In-depth Wow Classic Alchemy Guide

There are various professions in Wow Classic, but the one profession that always has a demand and curiosity among the players is Alchemy. Once you read our Wow Classic Alchemy guide, you will start to understand how this profession plays a significant role in the game. A lot of instances that you take for granted are the birth of the profession.

In-depth Wow Classic Alchemy Guide:

The profession Alchemy makes players a lot curious, and the term Alchemy itself is quite an alien type to most of us. Though, worry not, as, in this article, we will take a look at everything, right from what Alchemy is and how you can go on leveling it.

Intro And Benefits Of The Alchemy Profession

To create consumable flasks, elixirs and potions, the Alchemy profession comes into play which uses herbs and other items. Let’s take a quick look at the mainstream benefits of Alchemy:

  • Alchemy can begin right from level 1 only.
  • The profession is known to produce elixirs which can increase a player’s secondary stats. Also, the lasting phase is relatively high.
  • Flasks are the buffs of Alchemy which are said to cause results going through death. The reason for this also is that it has a longer cool downtime.
  • Potions are also the outcome of Alchemy. They usually have a lower turnaround time, and they are perfect for fights.
  • Lastly, we have Transmutes, making it possible to mix two items to create an essential item. We also have oils extracted from fish through the fishing profession, but that’s not common.

Alchemy Wow Classic Levelling Guide:

Alchemy Wow Classic Levelling Guide


First of all, go and look for a guard in a major city, as the guard will be able to direct you to the trainer. Trainers aren’t just limited to the sections of major cities. If you look carefully, you will find them in certain towns falling under the newbie zones.

Along with herbs, you have to make potions, and you will have to make purchases for vials for that. 

The different types of vials commonly used are empty vial, imbued , leaded , and crystal vial. Head to Azeroth, and in the nearby small towns, you will be able to find the Trade Vendors selling off these.

Always check on the vendors for new recipes, as most of them have these recipes on the last page of their inventory. At times, you may be assured that a vendor has a particular recipe, but it may not show. In such a case, it’s highly likely to be out of stock. Come back in a few hours, and you should hopefully see the stock back in.

When it comes to potions, you will have to wait for 2 minutes for every potion,, i.e. the cooldown timer, and once you are using one potion, you can’t use the other one until the previous one’s timer hasn’t taken a stop. To use emergency potions during fights, it’s essential that before the event, you use buff potions, including Troll’s Blood Potion, Elixir of Wisdom, to name a few.

Note: Not all the potions follow the standard timing. Some have their timings too, so keep that in mind!

When you attain character to level 20 and Alchemy skill level 150, head to look out for an expert trainer. The Horde players can visit Doctor Herbert Hasley, Undercity. On the other side, the Alliance players can see Darnassus to meet Ainethil.

Once you have attained level 35 and Alchemy skill level 225, you are entitled to become an Artisan. 

The Horde players can visit Rogvar, Stonard, Swamp of Sorrow. On the other side, the Alliance players can see Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas to meet Kylanna Windwhisper.

Upon reaching Alchemy level 225, you will be given Transmute recipes. One can obtain the first two recipes from Alchemist Pestlezugg, who is situated in Gadgetzan. 

It is the same guy who will sell you the Philosopher’s Stone’s recipe for the whole transmuting process. You can head to Mithril to mine Black Vitriol for the recipe. Just a little search, and for a pretty low cost, you should land upon it in the Auction House. The next time you decide to perform a Transmute, make sure that you have your crafted stone ready in your inventory.

You won’t find much need for the transmutes initially, but as time progresses, the transmutes start to become more valuable. The various other crafters will always be your market, as in their profession, they will need the transmuted items. The transmutes are said to have more extended cooldown timings, and that’s why even one transmute is sold off for 5-10 gold quickly.

Professions To Club With Alchemy:

Professions To Club With Alchemy


For now, the best profession to club with Alchemy is Herbalism. Without Herbalism, it will be a lot costly for you to buy the herbs, as their costs are pretty high due to the luxurious status of the potions. 

Also, we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of earning some extra cash by selling off the excess herbs. It’s also a good idea to add Fishing as one of the secondary professions. Why so? Simply because a good number of recipes require fish.

Make The Most Out Of Herb Bags:


If you have clubbed Alchemy with Herbalism, it’s now time to realize how to make the most out of the Herb bags available across the regions of Azeroth. Typically, the herb bags are a lot larger than your usual bags, and they can even be stored in your bank slots. We suggest you buy up to two herb bags, as there’s no fuss in carrying more herbs!

For specific high-level Alchemy recipes (Artisan level), you will be needing an Alchemy lab. To head there, you will need to go through dungeon instances. Once you read there, you will have to create special potions. The Flask recipes will be needing an Alchemy lab mainly. 

The labs are in Schoolmance and Blackwing Lair. There, you will need to deal with the mobs. If you have even started the Burning Crusade Classic expansion, you may even head to Shattrath City ( it also doesn’t have any mobs).


  • Is It Important To Do The Quests Of The Alchemy Profession?

Ans: No, it isn’t necessary to accomplish the quests of the Alchemy profession, as it doesn’t have a real impact as such. Though, yes, completing them can make you learn new recipes. If you ask us personally if you are lesson time, skip it, otherwise, go for it!

  • Which Profession Goes Down Well With Alchemy?

Ans: The experts agree Alchemy-Herbalism is the ideal professional pair. If you have source arrangements for Herbs from prior, then you may go Fishing. Otherwise, Herbalism is the best profession to club with Alchemy profession.

  • What Can I Craft With Alchemy?

Ans: Mainly, there are four different consumable types that you can craft from Alchemy, and they are Flasks, Elixirs, Transmute and Potions.


We hope that you would have understood the important things about the Alchemy profession. From our side, we tried to present a Wow Classic Alchemy guide that was brief, concise, and able to solve the readers’ issues. Alchemy is one of the most exciting professions that we have come across, and if you still have doubts about it, contact us directly. If you want, you may also feel free to drop a comment down below.

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