Dungeons And PickPocketing For Rogue Gold Farming In Wow Classic

Rogue may not be very popular in Wow Classic, as in the case of Mage or Hunter. However, Rogue also comes with its own share of plus points that you will definitely praise. So, what are those points? How can you do Rogue Gold Farming? These questions and other similar ones would be answered in this ultimate and exclusive Rogue Gold making Guide.

How To Farm Gold as Rogue?

How Can PickPocketing Help You In Rogue Gold Farming?

In level 4, the player is provided with pickpocket ability while being a rouge. To use it, a player must obtain stealth, which can be bought at 10 copper from the trainer at level 1. The player can use the method to pickpocket monsters who have the pocket.

On the other side, if the monster lacks the pocket, then it will not show its violent behavior. Still, if the monster starts resistance to pickpocketing, then it will definitely detect and attack the player.

The countermeasure which can be used here is vanishing. Master of deception, Elusiveness, and camouflage are the three talents a player can use to boost the gold per hour or upgrade stealth in low-level pickpocketing.

Best Dungeon For PickPocketing:

In Warcraft, dungeons are very promising in every way. Pickpocketing is a very much easier and faster way to earn gold.

  • Black Rock Depths:

It is in the darkest part of Black Rock Mountain and is being commanded by Dark Iron Dwarves, who directly come under emperor Dagran Thaurissan. Here we may encounter many bosses as well, but keep in mind that bosses are never alone and poor, therefore by using stealth and pickpocketing efficiently, you can gain a good amount of gold.

  • Razorfen Downs’

Rogue in wow classic

It is situated near the Horde leveling zone of northernmost barren in the game. Razorfen Downs has become very much popular among players as this dungeon has a lot of items to be picked and crafted. Due to this, the dungeon is filled with monsters, which is a great opportunity for pickpockets.

  • Scarlet Monastery

It is located much near the northeast corner of the blighted Tirisfal Glades. Before zealots occupancy, the cathedral to the light is a combination of two dungeons, majorly scarlet halls and scarlet monastery. As it’s a prosperous area, the player is very much attracted here for the wealth and items, and hence pickpockets are very common here.

All these dungeons are famous for gold per hour, but it is still advised to use pickpocketing anywhere in the dungeon to gain as much profit as you can in the name of loot. Pickpocketing a monster will give us coins and a junkbox winning possibility. The junkbox are only opened by using lock picking techniques, and they can be acquired in the below levels



1) What Are Some Good Farming Methods For Rogue, Other Than Tyr’s Hand, And Brd Pickpocketing Farm?
Ans: You know what other classes can’t do, and what you can? Well, you are free to mine thorium in Elite Silithid Caves. You are also free to sap people and steal their wallets.
2) Is Rogue Hard To Play Wow Classic?
Ans: Many players have the experience that Rogue is quite bad for farming gold, compared to other classes out there. It may be a little difficult to find groups for 5 men. This is a little harder in comparison to a Warlock or Mage.


We hope that you would have learned the essential information about Rogue Gold making Guide. If you would have followed up our guide carefully till here, then you would be having no more issues dealing with farming gold in Rogue zones. If you have any more doubts or queries, don’t forget to ask them in the comments below.

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