The All New Wow Classic Warlock Leveling Guide

The post will present an informative, essential, and concise Wow Classic Warlock guide in this post. Right from the leveling guide to some of the most general tips, we have got you covered with this piece of content! Make sure you carefully read till the very end, as all across the article, you will have exclusive parts that have been based on our in-game experience and research. 

An In-depth Wow Classic Warlock Guide:

We focus on the leveling guide for Warlocks and other crucial information to make the most of being a Warlock. So, without wasting any more time, let’s rock and roll! 

Warlock Levelling Guide:

Professions To Club with Warlock


Different types of Warlocks you can opt for as you gradually rise in the character levels. It doesn’t matter what choice you make; each has its impact in the long run. However, in the initial phases, certain choices transfer to solo or group plays. If you have thoughts of leveling up alone or with some group of known ones, then feel free to limit the choices. There are different Skill Trees for any Warlock, like:

  • Demonology Tree: Using actives and passives, take your minions effectiveness to a whole new level. The thought of letting the Demons handle the tasks will try to overpower you, but remember, this is a Wow classic; it isn’t that easy as it seems. During the empty phases of fights, you will have to spend more time just to let the Summons recover. If anyone ends up killing your demons, your condition would not be so excellent, as there will be lesser tools by your side. This tree is a good choice if you plan to go ahead solo.
  • Affliction Tree: In the community of Warlock, it’s everyone’s favorite,due to the abilities that can be derived out of it. You are still prone to specific issues that you can come across while leveling by your party members or pets. To ascertain that you survive, choose to suck out the opponent’s health and continue being active across the fights. On top of this, there are a variety of debuffs that directly affect the foes. All in all, this tree is a game of solo play.
  • Destruction Tree: The dark parts of power are at your fingertips, and you have the chance to wipe away anything that comes across your way quickly. Yes, the tree gives you lots of Area of Effect (AOE). It’s always advised to use the attacks provided by Destruction Tree on a large group of enemies. These abilities could prove helpful during the crossings of dungeons. Though, going on this path may prove a little difficult all by yourself. So, if you have friends on the same pedestal as yours, you should only think of joining the destruction tree.

The leveling experience is never the same, as it depends upon the skills that a player opts for. Always listen to your gut feeling, and go for the options that you are passionate about. If you ask us, we would probably recommend you follow the Affliction tree path. However, the journey to level 60 is still going to be a lot of time-consuming. 

Professions To Club with Warlock:

Professions To Club with Warlock


It entirely depends upon what your requirements are. Keep reading to understand in detail! 

If you want to make minor investments and still churn out a lot of money, then in such a case, Mining and Herbalism would be apt choices. There’s no crafting involved in these professions. All you have to do is collect ore and herbs and sell it off at the Auction House for great profits.

 Mining is a thing of both Blacksmiths and Engineers. On the other side, for Alchemy potions, herbs are always going to be needed. This clearly shows how the demand will never die out. Some of you may also suggest Enchanting as an option here, but it still isn’t that easy to make the most out of it. So, better exclude it! 

If you are a player of endgame raids, Enchanting and Tailoring could be the right choice. Easily craft robust equipment through high-level tailoring and powerful stat buffs, enhancing those very pieces of equipment using Enchanting. 

If you are a fighter, always looking for PVP opportunities, you should stick with Engineering and Mining. The tools besides Engineers can deal damage, charm opponents, stun them, and so on. 

Soul Shards: A Downside!

Soul Shards: A Downside!


If there has to be one thing that troubles us about Warlock Levelling, it has to be consistent farming for Soul Shards. It will introduce you to Drain Soul upon attaining level 10. Taking this spell, mixing it up on an enemy, killing in a matter of fifteen seconds, you will achieve a Soul Shard. 

To summon the soldiers and avail of some other additional services, you will need this currency. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing quests or passing through dungeons; you can still farm Soul Shards. 

General Tips To Effectively Level Up in Warlock:

  • Don’t Underestimate Wands! 

There’s no harm in keeping a wand by your side. Feel free to prioritize some rare quality wands over some of the spells, as these wands have the potential to cause a lot of damage. So, better not underestimate them.

  • Know The Known!

If you are with a group and using Demonic Sacrifice, it’s fine, otherwise have a demon always summoned by your side. It’s an ability that the Warlocks learn at an initial stage only, so remember to make the most out of it. Re-summoning after dying is going to be the new thing. So adopt a habit that you will bring back the known ones as soon as you sprout again. 

  • Leveling Up with Friends!

Warlock as a class is considered full of quite independent and dynamic properties compared to other casters, but despite that too, having some tanking or healing class by your side can prove to be beneficial.

  • Soul Food

Azeroth is full of various kinds of creatures. Whenever you are next traveling through it, kill those creatures and create Soul Shards through Drain Soul. The Soul Shards can be further used to prepare Healthstones and Soulstones. Keeping these in your inventory can prove to be a lot handy.


  • Among All The Races, Which Is The Best Race For Warlock?

Ans: The Horde can choose Undead due to its unique abilities, whereas the Alliance can choose Gnome, as it gives bonuses on Engineering and Intelligence.

  • What Is The Number Of Demon Pets Available For The Warlocks?

Ans: In total, there are four Summons to choose from, and each summon has its share of unique properties and skills.

  • Which Is The Best Wand For Warlocks?

Ans: The old or rare quality wands are the best choices. They are so powerful that they can even surpass most of the spells in terms of damage.


We hope that this article would have helped you in some or the another way. If you feel that the Wow Classic Warlock guide solved any of your issues, or guided you on the path of accomplishing the challenges, then do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you are having any queries pas such, feel free to reach out to us directly.

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