Titan Residuum Farming

All You Need to Know About Titan Residuum Farming In 2021

We are here to discuss the do’s and don’t of processes that you take while aspiring to do titan residuum farming to obtain the Azerite Armour.

The Azerite Armour is one of the powerful and best armours in the World of Warcraft, and it’s quite hard to obtain this. The player needs quite a lot of titan residuum to get this armour. So, before getting to the point of how to acquire titan residuum, let’s talk about  what is Titan residuum?

It  is a new currency that was introduced with the release of Tides of Vengeance. This is just like any other currency, but the issue is that it is very scarce and can only be obtained from a few sources on World of Warcraft.

Here is a brief guide that will provide you with all the information that you need to know about Wow titan residuum farming.

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All You Need to Know About WoW Titan Residuum Farming

Since the item is very scarce, one should be very vigilant about how they spend it. The player can either spend it at the Thaumaturge Vashreen to receive a piece of the Azerite Armour or boost their level in wow classic.

Well, here are few sources from where this currency can be farmed.

Source 1:

The first source is by scrapping or disenchanting the epic Azerite Armour of your armour class. But there are a few requirements that need to be met to do that.

The requirement is that armour should be of at least level 430 actually to receive some amount of Titan Residuum. At level 430, the amount of titan residuum obtained is just 20. The amount becomes 40 when the level of the item is 445, and it becomes 200 when it is 460. If the item level is 475, the amount of titan residuum obtained is 1000.

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Source 2:

The second source for wow titan residuum farming is by completing a Mythic+. If the player has achieved this, then he will obtain the weekly Mythic+ Chest, and while picking up the items, the player will receive titan residuum.

The amount that was rewarded in season 4 has been reduced to a minimal number of 10% of what was provided in season 3. For example, in season 3, if a player had keystone level 10, then he used to get 17,000, but in season 4, the player will receive 1,700 titan residuum. The best part is that along with the drop in the rewards, the price of titan residuum has also dropped by 90%, thus making it way cheaper than what it was in season 3.

Source 3:

The ultimate source for wow titan residuum farming is the treasure map from the island expeditions. After the completion of the weekly island expedition quest, a treasure map is obtained, and this one rolls out random missions that provide random rewards.

Among these random rewards, there is titan residuum, which, if chosen with, provides the player with 450-500 titan residuum. But there is one condition, and that is the fact that the mission needs to be successful.

Spending Titan Residuum:

Spending Titan Residuum

Titan Residuum can be used to purchase the Azerite Armour from Thaumaturge Vashreen, which is located near the Azerite Reforger in one of the capital cities. A specific piece of the Azerte Armour can be bought for a premium price, or else they can also purchase a random piece of the armour for a particular item level. Specific 475 Azerite would cost 20,000 Titan Residuum, and Radon 445, 460, 475 Azerite would cost 175, 900, 4,750 Titan Residuum, respectively.

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How much Titan residuum do you get from the weekly chest?

Completion of Mythic +6 would give the player a 75 Titan residuum from the weekly chest. Once the player reaches +10 Mythic, there is a great increase in the Titan residuum levels.

Does benthic gear give Titan residuum?

Yes, benthic gear gives the player titan residuum with the help of Azerite gear. The player can farm 35 TR a piece.

How to get Titan residuum fast?

To get the Titan residuum fast, the player needs to

  • Scrape or disenchant the Azerite Armor of their Armor class.
  • Then collect the weekly mythic+ chest.
  • And finally, the player must complete an elite mission to obtain treasure maps from island expeditions.

How to do Island Expeditions?

The player can do island expeditions from Boralus Harbor where he can easily do the foothold quests and missions. Moreover, the player can select the difficulty level and see the progress of Azerite.


These are all the sources from where Titan Residuum can be farmed. But now the amount of Titan Residuum has been reduced; it has become very scarce. Though the prices have dropped as well, still it’s quite hard for players to obtain this currency with ease. We hope that this titan residuum farming guide has been of help to you.

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