How To Farm Gold as Mage?

Mage is one of a kind class in WOW Classic, which can farm gold in an awesome way. Why do we say so? Simply, because they are capable of handling a lot of mobs all on their own, resulting in very less damage during the fights. If you just follow the traditional methods of approaching wealth in the game, then you aren’t going to attain huge wealth so easily. Though, if you follow our approach or rather the ways that we have listed below, we can assure you that you would be close to your goal of huge amounts of gold.

How To Farm Gold as Mage?

Mage is a class which is specifically made for fighting, and this gives you a great upper hand to meet as many mobs as possible. For instance, you may simply hover over to a place which may not be visited much by others. After that, you can go on accumulating large sums of mobs, and once you kill them, you can loot off their drops. Certain valuable items of them even have the capacity to turn into great wealth. All you have to do is just loot them, and leave from there. Nobody is going to come after you!
At the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that every time you won’t have the chance to deal in this manner. Leaving the fact that you will be there in the dungeons, because of the very fact that they are silent and dark, lowering your chances of being noticed. Classic WOW is all about conquering quests day by day, so it’s advised that you head to a good dungeon. For instance, you can head to Cathedral, Scarlet Monastery, where you will come across different kinds of elite mobs. Once you get hold of them, finish them all at once, leaving you with minimum 6 gold.
During your questing, you get the opportunity to grab items, equipment, etc, from the dungeons. The materials acquired can be sold off in the Auction House or to other players in exchange of Gold. Of course, if you have plans for crafting them, then Enchanting undoubtedly should be your first priority. This way, it will be easy to trade those materials for higher gold.
Legends has it that for AOE, Maraudon is also a great spot. Inside of it, snakes can be found, and inside the dungeon various professions are perfect for churning gold, so you may opt for them for Mage.

Best Spots for Farming Gold For Mage:

In our above brief guide, we have already discussed the main ways of dealing with gold as Mage. However, we still need to take a look at the main spots (other than the ones we have talked about above) for making Gold as a Mage. Let’s begin!

  • Dire Maul East

Dire Maul East


If you are a Herbalism, then Dire Maul East is undoubtedly a great place for Mages to begin their farming. On your every run, you will be able to grab various Gromsblood and Dreamfoil spawns. Mostly, you may find Mages looking forward to the lasher area just after getting down, though we recommend you to take it solo for the entire dungeon. In this case, having Mining would give you an upper hand, as you will have access to various Rich Thorium, which may contain items like Blue Sapphires and Acane Crystals.

  • Maraudon



Maraudon is another great place to farm different kinds of precious materials. Though, one of the highly profitable, and easy areas to farm would be gain entry from the Orange entrance, and all up to the Purple entrance of Maraudon. On the way, you can easily grab Blindweed, Mithril Ore, and Ghost Mushroom. The great part about this approach is that you don’t need to deal with the killing of different mobs.

  • Blackrock Depths

Blackrock Depths


How can we forget Blackrock Depths? It’s known for dropping off many pre-bis items like Ban’thok Sash, and Hand of Justice. It’s one of the most favourable dungeons for most of the classes making way all up to 60. Though, not everybody knows that you can quite easily manage to procure these items by going solo.


To be honest with you, as of now, there are hardly any long term techniques out there through which you can churn out Gold beyond playing. Though, in this, don’t forget the very simple rule, that never ever invest money in something which can be avoided. If you don’t follow this advice, irrespective of the fact whether you are from Mage, Priest or any other class, you are going to suffer in the very end.

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