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Fishing And Cooking : Second Professions In Wow Classic

World of Warcraft isn’t just limited to the boundaries of dungeons and raids! Under the bracket of secondary professions, there’s so much that you can explore!

In today’s article, we will take a brief look at one of the secondary professions i.e the Wow Classic Fishing & Cooking professions that are one of the best ways to spend time and effort when you aren’t involved in other main in-game activities.

We will learn why these professions are important and how you can go on approaching them! That being said, now let’s move on! Oh, wait? Confused, why are we talking both about Classic Fishing and Cooking in one guide only? Well, it’s because both of these professions usually go together, or as better said, hand in hand. You fish, and then you cook! Keep reading to know more!

Classic Fishing And Cooking  Step By Step Guide 

Fishing Rod Techniques Mastered:

Fishing Rod Techniques Mastered In Wow Classic

If you think that Wow Classic is all about killing and looting, then you are in a wrong dilemma! There are various other activities that you can undertake, and in some cases, you must have undertaken to balance the in game experience. One of the best activities is to look for a lake, sea, river, or some other kind of body of water. After that, just dive yourself into the act of fishing!

To begin up with fishing, you will require a trainer and other necessary items. The very first step to begin is to ensure that your character has attained level five, and after that, make sure you have an additional silver coin to spend to go fishing.

  • Now that you’re covered with basic requirements, you can move ahead to one of the main cities and look for the guard to take you to the Fishing Trainer.
  • Once you’ve taken the steps mentioned above, just spend 23 copper coins to purchase a Fishing Rod and other necessary Fishing Lures.
  • Now, just head to a body of water, and throw the Lure to start the journey of fishing! If you come across a white circle in the water, then go for it, as its a School of Fish, which will help you locate a specific fish there and even level up quicker.
  • Upon reaching Fishing Skill of 125, and level 20, you will have the option to go further and turn into an Expert.

The steps for experts are easy and straightforward!

  • Just head to Booty Bay, and interact with Old Man Heming.
  • Once you reach there, pay a Gold Coin, and you will turn into a Fishing Expert and upgrade your level cap to 225.
  • If you have followed up till here, then you should have reached Fishing Skill level 225 while the normal level upto 25. You should now have access to the latest achievement.

Wow Classic lacks expansions, henceforth, as of writing this article, the last step in the process of Fishing Master is the Artisan Fishing.

  •  To access the final part, head to Dustwallow Marsh and look for Nat Pagle. Meet the requirements of the quest giver, and the Artisan will be instantly unlocked.

Make The Most Out of Fishing Skills:

wow classic fishing and cooking

It has been found that players choose both Classic Fishing and Cooking  simultaneously, as you will require certain categories of fishes as potential ingredients to cook amazing food. The above step will ensure that you have the necessary healing items that improve the primary stats.

At the same time, you will have access to other Primary Professions, including Alchemy, that will need ingredients from down the water.

If you decide to go for any other professions about which we have talked about until now, you’ll be lucky, as you will have lots of ingredients to unlock more options and upgrade your skill levels.

You can also sell the Auction House items, which can land you up with a good amount of coins. The items that you should look forward to are Winter Squid, Pearls, Deviate Fish, and Stonescale Eel.

Let’s now head to the Cooking part of the article!

How Is Cooking Helpful For Your Character? 

The means that you make out of cooking can not only heal you (health and mana), but some of the rarest meals also possess the power of improving your performance. For instance, Tender Wolf Steak holds power to grant you Spirit +12 and Stamina +12 for 15 min, along with healing for 1392 health. Similarly, other meals can lead to an increase in other states as per the class of the character.

If you have members in your team with Cooking maxed out, then you are in for a perfect time during raids. The great meals help players increase the Damage Per Second (DPS) attack, while the tanks can take greater damage more easily. 

If nothing from the above seems to excite you, then you can always sell off your meals in the market and earn a good amount of gold. Maxing out Cooking is a great step, both in terms of raiding and selling.

Learn To Tackle Cooking in WoW from levels 1-300!

Like the other professions out there, there are various trainers, and each trainer has their own Character and Cooking levels requirement. Let’s take a look in detail at what we are talking about.

  • Apprentice Cooking: 1 Silver and level 5 requirement
  • Journeyman Cooking: Level 10, and Cooking Level 50 requirement
  • Expert Cooking: Level 20, and Cooking Level 125 requirement. You will have to spend one Gold and purchase the Expert Cookbook.
  • Artisan Cooking: Level 35, and Cooking Level 225 requirement. To fully unlock the later part of the profession, you have to complete a quest successfully.

Best Recipes For Cooking Per Level:

If you wish to attain a higher level of Cooking, then you should go for the following recipes for the following classes:

  • Apprentice Cooking:

Roasted Boar Meat, OR Charred Wolf Meat (1-50)

  • Journeyman Cooking

Smoked Bear Meat (50-70), Boiled Clams (70-85), Crab Cake (85-100), and Seasoned Wolf Kabob (100-130).

  • Expert Cooking

Curiously Tasty Omelet (130-175), Soothing Turtle Bisque (175-200), and Spider Sausage (200-225).

  • Artisan Cooking

Monster Omelet (225-275), and Smoked Desert Dumplings (275-300).

Steps To Levelling Cooking Guide For Horde & Alliance

  • Alliance

Levelling Cooking Guide For Horde & Alliance

Reach level five, and look for the guard as he/she will provide you guidance to look for your first trainer around the main cities. Next, you have to head to Ashenvale to purchase the cookbook from Shandrina. This should unlock the Expert Cooking. If you also wish to unlock Artisan Cooking, then head to Ironforge, and pick up the  “I Know A Guy…” quest from Daryl Riknussun.

  • Horde


Reach level five, and look for the guard as he/she will provide you guidance to look for your first trainer around the main cities. Next, you have to head to Desolace to purchase the cookbook from Wulan. This should unlock the Expert Cooking. If you also wish to unlock Artisan Cooking, then head to Orgrimmar, and pick up the  “To Gadgetzan You Go!” quest from Zamja.


1) What Level Can You Fish Deviate? 

Ans: To hunt Deviate Fish, you just have to hit the Fishing Apprentice position. The higher the Fishing Skill level, the higher the chances of catching up with the fish. The primary zones to hunt up the fish are Wailing Caverns and The Barrens.

2) When Can I Start Fishing & Cooking?

Ans: Once you are on a minimum level 5 in character and have one copper coin to spare, you are ready to opt for fishing, cooking, and many other similar secondary professions. As time passes, you will have the option to upgrade your levels in the professions.

3) What Are Some Of The Most Popular Cooking Recipes?

Ans: To be honest with you, the best cooking recipes depend highly upon the class of character that you possess. Some recipes could be responsible for increasing energy, whereas others could be responsible for increasing the main stats. Recipes like Tender Wolf Steak, Spiced Chili Crab, Nightfin Soup, etc., are some of the most known ones.


This was a brief and informative guide to mastering the art of fishing and cooking in Wow Classic. It’s always best to maintain a healthy balance between the various activities of the game, in this way, you don’t miss out on anything and even don’t get bored just doing off one thing. Secondary Professions like fishing and cooking guide are always good for your character only. If you would have followed our above guide carefully, then by now, you should be good to go!

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