Wow Classic Enchanting Guide

The one profession that proves to be a boon at PvE and PvP fights is none other than Enchanting. Right from inputting buffs to the weapons to creating various items, there’s a lot that this profession can pull off. Keeping the greatness of this profession in mind, we decided to create a Wow Classic Enchanting guide. We will discuss the profession in general and how you can go about completing it quickly. 

An In-depth Wow Classic Enchanting Guide:

We are very excited to present to you the fast and easy levelling process from 1-300, but before that, certain sections are essential to cover, as they will form the base of the levelling guide. 

Trainers For Enchanting Profession:


Classes To Club with Blacksmithing

We have listed down the most popular and common trainers that you can opt for to learn Enchanting. We have created separate sections for Alliance and Horde, where we discuss trainers from Apprentice to Artisan.

Horde Trainers For Enchanting:

Horde Trainers For Enchanting


  • In Undercity, you can find Malcomb Wynn (62.8, 60.2), and Lavinia Crowe (62. 6, 61.4) – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Thunderbluff, you can find Teg Dawnstrider (45, 38), and Mot Dawnstrider (45, 38.4). – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Tirisfal Glades, you will come across Vance Undergloom (61.6, 51.6) – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Orgrimmar, you can find Jhag (53.6, 38.2), and Godan (53.8, 38.4) – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Stonetalon Mountains, you can find Hgarth (49.2, 57.2) – Level Expert 
  • (Uldaman – dungeon) Annora, right in the middle of Map Chamber and Temple Hall – Level Artisan 

Alliance Trainers For Enchanting:


  • In Stormwind City, you can find Lucan Cordell (43, 64.2), and Betty Quin (43, 64). – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Ironforge, you can find Thonys Pillarstone (60.6, 44), and Gimble Thistlefuzz (60, 45.2) – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Feralas, you come across Xylinnia Starshine (31.6, 44.2) – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Darnassus, you come across Lalina Summermoon (59.6, 12.6) – Level Apprentice & Journeyman 
  • In Elwynn Forest, you come across Kitta Firewind (64.8, 70.6) – Level Expert 
  • (Uldaman – dungeon) Annora, right in the middle of Map Chamber and Temple Hall – Level Artisan 

An In-depth Wow Classic Enchanting Guide

Alliance Trainers For Enchanting


The following are some of the list items that you will need to level up from 1 to 300. Though, note that the quantity may vary from player to player, just like the case in any other profession. 

  • Iridescent Pearl – 1
  • Copper Rod – 1
  • Golden Rod – 1
  • Shadowgem – 1
  • Golden Pearl – 1
  • Arcanite Rod – 1
  • Black Pearl – 1
  • Truesilver Rod – 1
  • Silver Rod – 1
  • Greater Astral Essence – 2
  • Greater Mystic Essence – 2
  • Large Brilliant Shard – 2
  • Small Brilliant Shard – 4
  • Greater Eternal Essence – 4
  • Lesser Nether Essence – 10
  • Lesser Astral Essence – 10
  • Lesser Magic Essence – 11
  • Greater Magic Essence – 18
  • Lesser Mystic Essence – 20
  • Greater Nether Essence – 20
  • Soul Dust – 65
  • Illusion Dust – 82
  • Vision Dust – 156
  • Strange Dust – 228
  • Dream Dust – 290

Level Specific Approach:

Apprentice (Level 1-75) 

  • Start by heading to a trainer to learn the Enchanting profession. 
  • Take Strange Dust (1) and Lesser Magic Essence (1) to prepare Runed Copper Rod (2).
  • Prior to reaching skill level 75, take Strange Dust (1) and prepare Enchant Bracer – Minor Health (1)

Journeyman (Level 75-150)

  • Head to a trainer to learn Journeyman Enchanting 
  • Before you reach level 85, prepare Enchant Bracer – Minor Deflect by taking a Lesser Magic Essence and a Strange Dust. 
  • It’s now time to pick Strange Dust (3), and start preparing Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina to the point of reaching level 100.
  • Combine Silver Rod (1), Shadowgem (1), Greater Magic Essence (3), and Strange Dust (6) to create a Runed Silver Rod. 
  • Until level 105, prepare Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina by taking Strange Dust (3)
  • To the point of level 120, take Strange Dust (2), and Greater Magic Essence (1) to craft Enchant Bracer – Minor Agility. 
  • Proceed till 130 by preparing Enchant Shield – Minor Stamina through Lesser Astral Essence (1), and Strange Dust (2).
  • To end the journey as Journeyman, gather Soul Dust (2) to craft Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina, all up to the point of level 150.

Expert (Level 151-225)

  • The Alliance members head to Kitta Firewind (Elwynn Forest), and Horde members to Hgarth (Stonetalon Mountains) gather Expert Enchanting. 
  • Take Iridescent Pearl (1), Golden Rod (1), Soul Dust (2), Greater Astral Essence (2) to craft a Runed Gold Rod. 
  • Before you reach level 160, prepare Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina by taking Soul Dust (2)
  • It’s now time to pick Lesser Mystic Stamina (1) and Soul Dust (1) to start preparing Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina to the point of reaching level 165. 
  • Take Lesser Mystic Essence (1) to craft Enchant Bracer – Spirit (1) until level 180.
  • Until level 200, prepare Enchant Bracer – Strength by taking Vision Dust (1). 
  • Take Black Pearl (1), Truesilver Rod (1), Greater Mystic Essence (2), and Vision Dust (2) to craft a Runed Truesilver Rod. 
  • Proceed till 205 by preparing Enchant Shield – Strength through Vision Dust (1).
  • To end the journey as an Expert, gather Vision Dust (3) to craft Enchant Clock – Greater Defense, all up to the point of level 225.

Artisan (Level 225-300)

  • Head to Uldaman to meet Annora, NPC, to learn the final stage of enchanting. 
  • Until the 235 skill level, prepare Enchant Gloves – Agility by taking a Lesser Nether Essence and a Vision Dust. 
  • It’s now time to pick Vision Dust (6) and start preparing Enchant Chest – Superior Health to the point of reaching level 245.
  • Combine Dream Dust (2) and Greater Nether Essence (1) to create an Enchant Bracer – Greater, all the way up to level 265.
  • Head to Daniel Bartlett (Undercity) for Horde, and for the Alliance, go to Mythrin’dir (Darnassus) to purchase Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina (Formula). 
  • Until level 290, prepare Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina by taking Dream Dust (10)
  • Head to Moonglade to find Lorelae Winterstrong and purchase the formulas: Rune Arcanite Rod and Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense. 
  • Proceed by combining Arcanite Rod (1), Golden Pearl (1), Large Brilliant Shard (2), and Greater Eternal Essence (4), Small Brilliant Shard (4), and Illusion Dust (10) to craft a single Runed Arcanite Rod. 
  • To end the journey as Artisan, gather Illusion Dust (10) to craft Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense, all up to the point of level 300.

Best Professions To Club With Enchanting:

Best Professions To Club With Enchanting


Enchanting comes under the primary profession category for those who don’t know, and in Wow Classic, at a given point of time, you are only allowed to equip two primary professions. Enchanting goes down well with professions like Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring. It’s like this because such professions are known to churn out equipment, having the ability to disenchant.

For instance, Tailoring is associated mainly with Enchanting as you need to learn skills like skinning; rather than for the tailored pieces, you can directly loot the fabric. Later on, those tailored pieces can be disenchanted into dust. 

Extra Tips To Easily Excel in Enchanting Profession:


  • If you want your levelling phase to be more accessible in the long run, then begin with Apprentice Enchanting right from the early stages itself. 
  • To become eligible for Artisan Enchanting learning, you have to be at least 200 skill levels in Enchanting and 35 skill levels. 
  • Tailoring can be pretty beneficial for obtaining gear and Enchanting to prepare wands for the players involved as a Priest, Mage, and other kinds of cloth wearing class. 
  • Lastly, don’t lose hope! The journey may be a little tricky, but in the end, it will all be worth the wait and efforts put into it. 


  • What Are The Enchanting Recipes? 

Ans: In the world of the Enchanting profession, we refer to recipes as formulas. The formulas are used to prepare a variety of items, including wands, consumables, etc. 

  1. What Level Should I Learn About The Enchanting Profession?

Ans: Once you attain the basic eligibility after that, start as early as possible to have an easy levelling journey in the long run. 


When it comes to the primary professions, one of the most profitable and undoubtedly quite rewarding ones have to be Enchanting. If you liked reading our guide, then why don’t you click on the share button? Also, if there are any doubts or queries concerning the Wow Classic Enchanting guide, feel free to contact us. 

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