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How To Complete A Shred Of Hope Quest In 2021 [Latest]

A Shred of Hope quest requires the player to be of level 52 and it begins at Marshal Windsor. This quest falls under the category of BlackRock Depths. It’s a part of the Great Masquerade quest chain. In the quest, you will have to grab Marshal Windsor’s Lost Information which is in the reach of Golem Lord Argelmach and General Angerforge.

Once you successfully reach to the end of a shred of hope, you will be rewarded with 90 Silver, 500 reputation with Stormwind and 13500 XP.

Don’t forget that there are two items that look pretty much the same, one is with Golem Lord Argelmach and another one with General Angerforge. Just ascertain that you get both of them. Do you know that you can even bring dead back to life through a quest? Click here to know how!

Fun & Interesting Facts About Marshal Windsor:

  • Marshal Windsor is an elite quest giver of level 52. He can be found in BlackRock Depths (Detention Block).
  • He has a health capacity of up to 8,500
  • In Stormwind, he is commonly referred to as Reginald Windsor.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Blackrock Depths:

Shred Of Hope Quest

  • The Blackrock Mountain’s deepest part is known as BlackRock Depths or BRD.
  • The region is under Military Dictatorship style government, led by the Dark Iron dwarves, who are further controlled by the Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.
  • It’s a home to mainly three races; Flamewalker, Dark Iron dwarf, and Fire elemental
  • In World of Warcraft, Blackrock Depths can be said to be the largest 5 man instance in the game. The best part is that this title is going to remain exactly like this in the coming time also.
  • The whole region can actually take you 4+ hours to complete as it’s such vast, comprising of various bosses, quests and what not!
  • The entry barrier level is of 40.
  • Earlier, BRD used to be visited a lot, but in the recent times, the number of players have significantly dropped, mainly due to the availability of Outland at level 58.
  • The area is divided into regions, one is Upper City and the other being Lower City.
  • Black Anvil and Black Forge can also be found at BRD.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Golem Lord Argelmach:

  • Deep in the Blackrock Depths, you come across a level 57 elite Dark Iron Dwarf mini-boss, who go by the name, Golem Lord Argelmach.
  • He can be found in a private room of the Manufactory. For his security, you can even find two elite golems guarding him. If Golem Lord Argelmach feels threatened, then he will send in the Manufactory technicians and golems to get rid of the adventurers. It’s better for the adventurers to firstly eliminate the mobs as that will make the fight easier.
  • According to the claims, he is a humanoid, but the Rise of the Machines quest says that the original Argelmach was killed by Lotwil Veriatus and the current version of Argelmach is nothing but a mere machine serving as a replacement.
  • Lightning Shield, Shock, and Chain Lightning are the spells and abilities of Argelmach.

Fun & Interesting Facts About General Angerforge:

  • Deep in the West Garrison, Blackrock Depths, you come across a level 57 elite Dark Iron Dwarf mini-boss, who go by the name, General Angerforge.
  • When you head to golem factory, take a left down the stairs, and you should find Angerforge with the Marshal Windsor’s Lost Information. Make sure that you take one out of two items from him.
  • He’s the venerable general of the Dark Iron armies.
  • He focuses on strategies to win combat, so make sure that you are well ready. Sunder Amor is his special ability that you must learn to counter.

Jail Break Wow Classic Quest:

Jail Break is the succeeding quest of A Shred of Hope quest. It starts at Marshal Windsor and ends at Marhal Maxwell. The minimum requirement is of level 52. It’s a part of the Great Masquerade quest chain. In this quest, Marshal is looking to back his gear and free his friends. If you succeed in accomplishing the mission, then you have to return to Marshal Maxwell (Morgan’s Vigil) and from there, you will get the further instructions.

Once you complete this quest, you are going to be rewarded with 1 gold, 75 silver, 13500 XP, 500 reputation with Stormwind. It’s very important to note that Jail Break is not your normal quest, rather an escort quest. This simply means that to earn the rightful credits, you gotta first successfully accomplish the A Shred of Hope quest. Don’t forget to have an empty quest log before beginning up with this as if you don’t do this, then you could potentially end up failing.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Morgan’s Vigil:

shred of hope quest

  • Morgan’s Vigil is located in the southeastern corner of Burning Steppes.
  • It’s an Alliance settlement, but there’s nothing much to witness in this village. It’s a village left in the ruins, and everywhere you just get to see houses and buildings totally burned. You would also across a single watchtower that has been completely destroyed.
  • Even after the bad conditions of the village, you can still expect a decent number of quest givers and small vendors in the area. These guys live in the tents.
  • There are various flight paths, some of them being, Lakeshire, Dragon’s Mouth, Stormwind City, Bogpaddle, Chiselgrip, etc.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Marshal Maxwell:

  • Deep in the Morgan’s Vigil, Burning Steppes, you come across a level 55 quest giver, who go by the name, Marshal Maxwell. Legends say that, he is somehow related to Kirk Maxwell.
  • It’s also highly speculated that Marshal Maxwell is none other but Footman Maxwell himself.
  • He has his affiliation with the Stormwind city.


World of Warcraft has come a long way since 2006 and no matter how much fantastic today’s version is, the love for the classic version never seems to die off. One of the main reasons for the huge popularity of WOW Classic is due to Nostalgia. Like in case of WOW Vanilla, the scene got fired up as this was something new and unique, like not much seen before.

WOW Classic directly or indirectly gave a sense of socialization and in those days, it was definitely something to look forward to. Anyways, these are some of the things in brief that we think make even the new players tempt for adventures like A Shred of Hope quest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the difficulty pattern for a Shred of Hope quest?

Answer: The difficulty for a Wow classic Shred of Hope quest is 50 54 56 61 69.

Question: Is the Jail Break quest a part of WOW quest a shred of hope?

Answer: For Jail Break WOW Classic entry, you will have to first successfully complete the preceeding quest. Can’t do anything, but, that’s how it is.

Question: How many tries it takes to complete the Shred of Hope quest classic wow?

Answer: To be honest with you, it heavily depends upon your skills and abilities. If you do your research from before hand about the whole WOW quest a shred of hope, then you may even be able to accomplish in just one attempt.

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