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WoW Classic Paladin Quest Latest Guide In 2021

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular when it comes to RPG games. And unlike other games, this one provides you with a whole lot of different character classes to choose from to play on various battlefields which makes it all the better and enjoyable.

The Paladin character class in wow is said to be one of the strongest as it comes with a bunch of different abilities. The Paladin quest is what a player needs to go through if they want to level up their character at rapid growth. So, here is everything that you need to know about the wow classic paladin class quests.

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What Is Wow Classic Paladin Quests?

Paladin Class Quests

The paladin class quests wow classic comes with lots of different rewards, and this quest is for Dwarf and Human Paladins. But before jumping into that, one should know about what the Paladin Class is all about.

Who Are Paladins?

paladins quest

Paladins are known as Warriors of Holy Light. They are tough melee fighters who mix the holy light of clerics and elements of warriors. The Paladins are also referred to as the defenders of the weak and tireless, and are the sworn enemy of the undead. Paladins are capable of pulling of various cool in-game events.

Now, check all the information that you need to know about this quest below:

All You Need To Know About Wow Classic Paladin Class Quests

Everything that you need to know about the paladin class quests wow classic has been provided below.

  1. The Paladin quest has two quest chains that the player needs to do for levelling up. The first one is Redemption and the second one is Verigan’s Fist. The first quest chain will help you in bringing other players from the dead, and the second quest chain will help players to climb to different labels as it enacts as a powerful mace.
  2. Besides these, an update released in Oct. 2019 has opened up the Dire Mual. It provided the Paladins with an opportunity to clear the mount Charger questline. The mount charger quest is very important for paladins, as it helps them to increase their speed by almost 100% .

Redemption Quest

The Redemption quest is one of the most important quests for the paladin as it gives them the ability to bring back their comrades from the dead. The objective of this quest reminds us of hope, which can be witnessed in the Shred of Hope quest.

It is recommended that one should clear this level as soon as possible because it adds more value to the player. But the issue with this quest is that this quest chain can be attempted by paladins only when they reach level 12.

You can also paladin classic spells from a trusted seller like Wow Vendor. They help you unlock Redemption and Sense Undead spells with ease. Having these spells will be helpful in levelling up at level 60.

For this, you need to share your active Wow Subscription and account details with the Vendor (completely safe). Above all, this vendor provides you with an amazing discount on their services, which means you can get access to the spells at an affordable price.

The Redemption spell can be used by Druids as well, but for them, there is a 30-minute cooldown after they cast it once. This spell will help the players save a lot of time and effort.

The Redemption quest is quite similar for both humans and dwarfs. For Humans, they need to start with the trainer Brother Wilhelm in Goldshire. The player needs to go to the Duthorian Rall that is in the Cathedral of Stormwind Empire.

Cathedral of Stormwind Empire

Cathedral of Stormwind Empire

The trainer will provide you with a quest for the Tome of Divinity. The player needs to read the tome and accept the quest that is provided to him by the tome.

The quest is to go back to the cathedral and speak to Duthorian Rall, and he will provide the player with the information about what they need to do next. The player needs to find Stephanie Turner, who is located in the Trade District of the Stormwind city.

She provides the player with the next part of the quest, but for that, the player needs to provide her with the item she wants. The next part of the quest will take the player to Duthorian Rall, and he will provide the player with the next part of the tome of divinity and an item Symbol of Life. This item needs to be taken to Gazin Tenorm. He will provide the next part of the tome and ask the player to use the item on Henze Faulk in Elwynn Forest. The player needs to go to the forest and use the item on him.

  • Henze Faulk will provide the player with another part of the quest that requires the player to kill the Defias Rogue Wizard and to obtain the Defais Script. After the player earns the script, he needs to head back to stormwind city, and there he will be rewarded with the Redemption by Duthorian Rall.
  • When it comes to Dwarfs, Azar Stronghammer is the trainer, who is located at Dun Morogh in Kharanos. The quests will send you to Tiza Battleforge at the Mystic Ward in Ironforge. The Tome of Divinity quest will be given to the player by Tiza Battleforge, and after that, the player would need to read the tome and go back and speak to her to receive the later part of the quest. She will then instruct the player to find John Turner, who is located in The Commons of Ironforge and is responsible for patrolling the area.

The Test of Righteousness

Just like the human quest, the player needs to find some items for John Turner, and when that is completed, he will become the player with the next part for the tome. The tome will take the player back to Tiza, and she will provide the player with another part for the quests, which is to speak to Muiredon Battleforge.

He will provide the player with an item called Symbol of Life and ask the player to go to Dun Morogh. In Dun Morogh, the player needs to find Narm Faulk and use the item on him. Narm Faulk will ask the player to kill Dark Iron Spy as a next part of the quest. After killing the Spy, you will receive the Defias script which needs to be brought back to Tiza to complete the quest.

When it comes to the Verigan’s Fist, both Humans and Dwarfs have to go through the same process. The quest starts at Duthorian Rall, and he will provide the player with the Tome of Valor. After that, the player needs to follow the steps to receive more parts of the quest. At the end of the quest the player will receive The Test of Righteousness, the quest requires the player to wait for the weapon to get forged and after that, the player will receive the Verigan’s Fist Weapon.

Apart from these two paladin quests, there are other short quests too such as The Warhorse mount quest chain which is available at level 40 and the Charger mount quest chain that is available at level 60.


Q: Can the Redemption Quest be completed in the later levels?

A: Yes, it is possible to complete the quest at layer levels. It is just that the minimum level needed to start this quest is Lvl.12.

Q: Is Verigan’s Fist a good item?

A: Verigan’s Fist Is a higher tier item that can only be used by Paladins and can be used in the later levels also.

Q: Who can use the Redemption skill?

A: Paladins, Priests and Druids can use a redemption quest. However, Druids have a 30-minute cooldown on the skill after using it once.


The Paladin class is one of the strongest in the World of Warcraft. Though the quests mentioned here are of great value, the player should also continue with the small quests that come along the way as well. The small quests help the player to gain more experience and gain more items.

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