Wow Classic Tailoring Guide

Tailoring is one of the best Wow Classic professions for crafters that allows you to build a regular stream of income through the BiS (Best in Slot) items pre-raiding and bag crafting. 

Right from the start, you are advised to get the crafting profession clubbed with Enchanting. There’s reading our Wow Classic Tailoring Guide to know more. 

An In-depth Wow Classic Tailoring Guide:

The guide would start with trainers from the best clubbing professions and also cover up the ultimate levelling guide to attain the profession.

Trainers For Tailoring Profession:

There are enough trainers for you to begin with the Tailoring profession. We have listed out the main trainers section wise:

Horde Trainers:

  • In Thunder Bluff, we have Tepa (Expert). 
  • In Undercity, you will come across Josef Gregorian (Artisan) 
  • In Orgrimmar, we have Magar (Expert). 

Alliance Trainers:

  • In Darnassus, we have Me’lynn (Expert) 
  • In Stormwind City, you will come across Georgio Bolero (Artisan) 
  • In Ironforge, we have Jormund Stonebrow (Expert) 

Wow Classic Tailoring Guide:

Wow Classic Tailoring Guide

Before we head to understand the level by level approach, it’s important to list out all the materials or resources that would be required for Tailoring. The items required are 240 Rugged Leather, 900 Runecloth, 160 Linen Cloth, 200 Wool Cloth, 760 Silk Cloth and 520 Mageweave Cloth. 

Note: These are not fixed quantities, and depending upon the situation, the numbers may go a little up and down. Also, we did exclude some items like dyes, as you can easily buy them off from any vendor. 

Apprentice (Level 1-75)

  • Gather 160 Linen Cloth to craft 80 Bolt of Linen Cloth.
  • Combine 10 Coarse Thread and 20 Bolt of Linen Cloth to prepare 10 Heavy Linen Gloves.
  • Mix up 5 Coarse Thread and 10 Bolt of Linen Cloth to churn out 5 Red Linen Shirt.
  • Join 30 Coarse Thread and 20 Bolt of Linen Cloth to craft 10 Reinforced Linen Cape.

Journeyman (Level 75-125)

  • Gather 180 Wool Cloth to craft 60 Bolt of Woolen Cloth.
  • Combine 5 Gray Dye and 10 Bolt of Woolen Cloth to prepare 5 Gray Woolen Shirt 
  • Mix up 30 Fine Thread and 45 Bolt of Woolen Cloth to churn out 15 Double Stitched Woolen Shoulders 

Expert (Level 125-205)

  • Gather 760 Silk Cloth to craft 190 Bolt of Silk Cloth.
  • Combine 15 Fine Thread and 30 Bolt of Silk Cloth to prepare 15 Azure Silk Hood. 
  • Mix up 20 Fine Thread and 30 Bolt of Silk Cloth to churn out 10 Silk Headband. 
  • Join 5 Fine Thread, 10 Bleach, and 15 Bolt of Silk Cloth to craft 5 Formal White Shirts. 
  • Take 500 Mageweave Cloth to create 100 Bolt of Mageweave. 
  • Mix up 40 Fine Thread, 40 Red Dye, and 80 Bolt of Silk Cloth to craft 20 Crimson Silk Vest. 

Artisan (Level 205-300)

  • Gather 40 Bolt of Silk Cloth, 20 Silken Thread, and 20 Red Dye to craft 10 Crimson Silk Pantaloons. 
  • Combine 15 Silken threads and 10 Bolt of Mageweave to prepare 5 Black Mageweave Leggings. 
  • Mix up 20 Heavy Silken Thread and 20 Bolt of Mageweave to churn out 10 Black Mageweave Gloves. 
  • Join 40 Heavy Silken Thread and 60 Bolt of Mageweave to craft 20 Black Mageweave Headband. 
  • Take 900 Runecloth to create 180 Bolt of Runecloth. 
  • Mix up 15 Rune Thread and 45 Bolt of Runecloth to craft 15 Runecloth Belt. 
  • To create 5 Runecloth Bag, arrange 5 Runs Thread, 10 Rugged Leather, and 25 Bolt of Runecloth. 
  • Finish off by picking and mixing 20 Rune Thread, 80 Rugged Leather, and 80 Bolt of Runecloth to craft 20 Runecloth Gloves. 

Farming & Buying Mats (Tailoring):

Farming & Buying Mats


Once you are on the journey of grinding coins and farming maps, don’t forget to lookout for the trading channel and Auction House. It’s suggested that you create a side character whose main role would be to act as a bank for the primary account and trade in the Auction House. In short, the new character would serve as the mule. Also, it’s advised to post “WTB Runecloth” at a suitable frequency on Trade & World Channel.

In Hillsbrad Foothills, there’s the frequent dropping of Silk Cloth and Wool Cloth, making the farms of the  region a special treat for the crafters. For Linen Cloth & Wool Cloth, you may head to Ragefire Chasm, Orgrimmar. In this place, the Alliance is also free to farm Deadmines.

When it comes to Runecloth, remember that a humanoid of min. level 50 and above can drop Runecloth. So the best places to farm it are Cenarion Circle, Eastern Plaguelands, and Western Plaguelands.

Professions To Club With Tailoring Profession:


After some research and analysis, we conclude that Enchanting is one of the best professions that goes down well with Tailoring. The hunt for resources for Tailoring isn’t that hard to gather; however, the same is not the case with Enchanting. The main aim is to level up Tailoring and gather items of green color or even better than that to obtain the resources.

Initially, you may feel that you can fast forward your levelling journey of Tailoring so that you can start to deal with the Auction House. Unfortunately, though, the ground truth is that there’s nothing that you will be able to term profitable during your levelling, as at the same instance, everyone is levelling up. This ultimately leads to a lack of gold to send for luxury transactions.

We know that the master enchanter phase is very profitable, but to only reach that phase, will be a lot of time and effort consuming. Also, if you have plans of earning through farming, you may consider Mining, Herbalism, or Skinning.


  • Can I Power Level My Tailoring?

Ans: The way that the power level is done in current Wow that way it won’t be possible in the same manner for Tailoring.

  •  What Are The Best Professions To Club With Tailoring?

Ans: The best professions that go down well with Tailoring are Enchanting, Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning.


Initially, Tailoring may seem a bit boring, time-consuming, and slow, but it will pay off quite well for Cloth users in the longer run. Tailoring has not only been excellent for Wow Classic but even for the first expansion, The Burning Crusade Classic. In the future, you can also expect us to cover guides on Burning Classic in detail, including Burning Crusade Wow Classic Tailoring Guide. 

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