Where Are The Paladins Gold Farming Spots In Wow Classic

Paladins are known to be an Alliance exclusive class, next to Horde Shamans. They can go in most of the roles and provide a lot of support abilities. For this article, we won’t be talking about Paladins but rather how to farm gold as Paladins. If you read up till the very end, we can ascertain that you will become a pro at Paladins gold farming. If you also plan to become a pro at the game in general, then you may click here!

How To Farm Gold as Paladins?

Paladins Gold Farming As A Solo


When it comes to farming, people generally tend to avoid Paladins, mainly because it’s not considered a great solo class. It’s still possible to farm using this class, however, the recommended is Warlocks and Hunters. The killing speed of Paladins is right on the lower end of various classes.

Prot Paladin Power Leveling

paladins in wow classic

When it comes to AoEing down low-level dungeons or mass pulling, then Protection Paladins are the ones who pop up in our mind. For quick leveling of alts, this class will be quite perfect as these have the best tank AoE for quick clearance of low-level dungeons.
The various players are willing to put in 2-5g of gold for the clearance of low-level instances. If you manage up to four people, that can become a great gold per hour rate source.

Tyr’s Hand


In Eastern Plaguelands, Tyr’s Hand (encampment) is a great farming spot for solo farmers. There’s a formula, Enchant Weapon – Crusader, that drops off for the Scarlet Archmages. Once you loot the drop, you can either learn to use the enchant or sell for lots of gold. Besides enchanting and earning gold, you also have access to Major Healing Portion, Runecloth, etc.


For Paladins, right from the very start, elements like Essence of Water and Fire are quite a valuable resource. The Essences could probably be a great way of farming gold, especially if you think that you may not be fit to try out other methods. The classic Paladins gold farming spots for Essence of Water, including, Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring, Felwood, etc.


1) What Are The Best Crafting Professions For Paladins?
Ans: According to us, the most profitable and perfect choices for professions would be Alchemy, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, and Tailoring.
The first two in the list can create consumables that would come in handy at the time of PvP and raiding. It’s said that Alchemy has many flasks, elixirs, and potions that are always in demand. Whereas the latter three options are important to churn out the gear that the individuals would require.

2) What Are The Main Roles Of Paladins?
Ans: The main roles of Paladins are Primary Healer, Dungeon Tank, and Hybrid Support Class.

3) What Are The Talent Trees Of Paladins?
Ans: The talent trees of Paladins are Protection, Retribution, and Holy.


Every latest update concerning Paladins gold farming has been covered in the article. You are requested to bookmark the article for future references, as whenever some changes are initiated, we will be updating the necessary changes here only. There’s nothing much to worry about Paladin gold farming after you have read up till here.

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