How To Conquer The Sully Balloo Quest In Wow Classic?

When we talk of the greatest Wow Classic quests, how can we not mention Sully Balloo? Sully Balloo’s Letter, has been considered one of the most known and prominent quests of the entire game.

The inspiration for the quest has been derived from real life events, and rather acts a very great tribute to the similar real event. Just like this, there are various other amazing and surprising stories of Wow Classic, that you can read here!

How to Complete Sully Balloo Quest?

  • It’s a level 30 quest, and for you to complete it, you will have to be at least level 25. Though, we recommend you to be level 28+.
  • There’s nothing much complicated about the quest, as all you have to do is head beneath the waters (bridge heading to Arathi Highlands from the Wetlands).
  • Take the Sully Balloo’s Letter and deliver it to Sara Balloo in Ironforge.

Interesting Facts/Features About Sully Balloo:

  • Sully Balloo, as the records say, was actually a Dwarven soldier. He was a guy who was very fond of the missions that he used to undertake.
  • During his time, he was stationed in Dun Modr.
  • The soldier and his unit were sent to keep a look over the Thandol Span.
  • It’s believed that at the time of the Dark Iron clan assault, the soldier died off due to the bridge’s collapsing.
  • Beneath the waters of Span, you can find his body, along with an unsent letter, which was written for his wife.
  • Sara is his wife, and Edgar is his son.

Interesting Facts About Sara Balloo:

Interesting Facts About Sara Balloo


  • Sara Balloo is the wife of Sully Balloo and is a level, fifteen quest giver.
  • She can be found in the Military Ward, Dwarf, Ironforge.
  • She belongs to the Dwarf (Humanoid) race.
  • In the later updates, her quest was removed, ultimately just making her stand there idly. Believe it or not, but if you even have a little of humanity left within you, then you are going to feel a little sad for her.

Interesting Facts About Magni Bronzebeard:

Interesting Facts About Magni Bronzebeard


  • Magni Bronzebeard is a herald and speaker of Azeroth. He is popularly known by the titles Herald of Azeroth, The Diamond King, Bronzebeard Clan, King of Khaz Modan, etc.
  • He is the former king of the dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan, head of the Bronzebeard clan, and Thane of Ironforge. At the time of the Second World War, he fought with the orcs to defend Ironforge, and ultimately, ended up joining the Alliance of Lordaeron.
  • Magni belongs to the Mountain dwarf (Mechanical/humanoid) race.
  • He is classified under the Warrior, Mountain King class.
  • Out of all the three Bronzebeard brothers, he is the eldest of the three. The destiny played such that he ended up becoming the king under the mountain.
  • Madoran, Aegrim, and Elder Bronzebeard are the ancestors of Magni.
  • He also has a wife (Eimear), daughter (Moira), and grandson (Dagran Thaurissan II).


1) What Is The Real Name Of The Soldier From Which Sully Balloo’s Character Was Inspired?

Ans: The character of Sully Balloo was inspired by the real incident of Union Major Sullivan Ballou.

2) Why Is The Quest So Popular?

Ans: The Sully Balloo is one of a kind quest that hits you on the emotional level, and probably that’s why it’s a favorite of many.


Compared to a lot of other prominent quests, this one is actually a lot easy and straightforward. Similar to this, there’s another powerful story driven quest: The Fallen Hero of the Horde, which has somewhat same level of craze among the players.

The character, Sully Balloo, is already dead, and anybody can make out this from his half-seen body. Also, he’s beneath the waters. Anyways, no matter how easy or hard the quest is, it’s undoubtedly one that went down well in the history of the game.

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