The Rhok’delar And Benediction Quest In Wow Classic

When we discuss weapons, Rhok’delar and Benediction are probably the most legendary weapons of the game. It doesn’t matter what the specialization is, you are eligible to receive the item.
You know what’s so great about these weapon questlines? Well, upon the accomplishment of the quests, you not only have the weapons with you, but overall as a player you also improve yourself. If you wish to improve yourself further from all corners, then click here to check out our other categories.
The other classes have complaints that the epic mounts of Hunters and Priests is better on a lot of levels, and probably that’s done purposely. Wonder why? Well, simply because the Priests and Hunter classes are advanced and that’s why they are going to have some strong features.
In this guide, we will take a brief look at how you can attain both the legendary items, Rhok’delar and Benediction. So, make sure that you stick till the very end!

Rhok’delar And Benediction Features:

  • Rhok’delar is a level 75 item, and has a speed of 2.90.
  • Benediction is a level 75 item, has a speed of 3.0.
  • Rhok’delar is for the Hunters class, whereas Benediction is for the Priests class.
  • To obtain both of these items, you have to be at least a level 60 player.
  • Rhok’delar deals in 1% improvement in the chance of attaining a critical strike, and provides Attack Power of +17 Ranged.
  • Benediction deals in a 2% increase in the critical effect opportunity of the spells (Holy), calls forth Anathema, along with 30 min cooldown, and increases healing performed by effects and spells all the way up to 106.

Difficulty Scenario:

From the very top or starting, it may seem that the mounts attaining process isn’t that much of a deal. Just some gold, kite process, and the necessary potions, and you are good to go! If you also think in the same way, then probably you have got it wrong. The mobs are not your typical mobs, but rather they feel very smart and realistic.
Whenever the battle turns a little unfair on their side, they would quickly get away and despawn. Normally, the despawn time is of 15 mins, however if they adopt the running approach, then the respawn time is of two hours. Therefore, complete the battle on your own, without any sort of extra help.

How To Attain Rhok’delar:

  • To begin with the quest, the very first thing that you should go for is the Ancient Petrified Leaf. The leaf drops off from Majordomo’s Cache in Molten Core. If we talk about the numbers, then it has an approx 50% chance to drop.
  • To craft the weapon, you will also have to head to Onyxia in Onyxia’s Lair to grab off the Mature Black Dragon Sinew. Once you have both of these weapons, then only you will be able to procure the weapon.
  • Grab an Ancient Petrified Leaf and head to Felwood to interact with Vartrus, the Ancient. Give in your quest to Vartrus, and after that, you will have three trees near him, and out of each tree, you will be able to grab off one quest. The three quests would be Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, A Proper String, and Stave of the Ancients.
  • To attain the weapons, you just have to finish up A Proper String and Stave of the Ancients. If you actually see the average completion time of the three quests, then you will find that Stave of the Ancients takes the longest time to complete.

How To Attain Benediction:

  • First of all, grab The Eye of Divinity, and after that, head to the North West of Eastern Plaguelands to interact with Eris Heavenfire. She’s a quest giver who will provide you with the quest, The Balance of Light & Shadow. To complete this quest, you will have to save fifty peasants, ensuring that all of this is done as quickly as possible, at least below the fifteen death mark.
  • Once you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with Splinter of Nordrassil by Eris. This is the item that you will use to craft Benediction. However, don’t forget you must necessarily have both The Eye of Shadow and The Eye of Divinity before you end up using the splinter of Nordrassil.
  • There are actually a few ways to grab The Eye of Shadow. You can head to the south of Winterspring and farm it from the elite demons. Or, you can purchase it on the Auction or even trade it with other players, as after all, it’s a BoE item.
  • Once you have all the three elements ready with you, it’s time to craft Benediction. What’s great about Benediction, that people are going crazy over it? Well, other than being a legendary item, it also has the ability to change up with the Shadow DPS staff Anathema.


1) What’s The Major Hurdle That One Faces During The Quest For Benediction?
Ans: At the time of the quest, The Balance of Light and Shadow, you will have to be prepared in advance to deal with the brutal two hours respawn timer.

2) What Are Some Of The Spells That Can Be Used To Counter The Disease Debuffs And Packs Of Skeletons?
Ans: For them, you can use the spells; Rank 8 Renew, Rank 5 Flash Heal, Rank 8 Power Word: Shield, Abolish Disease, Rank 6 Holy Nova, and Rank 8 Flash Heal.


Rhok’delar and Benediction are considered among the best questlines for the obvious reasons! The power that these items hold can literally smoothen up your adventure journey in the game. The level of excitement and fun after attaining these weapons just goes to another level. That being said, we hope that the above guide would have helped you find and attain Rhok’delar and Benediction.

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