5 Spots Of Shamans Gold Farming In Wow Classic

Shamans are versatile and can help you farm gold without any effort. The article will be your ultimate go-to guide for gold farming on Shamans. We have discussed anything and everything that can get you started, so make sure you read till the very end.

How to Farm Gold as Shamans:

Vendor Sniping:


Valuable recipes, items, and raw materialsare always in great demand by the players. Many vendors in the game sell these items, but they also have a limited stock available, which is restored in a very long period. One such vendor is Ghok’kah for valuable items.

Gold Making As A Healer Shaman:

Gold Making As A Healer Shaman

Shaman healers have a very low damage output. To deal with the situation, the player can use self-healing, but it would also drastically reduce the mana pool, which is essential to kill enemies.
The main problem arises when a player is in the dungeon, and the enemies’ hits become very hard, precisely when the healers become a necessity.
Healers are very difficult to find, but you can even sell your services in a trade chat, by asking for healers or by healing for other groups in exchange for wealth, or even by announcing that you are available for service.

Gold Making As Dps Shaman:

Gold Making As Dps Shamans

DPS shaman has immense damage on both the solo target and the area of consequences. The feasible and storage to continually pull is very much weak because the mana replenishes faster. The only way to deal with it is by teaming up with one more player, which will benefit both of them.

Dungeon Farming As A Shaman:

Dungeon Farming As A Shaman

Dungeons are always the most opted spot, for the following reasons:

  • Dungeons have no outside interference.
  • Immediate respawn of the player is assured inside the dungeon.
  • The only limitation is that the game only allows five individual dungeons in an hour. The player won’t be allowed further until the time limit completes; therefore, tone is according to that.
  • Dire Maul East is popularly known for the highest gold per hour and is a famous spot for Shaman’s in Wow CLASSIC, but the only condition is the player has to have minning and preferably herbalism with him.

Dire Maul East (Dme) Shaman Farming:


Wow Classic declared Dire Maul East as one of the top places for Shamans to farm. The most advantageous player would be the one who’s having Herbalism or mining here, as a player would be able to loot Dreamfoil, Gromsblood, and Rich Thorium veins at every chance. Also, the loots from multiple kills, and don’t forget about multiple librams in the location.
The two ways to go in:


Here the player has to play elemental, and the primary focus should be getting to the Rich Thorium veins, which are at the far end of priceless Arcane crystals. Follow the clouds for the direction and to kill Zevrim Thornhoof. Now, open the cave at the end, which would take around seventeen minutes, allowing for five runs per hour.


To complete in the group, there should be a DPS with you, mainly a warrior. The demerit is you have to split your profits among your members, which will directly lower your gold per hour. The only advantage is that the success rate is higher in groups as compared to solo. The odds of winning will increase by default.


1) What are the best Shaman races?
Ans: Shaman is a Horde only class in WOW Classic, and out of the available Classic Horde Races, just the Undead can’t become a Shaman. If you are a good player, then no matter what race you pick, you will make it work!

2) Are Shamans as talented as the Druids?
Ans: Well, at lower levels, they can take the role of a Tank, DPS, or a Healer, so yes, to some extent, one can say that Shamans are similar to the Druids.


The Warriors and Seers (Horde-only class) are the Shamans. They use the power of elements to deal with the healing of allies and destroying enemies. It’s said that Shamans are very versatile, and using them to farm gold is going to pay you off quite well.

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