Wow Classic Mining Guide

Mining starts off by extracting ores from mineral veins and churning it into metal bars, which are to be used later, as in when required. It’s mainly for Engineering, and various other crafting professions. The downside about Mining which we feel is that once a player tags a Mineral, there’s no way any other player can make out of it for the levelling or materials. Without wasting any more time, let’s explore the profession through our exclusive and informative yet brief Wow Classic Mining guide. 

An Indepth Wow Classic Mining Guide:

Before we look at a guide on how and what to mine, let’s get into  technical bits of mining where we talk about the tools, trainers, and where to start your mining process.

Tools & Trainers For Mining Profession:

Tools & Trainers For Mining Profession


When it comes to tools, there’s nothing much that you have to look for. Just head to a Mining Trainer (discussed below), locate a Trade vendor nearby and get the Mining Pick. That’s it! If you are in one of the major cities, be assured that there will be a trainer to train you in the city itself. Let’s take a look at the trainers available in the game.

Note: The character’s mining level will decide if a player can mine a node or not. To refrain from coming across unmineable higher-level spot nodes, keep making frequent visits to the low-level areas.  

Mining Trainers For Horde:

  • Krunn; Durotar, Razor Hill
  • Makaru; Orgrimmar, The Valley of Honor
  • Brom Killian; Undercity, War Quarter, Inner Ring
  • Johan Focht; Silverpine Forest, The Sepulcher
  • Brek Stonehoof; Thunder Bluff, Central Bluff

Mining Trainers For Alliance: 

  • Matt Johnson; Duskwood, Darkshire
  • Geofram Bouldertoe; Ironforge, Great Forge
  • Dank Drizzlecut; Dun Morogh, Gol’Bolar Quarry
  • Kurdram Stonehammer; Darkshore Auberdine
  • Yarr Hammerstone; Dun Morogh, Steelgrill’s Depot




The Mining profession mainly consists of two areas; The first area is the mining part, which deals with the extraction of materials from the present mineral veins. Have a look over the mineral vein or color to get an idea of how much experience you can extract from the activity. Let’s make it easy for you by briefing you about the different colors:

  • Grey: It represents nothing! Nothing to expect in such a case!
  • Green: It represents the reduction of this instance
  • Yellow: It represents greater chances of attaining a level
  • Orange: It represents a guaranteed skill point.      

Once you gather the preliminary points, you will have the chance to catch up with the learning process of smelting minerals. What does this mean? It simply states that you will finally learn to convert into metal bars right from simple mineral ore. To attain the same, start to look out for forge, near to the trainers.

The whole objective of the initial part is to switch across the various maps. Out there, between the borders, caves, mines, etc., you will come across certain locations that will have an abundance of mineral veins. In fact, when going through dungeons, keep on the lookout for rare mineral veins as they can pop up in the most unexpected locations also. As soon as there’s an end to a conflict, make the run for it and procure resources. 

Fastest Route For Mining Profession (Wow Classic Mining Guide Exclusive):

Fastest Route For Mining Profession


If you plan to just stick to casual PvP, then you shouldn’t forget that the Battlegrounds will be there for you at a future date, and that too for every server. Also, the choice of  race you select plays a significant part in the long run. If you aim to reach level 60 at the earliest, you will have to sacrifice on the common races and instead opt for one like the Undead. It doesn’t mean that the other choices would not seem to exist, but each faction would still be only dealing with four races. 

For the power to level up, choose Mage or Rogue. We know some players would suggest the idea of opting for Warlock, but let that remain as a pet class only. In this, don’t forget that the pets are not available on some levels, and when it comes to battle, they aren’t that effective in distracting the monsters for long. The pets may be good for the original Warcraft, but there’s a lot to work upon in the classic version.

Don’t Forget Classes! 

Don’t let the title mislead you! The truth is that the main aim is to head out of the initial zone, no matter what class you represent or are a part of. The players branch out, and as there’s an increase in the levels, a higher number of areas start to open up for them. Remember that you are not playing the original World of Warcraft! Hre, you don’t get any seller mount. Until you don’t come across a vendor, you are just left with the materials in your backpack!  

Professions To Club With Mining:

Professions To Club With Mining


We feel that Engineering and Blacksmithing are the two professions that seem to go down pretty well with Mining. If from these two also, we have to make a choice, then it has to be undoubtedly Blacksmithing, as there’s need of hardened steel to protect yourself by making armor and weapons from it. 

If you aim to earn some gold while enjoying the leveling journey, you should probably target a gathering profession to sell off stuff in the Auction House. When clubbed with Mining, Herbalism or Skinning goes a long way, resulting in collecting the blend of cloth, ore, herbs,, and leather that you can sell-off in the Auction House.

Auction House at your Service!

The minerals need not necessarily be spent on oneself; rather, the profession combination can be applied to procure materials, which can be sold off later at the Auction House. To make gold quickly in the least amount possible, just opt for a full server. As a result, you would get coins that could be used to purchase the various mounts and items for the character. 


1) At what stage am I eligible to take on the Mining Profession?

Ans: Feel free to see if you can procure Mining anytime after level 5. It doesn’t matter what town you are aiming from, as the help from the guard will direct you straight to the spot.

2) In Wow Classic, what’s the highest level of Mining?

Ans: The highest level that one can reach in Mining, or for that matter in any profession, is level 300 only.

3) What are the spots for Mineral Veins?

Ans: A player can easily come across it anywhere between borders, hills, cliffs, caves, and of course, mines.


If you tend to face difficulties in procuring mineral veins across maps, even after reading up our Wow Classic Mining guide, then it’s time to get under the assistance of the best Wow classic add-ons or mods, whatever you want to call it. These add-ons allow you to view the most common spots for mineral veins, including the rare ones. Sometimes, the add-on may also prove inaccurate, and in such a case, just switch the spawn point or the server itself. Reach out to us for more exclusive tips and tricks on Wow Classic professions.

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