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How To Find Rexxar In Wow Classic [Detailed]

Rexxar is one of the most problematic bosses that you will have a hard time dealing with in world of warcraft! There’s a lot of demand for a brief explanation of the areas concerning wow classic rexxar, and we would be starting with some cold facts about the same.

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Facts About Wow Classic Rexxar

Rexxar Classic Wow

1) Rexxar’s dad, Leoroxx, is an orc but is a half-ogre too as he heads the Mok’Nathal clan (pacifist clan of half-orges). The sources don’t specify the mother’s name. It’s said once he set out on the journey of Horde, leaving his parents estranged. So, in short, he is an orchish warrior who was formed with the combination of ogres and orces.

2) Haratha, a black wolf, was one of the earliest Rexxar companions, who gave her life to save him during the first war. This made Rexxar trust the beasts and quit the Horde.

3) Rexxar met the chieftain, Thrall, which made his belief restore for the orc people. From that moment, he has gained enough respect for Thrall. Surprisingly, Rexxar likes to be with animals and hunt alone; however, the respect in his eyes for Thrall doesn’t seem to have gown down even a little.

4) Contrary to popular belief, Rexxar is a very neutral character of WOW Classic. For him, an entity that respects the animal kingdom is bound to be appreciated. He loves and respects the characters of all the world that he gets to be a part of in the game.

5) Just after Haratha passed away, the wow classic rexxar met another great Azeroth companion: Misha. he’s a bear named Misha along with Leokk the wyvern and Huffer the boar as his companions.

6) Cairne Bloodhoof, the Tauren leader, will always be grateful to Rexxar, as the latter risked his life to save him from a dying heart and brought him back to his father.

7) Keepers and white rats guard the Rexxar’s camp. On a first look, you may think of him as a usual critter, but that’s not the case. He’s the same innkeeper that was there in Hearthstone.

8) In total, Rexxar has eight companions, out of which two are deceased, and the rest all are alive.

9) Frenzy, Stealth, Carve, Axe Toss, and Raptor Strike are the primary abilities of Rexxar.

10) He is also famously known as Stonemaul Chieftain, Unseen Path, and Champion of the Horde.

Facts About Leoroxx

rexxar path

1) Leoroxx is the leader of the Mok’Nathal tribe, living in the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

2) The act of Rexxar leaving him made him go against his son even after he tried to make contact with his remaining clan.

3) He’s having a level of 20-30 Elite.

4) He has a companion, Tethik the lynx (beast).

5) Leoroxx indeed holds a grudge against his son, Rexxar, but deep down, it’s said that he still cares for Rexxar.

How To Find Wow Classic Rexxar Path?

wow classic rexxar

Rexxar isn’t very hard to find as we have listed up the Rexxar path in the below points:

  • Head to Feralas
  • From there, go towards the north side.
  • In between Stonetalon mountains and Desolace, you will find Rexxar spawning at the border.
  • After that, through Kodo graveyard, he is going to go towards the south.
  • He continues the journey until he doesn’t reach up the water, and there, he despawns.
  • Please wait for a few minutes, as he will respawn at the border of Stonetalon.
  • That’s it! There you have the whole WOW Classic Rexxar path.

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How To Kill Rexxar?

It isn’t easy to kill Rexxar as he is one of the most challenging and difficult bosses out there. It’s said that his health is a lot more than the other bosses that you have met up till now.

Just attack him and kill at the earliest before he sends his boars at you. Those boars use Void Quills and can severely damage you. If you aren’t planning out well, you may not handle Rexxar’s companions. To clear up the area, you have just to kill Rexxar.

If the above method doesn’t seem to work for you, then you may take it slow. According to us and what many believe, boars come to attack based on Rexxar’s health.

We recommend you tackle the boars one by one until it’s time to finish up Rexxar. You may keep the following points in mind while fighting with Rexxar:

  • Don’t forget to use drums or list
  • If you know and can, then you may use the boar cages.
  • To deal with stun, carry a breathing action potion.


1) Is it difficult to trace the Rexxar path?

Ans: Rexxar usually hunts alone and, at most, is accompanied by his animal companions. He is a fearsome warrior, but he likes to fight in peace. If you follow our above steps carefully, you will find the Rexxar path vanilla.

2) How to identify Rexxar?

Ans: He is a Mok’Nathal beast master and represents half-ogre, sadly accompanied with Batman-style helm. Earlier, when the Burning Crusade hadn’t taken place, he resembled an orc with a hat. On his side, you will always find Misha, the bear. Other than Misha, there are other various animal companions too that you may come across.

3) Is he a demanding boss?

Ans: We have seen that there’s not a lot talked about Rexxar in comparison to other bosses, and that shouldn’t be happening. Rexxar is a pretty tricky boss that you may have a hard time dealing with. Lots of players try to tackle Rexxar in one go but ultimately end up failing. If you aren’t very strategic, then we also recommend you to take it slow with Rexxar.


World of Warcraft Classic is an exciting game that keeps its players hooked. However, a few bosses can be hard to deal with, and one such boss is Rexxar. We have tried to list all the essential aspects of Rexxar Classic WOW, right from the Rexxar path Vanilla to unheard facts. If you have any more doubts about anything related to the article, please feel free to hit the comments below.

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