How To Get To Lower Blackrock Spire Classic

Lower Blackrock Spire, referred to in short LBRS, is located in the Blackrock Mountain and is the lower half of BlackrockSpire, a dungeon. The earliest design of the area was laid by Franclorn Forgewright, master dwarf-mason.

For centuries, LBRS was ruled by Dark Iron Dwarves, but later on, after the acquisition of the UBRS by Nefarian, the son of Deathwing, the war was declared on the dwarves and their leader, Ragnaros.

LBRS suits the players between level 55-60, but if you ask us personally, we would advise you to be at least level 57 or above.

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At max, a group of 10 players can enter the LBRS. Thankfully, for LBRS, you don’t require a key, unlike UBRS. Dragonkin, beasts, and humanoids can be considered the primary enemy mobs of the area.

It is a place of Rend’s Dark Horde, and some of the elite members of the community are given positions in the upper region of the city. As of now, the taskmaster and ruler for these soldiers are Overlord Wyrmthalak.

Anyways, now let’s learn how to reach LBRS Qest.

How to Reach Lower Blackrock Spire Classic?

  • Head to the main gate entrance in Searing George so that you can enter the Blackrock Mountain.
  • Make a straight run through the gates until you don’t reach the end of the hallway. From there, take a left to come across a giant stone dwarf, accompanied by a chain.
  • You have to get uphill, and for that, you need to run forward across the legs of the statue.
  • Get into the balcony, and you should easily view the door, acting as the entrance. UBRS and LBRS have the same entryway. Just step in!
  • The very first room is going to have two ramps, leading up to a bridge area. The left path will take you to UBRS, whereas the right turn will lead towards LBRS.
  • That’s it! Get ready to tackle the first set of enemies!

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Best Classes for Lower Blackrock Spire:

If you are approaching the scene while being under-leveled by any chance, then we advise you to go with Mages and Rogues. They are great options, mainly because of their CC abilities against the Orcs (humanoid form). In every single pull, multiple enemies can be tackled through Polymorph/Sap.

Any group setup should be able to get you through LBRS. As already mentioned above, you are free to complete LBRS with up to 10 people, but if you plan on gaining experience, then increasing the number above five won’t make much sense, unless you are not on level 60.

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  • Highlord Omokk

He’s the boss that will be accompanied by two ranged bullies, and if you can eradicate them first, then the whole combat could be relatively more comfortable.

The only attack that you need to think about is the electricity, as that’s what will be fired by the two bullies. A little effort would have to be put in for the lower levels, but those playing at a higher level can take them down with just one punch each.

  • Shadow Hunter Vosh’gajin

lower blackrock spire

Once you deal with the first boss, head back to room. Once you are in the large room, head towards the left, and then take another left. If you would have followed the steps correctly, you should have hopefully landed up in front of a large gang.

Go around and head towards the room. The entrance you used to come in, precisely the room opposite to it, is where you will find Vosh’gajin.

When you make an entry, she will be facing you with her back. The initial set of enemies can be eradicated pretty much easily without attracting the boss. Once the mobs are cleared, you have to face the ultimate boss. To increase your chances of winning, try to get one player to Crowd Control (CC) one of the adds.

Once you eradicate one add, head towards the other, and finally towards the boss. If you could arrange two CC, then nothing better than that. The boss holds the ability to curse players closer to her, so try to deal with her by being a little far away. Otherwise, you will have to get in the mess of getting yourself deceased.

  • War Master Voone

lower blackrock spire

Once you kill Vosh’gajin, make your move towards the slope that goes down. Upon reaching the basement, you will have two ways, one which goes to the right takes you nowhere, but the one leading to the left takes you further down. You will encounter several adds at the far lower of the slope, so be ready to tackle them.

In the southwest corner of the room in the basement, you are going to find the boss. The good thing is that for War Master Voone, you won’t have to deal with preliminary adds, like in most of the cases.

When you step into the room, you will assume that Voone is sleeping, but in reality, he will wake up after hearing your footsteps.

He will try to tackle the tank and throw adds at a player out of random to ascertain that you are prepared with a healer. When the player’s health starts to get low, the boss will kick him/her out so that the player begins to fly, and that’s why the player should get back up and run fast.

  • Mother Smolderweb

lower blackrock spire

After you have successfully killed Voone, head back to the big room and, from there, make a diagonally opposite run from where you had slayed Voone. You should now be in a tunnel that may look restricted, but it has a lot of points for you to move in and out in reality. At the very end of your way, you will come across spiders to get ready accordingly.

Upon reaching spider trash, you better grab Immature Venom Sac, as that’s going to prove beneficial when fighting the boss. The consumption can cure Mother’s Milk of Immature Venom Sac. Thankfully, there’s a lot for everybody out there.

The boss has stunning players’ habits, making them join the state to hardly do anything. The ultimate way to reverse the effect of the curse is by drinking the antidote.

Once you go on successfully killing the boss, you will be welcomed by spiders, and before proceeding ahead, you have to eradicate them somehow. After the Mother is dead, head towards the bridge, and then continue going up the slope, and in between this, keep killing the spiders.

  • Quarter Master Zigris

Zigris moves up and down and talks to NPCs across the room. The fun part is that even after some NPCs are dead, Zigris will still go up to them to initiate a talk, as if they are still alive. When Zigris makes a move towards the deadly group, just hug to the wall and eradicate the other group.

If you thought that killing all the groups will lead to the start of the fight, then my friend, you are probably wrong. The battle will begin when you either go near the boss or try to touch him.

Ensure that you keep the healer ready, as it doesn’t matter what you are, Zigris will aim at you, and that’s why you need to be prepared in advance. Like the previous boss, he also possesses the ability to stun, and this is applicable for literally all the level players.

When you get stunned, Zigris will fire the fun. Also, let us remind you that he can heal himself. The next time you think that things are not going that great, then remember that it was bound to happen like this in the initial tries.

If you pay close attention, you will see that Zigris is a rare boss, as he possesses the silver dragon. For achievement’s sake, if you are into collecting pets, you may look up to him, as he drops a Worg pet.

  • Halcyon

In a separate room, at the very end of the corridor, you are going to come across a giant dog, who goes by the name, Halycon. Though he has a pack of wolves accompanying him, those shouldn’t be much of an issue to your team.

The good part is that the fight with Halycon is pretty straightforward as you don’t have to deal with curses or poisons. Also, don’t mistake the puppies for being cute creatures. They attack, and when they do, it’s a dedicated effort. The puppies carry a health level of 6,000, whereas Halycon carries 56,000 of health level.

  • Gizrul The Slavener

Once you end up killing Halycon, you will face Gizrul right at the entrance that you use to get into Overlord Wyrmthalak.

On your way to the final combat, make sure that you clear up the whole trash if you don’t want the last combat to be more challenging than your expectations.

The final encounter of yours is going to take place with a dragonkin. He isn’t exactly a dragon, but rather a melee hitter. He claims to be a milee, but nowhere is it seen that ranges are safe from him.

When you go on tackling him, do it facing his back, which will help cover yourself from some of his attacks. At the time of fighting, the boss will scream a lot, affecting the strength of the powers nearby.

When the health of the boss goes down, he will call his guards for rescue, and this is where you have to play smart and hard. The change of focus towards the new targets can be challenging, but you will deal with it.

  • Bannok Grimaxe

Bannok Grimaxe is a rare boss, and you may not necessarily see him every time. He sometimes appears in between the fights, and when you come across him, he could actually be sleeping, and that’s when you will have to wake him up first.

Important Loot in Lower Blackrock Spire Classic:

There are lots of Lower Blackrock Spire Loot Vanilla & Classic, but the most notable and essential loot is as follows:

  • Riphook
  • Mark of the Dragon Lord
  • Riphook
  • A plate of the Shaman King
  • Fist of Omokk
  • Rhombeard Protector
  • True aim Gauntlets
  • Smolderweb’s Eye
  • Trindlehaven Staff
  • Hands of Power
  • The plate of the Shaman King
  • Talisman of Evasion
  • Smolderweb’s Eye
  • Rose wine Circle

Rewards For Blackrock Depths Quests:

Following are the primary rewards extracted out of the Blackrock Depths Quests:

  • Wyrmhide Spaulders – It’s gifted for A Taste of Flame quest. It sports a 2% hit, making it a perfect choice for the Ret Paladins and DPS Warriors.
  • Songstone of Ironforge – It’s earned for the Princess’s Surprise. This is actually a ring with a significant amount of spell power and intellect. It’s fantastic even for Shadow Priest, Healing Priest, Warlock, etc.
  • Shadowforge Key – It’s earned through the Dark Iron Legacy quest. This is more of a shortcut through which you can head directly towards the dungeon’s later bosses.
  • Magni’s Will – It’s earned through The Princess’s Surprise quest. It’s a ring with Strength and Critical Strike, making it the right choice for the Warrior Tank, Rogue, DPS Warrior, Balance Druid, and Healing Priest.


We hope that you would have been able to understand some of the essentiality about the Lower Blackrock Spire Classic (LBRS) dungeon through this article. The article’s main intention was to teach you how to enter LBRS, and the rest information was provided to serve as a base as it can be pretty difficult to crack the lower Blackrock spire map. That being said, make sure you share the article and if you have any queries, then feel free to comment below

Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Blackrock Spire (FAQs)

Answer: The LBRS entry is actually easier as in comparison to the UBRS entry. For UBRS, you require a key whereas for LBRS, there isn’t any kind of such requirement.

Answer: There’s complexity in the whole instance and that’s why, you may expect an average time of 4 to 6 hours.

Answer: When you enter LBRS, you are straightaway going to encounter a pack of enemies. So, be ready to battle with them!

Answer: You can gather Lower Blackrock spire loot vanilla after defeating the bosses that we have discussed above.

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