Warrior Goldmaking Guide In Wow Classic

Warrior is said to be a perfect choice for melee combat in WOW Classic. In this guide, we will discuss the gold making Guide for Warriors. Every essential and important area has been covered in brief so that you can get started at the earliest.

How To Farm Gold as Warrior?

Wow Classic Tank Warrior Gold Making Guide


The Warrior Tanks in the game are not considered very powerful, and you might see that fighting various mobs at once makes the Shield Block (defensive tool) useless. However, in dungeons and similar areas, the tanking warrior seems to work quite remarkably well, as the enemies have to be dealt with hardness.

Gold Making As A Dps Warrior

Gold Making As A Dps Warrior

DPS warriors cause extreme damage, including an area to effect and single target. Though DPS lacks pets like Warlocks, their self-healing is not so strong, making their continually pulling capacity weak.

That’s why it’s recommended that you accompany another player, most probably a healer, as they are in similar condition as yours, and go around well with Warriors. The enemies of this range on whom you will invest time and efforts, will drop off valuable items.

Dungeon Farming As A Warrior


It’s seen that the right grinding spots are to be found inside dungeons only that are free of third party interference. It also ascertains that every time you reset the dungeon, you get full respawns immediately.

About 5 dungeon lockouts per hour, so keeping that in mind, you now know how fast you can create new instances. It’s believed that Dire Maul East is probably the best gold per hour farming spot for this class.

Though don’t forget that it requires you to have Herbalism and Mining.
If you have Mining or Herbalism in stock, you will be able to loot many Gromsblood, Dreamfoil, and librams.
The requirement or basic prerequisite is that you will have to farm the area with at least another player and use a DPS build, which could either be the Arms Warrior Leveling build and Warrior PvP build. You will have to accomplish the instance fast, and for that, you will have to kill the main bosses in the journey.

Maraudon Ghost Mushroom/ Mithril Farming


Maraudon is rich in materials and probably one of the most significant areas to farm gold. The most profitable and easiest farms are to gain access from the Orange entrance and head to the Maraudon’s Purple entrance; and on the way, you will quickly grab a lot of Bindweed, Mithril Ore, and Ghost Mushroom.

The best part about the method is that there’s no need to kill any enemies. Just run, and position yourself, and be careful of the aggro. As a warrior, it may be a little difficult to overcome the mobs, and if it is required, you might still kill them. Though, once you spend some time reading up our articles and educating yourself on the game, then you may even be able to handle them quite easily as a warrior too.


1) What Problems Do Warriors Face?
Ans: Warriors are strong and fearsome classes, as their name says; however, they can’t grasp much damage to your mobs for churning out money unless they are accompanied by much Rage.

2) What Are The Main Two Categories Of Warriors?
Ans: The Warriors are mainly divided into two categories: DPS and Tank. Both the branches have different characteristics, making them even have the option to use individual techniques to farm Gold.


The Wow Classic Warriors need to make money, as they require gold for shields, armors, etc. When it comes to gold farming, Warriors come with their difficulties, restricting them to fewer measures. In case you are a Warrior, feel that it’s hard to farm the gold on your own; you may even think of buying them.

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