Warlocks Gold Farming:The Most Powerful Gold Making

Warlocks are said to be one of the most powerful classes. A fully equipped Warlock is highly feared in the game, and makes it extremely beneficial for raids in PVP. It’s recommended as you aren’t going to regret playing as a warlock when it comes to solo farming for gold. Also, don’t forget to check out other gold farming techniques and management tips!
The class will let you earn a major chunk of gold by exploring dungeons and from the enemy’s loot. In this guide, we will take a brief look at how you can do Warlocks Gold Farming.

How To Farm Gold as Warlocks?

Dire Maul:

warlocks in wow classic

If, by chance, the player gets control of the Dire Maul North area, which is already cleared by tribute run, then the player can easily sell the DM Buffs to other raiders. The area also has three powerful ogres, which can provide the player potent buffs.

In the game, it can also be seen that many players are ready to pay for buffs in golds before it’s raided. When the area gets cleared, the player can summon other players to loot the late-night raids, and by summoning other players for the buff, we can easily earn 100 gold per hour, which is an easy earn.



Maraudon is a higher level dungeon, so there are good chances of facing higher level difficulties. Still, in addition to that, Maraudon is definitely a satisfactory area for Warlocks to go solo.
In Maraudon, we can use many available techniques to acquire a profitable income. Defeating all the bosses in Maraudon will provide gear that can be traded, and if the fight is cleared with fewer difficulties, then it will definitely be a quite better source of wealth.
Having a company of melee DPS, majorly Rogues and Warriors, is the second-best option for profitable use of Maraudon. The DPS melee can be charged in gold for the player to play solo and to get rid of the final boss, Princess Theradras.
After her death, she basically drops the Blackstone ring, which is BIS used by physical damage merchants. The Blackstone ring is a precious sought after item that is greatly demanded by players. Many players even use this ring as a payment to hire a warlock or hunter for their assistance in farming. Thus, when players are suiting up for raids, this procedure can be used to make an early profit.


1) Can Warlocks Match Mages In Gold Farming?

Ans: The solution to this question can be very subjective, however, if you ask us, then we think that Mages are far ahead of Warlocks. A lot of professional players out there, too, believe the same. Now, in the end, it’s up to you to decide!

2) What’s A Great Place For Warlock Gold Farming?

Ans: If you ask us, then personally, we would recommend you to go with Maraudon. If you are farming elemental fire, then it’s definitely worth the shot.


That’s pretty much what we had in stock for the Warlock Gold Farming guide. We are hopeful that if you have reached till here, then you will be able to go for farm gold as a Warlock. If you have any more doubts or suggestions, then feel free to hit us with a comment below or you may check out our other sections.

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