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How To Farm Gold As Priest

A player is bound to face difficulties, if/she uses undead priest in Classic, and guess what? In today’s article, we will discuss about the gold making guide for the Priest class. Mostly, the Priest class is tend to be associated with healing. This makes it not so strong in terms of damage caused to enemies. Let’s learn how to use the class to the best of your advantage!

How To Priest Farm The Gold?

Top Crafting Profession in Wow Classic:

Crafting professions is one of the most dependable and secure ways to earn gold, but the investment of time and expensive materials always gives hard time for players. Mostly, the priest uses tailoring process as it can be obtained in bundles after killing the mobs. As the skill of the player grows he uses more of Enchanting, Alchemy and Engineering instead of leatherworking or blacksmithing, as the latter two are considered the least popular among the players.

  • The mobs are always beneficial as after getting killed, they drop items which can be used to boost up the performance by Tailoring or can be sold to other players for gold.
  • Players can use Enchanting as it is a good combination with Tailoring
  • Using Alchemy in early level is not recommended as you won’t be able to make much gold out of it
  • Mostly priests don’t use Engineering, Blacksmithing or Leatherworking.
  • Fishing and Cooking can be used together to earn more gold in higher levels.

Most Popular Priest Farming Spots For Gold:

The game introduced many new prosperous farming spots for gold. Today, we will tell you where to find them. Before going there, don’t forget that there should be one Warrior or Mage while farming and you should also continuously heal him while he fights for you. You can get warriors and mages, by hiring them using trade chart or taking help of someone you know.

Arathi Highlands:

Arathi Highlands


The Arathi Highlands comprises of 3 elements; Elemental Air, Elemental Water, and Elemental Fire. These elements are generally used to make Fire, nature or Frost safety equipments. These are very much essential for raiding, and in fights it becomes necessary. Also due to its multiple usage the potions are quite popular and can be sold in good amounts.

Eastern Plaguelands:

Tyr's Hand


Eastern Plaguelands generally gets crowded with high level players as this spot is popular for regular mobs or killing pack of elites

Tyr’s Hand:

Tyr's Hand


It is located in south-east section of Eastern Plaguelands. It is a highly profitable area with many difficulties and for that it is highly recommend that you should not go alone. The area has vast variety of major healing potions, Runecloth or B.O.E items. If you have enchanting, you can use enchanted crusaders which are separated from scarlet archmages.




Plaguebats are widely spread around southern portion of eastern Plaguelands. The area can easily send you in a horrific panic state, so be alert at all times especially when facing mob groups or facing unavailability of Fear ward. Players who have chosen skinning as profession, are in for a treat as this area can provide them with lots of profits.

Other Gold Making Techniques:

Acquiring New Profession & Spells:

When combining the character and professions, it is very common for the players to purchase every spell and profession from trainer to check what will happen, but instead of spending on unnecessary items the gold can be saved for future purposes.


1)What Are The Available Profitable Races For Priest?
Ans: The Night Elf, Human & Dwarf are the main profitable races for Priest, that could help to lead to better actions in PVE or PVP. Also, not to forget that the power is also maximized of the priest.

2)Which Spells Work The Best Alongside Human?
Ans: Probably the healing spells work best with Human, as they act more or less lime a shield, when indulging in a fight with someone.


The crafting professions, about which we have discussed above can be used to craft items, which can be sold to others in return of profits, or if wanted, then it can be used by you only. All in all, this should be your quick go to guide for priest farming of gold in Wow Classic, if you are a Priest. If you have any more doubts, or suggestions, then hit us in the comments below.

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