The Money Minting Profession – Wow Classic Blacksmithing 

Blacksmith is one of the most challenging professions out there in the world of Wow Classic. Though, when the levels are high, it’s also highly rewarding in the form of epic and rare materials. You will have to fight for the loot drops in the profession, which will have better stats than your crafted items. This doesn’t imply that earning money will be difficult, but you will have to be knowledgeable in choosing things. That being said, let’s begin the Wow Classic Blacksmithing guide.

An In-depth Wow Classic Blacksmithing Guide:

The levelling guide is essential, but at the same time, other crucial information like trainers, tools, best professions to club, etc., are also equally important to know. That being said, let’s now dive straight into the article. 

Training & Tools For Blacksmithing:

Training & Tools For Blacksmithing


The very first thing is to begin looking out for some trainers. Head to a guard, and any of the main cities should be well equipped with a full-fledged trainer. You may also come across particular trainers in the regions of towns, but we recommend staying on the city side only.

In tools, you will need to head to a vendor, which is essential if you plan to take on Blacksmithing. First, make a purchase for all the necessary items, including Blacksmithing Bag, hammer, anvil, etc.

Blacksmithing Levelling Guide:


Before we begin with the process, it’s essential to know what color each resource is, as you should have the proper knowledge of where your resources are being spent.

  • Grey: Zero chances of gaining any experience level
  • Green: Little chances are there for the gain.
  • Yellow: Very high chances that the player will gain another level
  • Orange: You will inevitably attain a Blacksmith level.

The idea is simple! Start by accomplishing the recipes from the spellbook and earning points. Just begin small and straightforward, and even before you realize it, you would be level 300 and above.

Apprentice (Level 1-75)

  • Head to a Copper Vein, grab Rough Stone and indulge in the production of Rough Sharpening Stone until you don’t hit level 30. To rephrase it, start completing the initial quests to begin to increase the first few levels.
  • Take 2 Rough stones for each item, and prepare Rough Grinding Stone until level 65. Before proceeding ahead, don’t forget to save the items, as you will need them in the next phase.
  • From Tin Vein, grab a Coarse Stone, and craft some Coarse Sharpening Stone. At this point, the items weapon damage should have increased by three.
  • If you are less on time and stuffed with fine gold, you may look for an Auction House as an alternative to your resources. Usually, the whole leveling process can take some crucial hours of your game time. The choice is yours!

Journeyman (Level 75-125)

  • Keep going on the same path as the last phase until you don’t attain level 125. Through the Mining ability, you will need to farm various Tin Veins, as the demand for Coarse Stone will increase, which you would, in turn, require for crafting of Coarse Grinding Stone. 
  • Upon reaching skill level 90, grab a decent quantity of Silver Bars and craft Silver Skeleton Keys. As an alternative, you may even consider transiting into the Runed Copper Belt.
  • Arrange six bronze bars to craft Rough Bronze Leggings. Just go on with the same until you don’t land on the phase of Expert. Remember, to not lose up at this point, you may feel the proceed to have got a bit slowed down. Either invest a lot of time or gold to progress ahead. Be consistent and honest in your efforts, and even before you realize it, the hard work would pay off.

 Expert (Level 125-200)

  • In this phase, you will need a lot of resources to make ends meet. Begin by continuing the production of Heavy Grinding Stone. Continue to the point of level 140.
  • Increase 10 points by crafting a good amount of Patterned Bronze Bracers.
  • Repeat the same above procedure, but this time for Golden Skeleton Keys. 
  • To attain the skill level of 190, create a lot of Golden Scale Bracers and Green Iron Bracers.

Artisan (Level 200-300)

  • Begin to attain ten levels by crafting a Solid Grinding Stone.
  • To the point of level 225, produce Heavy Mithril Gauntlet.
  • Attain more than ten levels by creating Steel Plate Helm and Heavy Mithril Axes.
  • The current step can be tricky and time-consuming, as here you will have to visit some dungeons (Warrior & Paladin have the upper hand) to finish off elite monsters and mobs to attain the Plans: Mithril Spurs recipe (drop). 
  • Conclude by crafting Imperial Plate Bracer, all the way to the scene of 295 points. Also, continue with Imperial Plate Boots to the point where you can’t level up anymore.

Best Professions That Go Down Well with Blacksmithing:

Blacksmithing Levelling Guide


We feel that the best profession to club with Blacksmithing would be Mining, as major of your resources will be mined. As a money earning profession, Blacksmith will cause you many issues, and that’s why it’s best to club Mining with it. It won’t do any wrong to learn a gathering profession as that will not only help you earn more, but it will also lead to the buying of all ore, leading to the neutrality of the lost money. We recommend you to purchase your ore, as one can quickly sell off the extra or excel in the Auction House for more money.

Speciality For Wow Classic Blacksmithing Profession:

Blacksmithing Levelling Guide


Once you attain character to level 40 and Blacksmithing 200, it will be time to choose between the two: Weaponsmith and Armorsmith. It doesn’t matter what speciality you will opt for; in both cases, you will be required to fulfil a wide variety of in-game requirements.

In the start, you could be doubtful of the requirements nature, but once you start to accomplish them, then you will feel how much importance they carry. Even once you are done away with the Amor, feel free to sell it off in the Auction House for some extra income.

Classes To Club with Blacksmithing:

Classes To Club with Blacksmithing


It’s best to approach Blacksmithing as a Paladin or Warrior, as they use all sorts of armours. So, it doesn’t matter what you produce, it will easily equip the best of it. As a player, you will have a complete chance to collect powerful gear that will work well between the playing modes: PVP and PVE.


  • Can I Change My Speciality During The Profession?

Ans: Unfortunately, no! If you would like to switch between specialities, then you will have to restart the whole profession right from the same zero levels.

  • Which Would Be The Right Level To Go For Blacksmithing?

Ans: Once you attain level 5, you will be more than ready to begin your journey on the path of the Blacksmithing profession.

  • Which Is The Best Companionship That Goes Down With Blacksmithing?

Ans: According to us, Mining is the best option, as, along your journey, you can easily collect the resources across the various available maps. 


That’s pretty much all for the Wow Classic Blacksmithing guide! If you follow our above tips, steps, walkthroughs, etc., properly, we can assure you that the Blacksmithing profession would be an easy ride for you! We know it’s easier said than done, but be consistent and innovative in your moves to approach this profession.

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