies in this region ranges from level 48-56, and the minimum level needed to enter this place is level 40.

Besides all the mobs and bosses, this region also has an Anvilrage Military, which is quite tough to deal with as well. Quite a few people had to play extended hours just because they underestimated this military.

They have medics who can heal their troops, and along with that, some officers have items such as Devine Shield.

This region is not used by the players these days as they prefer to visit the Outland when they reach level 57. There are items like the Fiery Weapon enchanting recipe, but low-level players mostly use these. This place was visited by many players quite a lot during the Wrath of The Lich King as it provided Instance-clearing achievements.

This place might not be that profitable now to visit, but every player needs to visit this place once to experience the expansion.

As this item provides agility and stamina, this is most suited for a player who used Shamans and Hunters. Hunters need both these attributes as they can pull and use threat redirection. Some hunters also use pets which provides them with special skills such as Rebirth and Heroism. Nearly all races in World of Warcraft have hunters.

Shamans, on the other hand, need stamina as they are specialized in healing and melee damage dealing and also spellcasting. They mostly provide support to the other players in a group and also use stationary totems. The shaman class is only available to the Horde races such as Taurens, Orcs and Trolls.


Q: Can all character classes use this item?

A: Yes! Any character can use this item, but Hunters and Shamans are mostly benefited from using this item.

Q: Can I find this item at other locations?

A: This item is only dropped upon defeating Gorosh the Devrish and is not available anywhere else.

Q: Is this item any good?

A: This is a very good item, but most benefits can be reaped out of this item only when all the 5-Pieces of this item is gathered.


So, that is how you can obtain the WoW Classic Savage Gladiator Chain. It is quite an important item as this provides the player with quite a few attribute upgrades. But also, be sure of your character class before going for this item.

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