Legend of Stalvan

How To Conquer Wow Classic Legend Of Stalvan Quest ?

The Legend of Stalvan quest is a pretty interesting thirteen-part questline. It is considered one of the best quest series starting with Madam Eva in Darkshire while encompassing the storylines of Eliza, Morgan Ladimore, etc. The Legend of Stalvan is considered deep in the story as it delves into the interesting yet fascinating life of Stalvan Mistmantle.

There’s no clear information on what Stalvan ended up doing that turned him into a negative character, however when you talk with the people that come across the quest, you find that it was probably something of a massacre. The Legend of Stalvan will always be considered a great questline in the history of Wow Classic.

The butchering done at the hands of Stalvan was justified by him in his notes, saying that it was for the tears that he had shed. The legend has it that he butchered almost the whole of a family, and after that he moved back to his roots (North East of Darkshire). As of now, he is in Manor Mistmantle, and is looking to revenge with anyone who comes near him.

Things To Know About Legend Of Stalvan :

Stalvan Quest and Wow Classic Stalvan Quest

  • Stalvan Mistmantle hails from Silverpine Forest and has spent the majority of his time traveling around the world. He, later on, became an instructor and a personal tutor.
  • There’s nothing much known about his life in Silverpine Forest. Though it’s believed, because there’s a Mistmantle Family Ring, he probably hails from some noble family.
  • If any, then the remaining members of his life probably got away in the Scourge or changed up their identity due to the later embarrassing deeds of Stalvan.
  • Consists of numerous amazing storylines, including Morgan, Eliza, and lots more.
  • The journey of an individual who being one of the most respected individuals of the society, ended up being a villain.

Romantic Angle In Stalvan’s Life:

Stalvan Quest and Wow Classic Stalvan Quest

During his teaching course, he knowingly or unknowingly developed a romantic attraction for one of his students. She was a younger woman who went by the name Tilloa. She used to treat everyone nicely, and the same was the case with Stalvan, however, Stalvan misunderstood it for some romantic interest.

The girl was quite young at age, and still, Stalvan was ready to imagine a future with her. Though, she was already in talks with some other individual. Once, Tilloa extended a begonia plant to him, which Stalvan ended up considering a romantic gesture. Though, Tilloa only considered Stalvan as a mere tutor and nothing more than that. She even compared him to an old uncle, which led to a series of violent and unfortunate quests that completely changed up the life of Stalvan Mistmantle.

Difficulty Level:

The whole quest of the Stalvan is actually not that hard, if you ask us! It’s rather more interesting, and something that a lot of players look forward to. When we discuss questlines like that of Stalvan, delved deep into storytelling, the difficulty part seems to go away somewhere. There’s nothing much to worry about the questline. It’s suggested that you try to enjoy the storyline, rather than just focusing on completing the tasks. If you enjoy the process, you won’t have much trouble in completing the whole quest.
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How To Do The Stalvan Quest?

Stalvan Quest and Wow Classic Stalvan Quest

  • The Alliance members get to know about Stalvan through Madame Eva in Duskwood, as she receives a vision of death. Her vision tells her that her granddaughter’s life could be in danger in the future, and the person who may be behind this is someone named Stalvan.
  • Ater this, you head to Daltry, the town clerk, to find out further about the investigation.
  • As you progress further on your journey, you find more and more about the life of Stalvan.
  • During your investigation, you may also have to face curses while you handle his belongings, and spirits could also rise to put a violent end to your investigation. Though, you have to keep going by just following the on-screen instructions.


1) What’s The Level Requirement For The Legend Of Stalvan?

Ans: The players have to be at least level 22, to begin with, the questline, The Legend of Stalvan.

2) What Is The Gain Upon Completion Of The Legend Of Stalvan Questline?

If you end up completing the whole questline, you would gain 25 reputations with Stormwind and 570 experience.

3) Where Does The Investigation For Stalvan Start And End?

Ans: The investigation for Stalvan begins at Duskwood and ends in Elwynn Forest.

4) How to reach Manor Mistmantle?

Ans: Manor Mistmantle is situated in the west of Beggar’s Haunt and north of Darkshire (northeastern Duskwood). The only remaining survivor of the Mistmantle family is Stalvan Mantle, serving the undead.


Stalvan Mistmantle was a pretty great individual who had keen interests in traveling, interacting with new people, and teaching to educate young minds. However, destiny played its part such that one of the reputed noble individuals ended up becoming a criminal in the history of the game.

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