Ancient Egg

A Definitive Guide On Ancient Egg Quest In Wow Classic

The Ancient Egg is a level 50 quest, and for the completion of this quest, you have to be at least level 40. The objective of the quest is to bring in the Ancient Egg to Yeh’kinya in Taparis. Once you complete the quest, you will gain 5900 experience.

The quest begins and ends at Yeh’kinya. The difficulty pattern of Ancient Egg is 40 46 48 53 61. It’s a part of the Screecher Spirit Series, which is going to be a lot interesting to complete. Let’s learn how you can grab off the Ancient egg in the most easiest and straightforward manner. Similar to Ancient Egg, there are various other fantastic quests that you should be checking out.

If you have any other interesting techniques to grab off the Ancient egg, other than the ones mentioned here, then you may also let us know about that through the comments below.

Features Of Ancient Egg:

Ancient Egg Quest and Wow Classic Ancient Egg Quest

  • As per the wow map, the egg is present somewhere near the mountains.
  • In the cave, where the egg is located, the mobs are maximum of level 52.
  • A good group of players can help you conquer the quest easily,and you will still be rewarded with 5,900 experience.
  • The Ancient Egg falls on the 57,86 coordinates.
  • It is followed by the God of Hakkar event.
  • The Ancient Egg begins at Yeh’kinya, and even ends at Yeh’kinya.

How To Complete The Ancient Egg Quest?

Ancient Egg Quest and Wow Classic Ancient Egg Quest

  • When you open the map, you will come across a cave, one long road, three building marks, and two small lakes.
  • The Cave that is visible on the map is not the cave that we are looking for. It’s recommended that you not at all head there.
  • On the map, search for the place: JINTHA ALOR.
  • Your objective is to land upon the letter N on the map.
  • In case you are alone, then alongside your horse, run. After that, respawn in the right area and again head for a run. It should take you one death.
  • Once you reach the bottom of the letter N, you should come across two big waterfalls in behind, with one mini-amphitheater in the very middle.
  • Just some twenty meters away from the amphitheater (altar), you would come across the waterfalls, and in the middle is the cave.
  • Head for a run to the cave, and in case you are killed, then rerun as the Egg is on 57,86 coordinates.
  • Now, this is where things may get a little complicated. Guarding the eggs are three mobs, which actually stop for a second. You will have to find that exact moment and be on another side of the egg release to grab the egg. If you play it right, then before they attack you, the egg would have been looted. If you want, then you may approach from the below part of the rock.

How To Make Sure That You Don’t End Up In The Wrong Cave?

Ancient Egg Quest and Wow Classic Ancient Egg Quest

There are two caves, one on the map, and another is at 58, 79. You want to aim for the latter cave. Behind the various steps, you are going to come across two pools, and in middle of that, you will find the cave.
Right at 57, 86, you will find the egg, surrounded by three guarding mobs. You may use the Lesser Invisibility Potion, and Power Word: Shield to get to the egg.
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1) What’s The Aim Of The Ancient Egg Quest?
Ans: It’s actually a part of the long-chain quest that is meant to familiarise you with the Zandalar and Zul’Gurub Tribe.

2) Where’s The Egg Exactly Located?
Ans: The egg can be found at the coordinates – 57,86. You are free to reach the cave in whatever way possible, even if you have to mount all the way up to the entrance. The real and probably the most time-consuming process is when you encounter the three patrolling mobs around the egg.

3) Where can I find Yeh’kinya in Tanaris?
Ans: Yeh’kinya is in Steamweedle Port, and the exact Cosmos Coordinates are 66,22.


Learn to play the art of distraction, and then you won’t have issues dealing with patrolling guards. Not only in here but even nowhere in the future events of the game.
If you are a non rogue or not a very experienced player, then that’s where you will have a few issues. We, personally, had to die a few times to understand how the Classic Ancient Egg quest very end has to be processed.

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