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A Guide On Wow Classic Warlocks & Paladins Epic Mounts Quest 

When Wow Classic saw Dire Maul’s release, the chance to grab off the epic 100% speed mounts was opened up for Warlocks and Paladins. The Charger and Dreadsteed couldn’t have been completed without the release of the classic dungeon. Earlier, the developers had announced that for Dire Maul, players had to wait until Phase 2, however thankfully, that was not the case. Along with epic mounts, there are many more awesome quests that we have covered for you.

In Wow Classic, you can come across various mounts, but out of all of them, the epic mounts for these two classes are always in the eyes of the players. There’s something unique that separates them off from others. Keep reading to know what makes them unique, and how you can go on attaining these epic mounts.

Features To Know About : Warlocks & Paladins Epic Mounts

Wow Classic Mounts Quest

  • Warlocks and Paladins have cheap grants to their epic mounts compared to other classes of the game. If you see in comparison to the modern Wow, then, of course, the amount of 1,000 gold may seem nothing to you.
  • However, until a few years back, that was not the case at all. In Wow Classic, the players had to grind a lot to procure a single piece of gold. It would take hours of time and effort to farm some decent amount of coins. In those days, savings were everything! Read here to know more about the world of old and new Warcraft.
  • It’s advised that you don’t underestimate the mounts for its costs. Trust us, these mounts carry many special skills and abilities, which will prove you helpful in the long run.
  • The extension of Felsteed is actually the Warlock’s Dreadsteed. A lot of horns surround it, and the hooves are on fire. On the other hand, Paladins get an awesome armored horse that suits quite well to their style.
  • To attain these mounts, you have to invest in effort and time, including everything, right from traveling different places and dealing with mobs to spending gold and collecting materials. All of this pays off in the end, in the form of epic mounts!

How To Grab The Epic Mounts?

Warlocks and Paladins

The Dreadsteed quest deals with traveling to a few places. You have to head to Winterspring and Felwood to interact with some demons and end up with a fight against the mobs in Dire Maul West.

To enter into Dire Maul West, you need to have the key from Dire Maul East. The very end fight has to be played smart and hard simultaneously, as it would require a combination of players and tactics to keep the ritual flowing.
The Charger quest for Paladins is also quite lengthy. It will send you to Eastern Plaguelands, Dire Maul, and later on to Schoolmance. From there, just like in the case of Dreadsteed, you have to procure certain materials and enter into Dire Maul East to order a horse spirit that will let you accomplish the quest.

If you have followed everything till here, then lastly, just head to Scholomance, fight off against the spirits, and grab your mount.


1) At What Levels Do The Classes Become Eligible For The Mounts?

Ans: The classes become eligible for the mounts at level 40 (basic version) and level 60 (epic version).

2) How Much Does Paladin Epic Mount Cost?

Ans: It depends upon the discounts that you are eligible, however, an average range is between 800 and 1000.

3) Is it difficult to tackle the epic mount questlines?

Ans: Of course, it is! You have to put in the necessary dedication and time to get access to those epic mounts.

4) How much does the Warlock epic mount cost?

Ans: The Warlock epic mount costs around 406 gold, plus the extra amount of the extra crafting mats.


These Classic Warlocks and Paladins quests are some of the all-time legendary quests, just like Legend of Stalvan. They are missed a lot by the players who had once spent time in the original game. Procuring these epic mounts may be a little difficult, but if you have the urge to win, nobody can stop you! For retired players, such quests are a great way to revisit those days, and for the new players, something is exciting to look forward to!

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