Pamela's Doll Quest

5 Things You Should Know About Pamela’s Doll Quest In Wow Classic 

Pamela’s Doll and the Battle of Darrowshire are two of the most interesting events in the whole history of WoW Classic.

In the very start, it may feel that the events are going to be tough, but trust us that’s far from the reality. Of course, in the very start, when we saw that we had to find the missing pieces of the doll in the ruins, we were also a little surprised that this was going to be a tough task. Though, when we started our hunting, we found out that the missing pieces were quite easy to locate. In the very end of the article, you are going to learn the exact spots of the dolls.

In this article, we will learn in detail about these events, and how you can go on completing them. That being said, let’s begin!

Features Of The Pamela’s Doll Quest:


  • Pamela’s Doll quest starts and ends in Eastern Plaguelands, whereas the Battle of Darrowshire takes place in the parts of Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands. The Battle of Darrowshire begins up at Chromie, and ends up at Pamela Redpath.
  • For the event, you have to be at least level 50.
  • For the Battle of Darrowshire, you will have to be at least level 55.
  • The difficulty sequence of Pamela’s Doll event is 50 51 53 58 66.
  • The difficulty level sequence of the Battle of Darrowshire is 55 56 58 63 72.

How To Complete The Pamela Quest ?

Pamelas Doll Quest and Wow Classic Pamelas Doll Quest

  • The Pamela’s Doll begins at Pamela Redpath (Darrowshire), and in here, you will have to find her missing pieces of the doll, which are scattered all around Darrowshire. The three doll parts can be easily found in the two houses near Pamela.
  • On the other side, The Battle of Darrowshire begins up at Chromie, Andorhal (WP). Use the bundle of relics at the Darrowshire Town square, and kill Redpath, to avenge Joseph Redpath’s spirit.
  • In the end, it will be a tough fight, so you are advised to have at least ten to twenty players with you. Once you are done with the fight, head back to Pamela. At the very end, both of these quests join together into one. If you end up completing the events, and are confused where to proceed ahead, then click here!

Difficulty Level:

The whole of the quest to find this little girl is fairly easy. We were able to complete with a level 70 Mage, 56 Warlock, 59 Druid, and 61 Hunter. Thankfully, we didn’t have to face any deaths. It may seem a little clumsy, but the whole event isn’t that hard to deal with.

A group of 4 low 60’s players or 5 high 50’s players could easily complete the event. If you can, then a combination of 2 ’70s or 3 high 60’s would also do the work. No matter what the difficulty is, this combination guarantees you succeeded in the event.
Want to know about a quest of the similar difficulty level? Click here to know!

How To Head To The Event Locations?

 Wow Classic Doll Quest

In South Central Eastern Plaguelands, you will come across a small hamlet, which goes by the name, Darrowshire. To reach there, you may take the flight path to Chillwind Camp, Eastern Plaguelands. After this, you can head to the East along the road.
Alternatively, you may also go to Light’s Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands, through the flight path and take the west along the road. In between the two camps, right in the middle, you are going to come across Darrowshire.

In case you don’t have the above-mentioned flight path, feel free to head to Hinterlands through the flight path and take the North to WPL. For Town Square, there’s nothing much to discuss. Inside the group of a few buildings, you will come across a circle (15 feet in diameter), which is the town square.

You will come across a skeleton on the ground and a post in the middle. To drop the pack on earth and start the script, you will have to stand and right-click on the sack of relics.

In case you die, then you can head back quickly to the graveyard, as it’s not very far away. If Redpath or Davil dies, the whole event comes to an end, ultimately losing the game. If you lose the quest, then even abandon it from your side and return to Chromie in WPL. There, she will give you a fresh sack of relics, which you can use to begin up again with the quest as soon as possible.


1) In The End, How Many Ghosts Will Appear Up?

Ans: At the very end, you have to talk to the spirits of Davil and Redpath.

2) Is It Hard To Save The Little Girl?

Ans: This was actually not at all a complicated quest, however, the series of events turned it into one of the biggest fights in the area of Eastern Plaguelands.


We hope that you would have understood how both of the quests can be accomplished, how they are joint, and how much of significance they carry on the lands of Eastern Plaguelands. To be honest with you, personally, this series reminds us of another emotional and powerful story-driven questline, Sully Balloo.

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