The Ultimate Hunter Class Gold Farming Guide In Wow Classic

When Blizzard returned with Wow Classic, all of the traditional classes also returned as it is, including the Hunter class. In this article, you will come across the ultimate Hunter class gold farming guide. Everything that we felt was essential to farming gold for Hunter class has been discussed below.
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How To Farm Gold as Hunter?

Dire Maul Tribute Runs

Dire Maul Tribute Runs

When we talk about the potential farming spots in Wow Classic, we can’t ignore the fact that Dire Maul North is one of the most prominent ones and is only accessible by certain classes.

To complete a whole tribute run, you may use Feign Death and pet to go through the whole instance without having to deal with the bosses. If you want to make the orges instance friendly, then go and kill King Gordok, as this will allow you to loot not only King Gordok but even the tribute cache for something extra.

The above can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • The item can be farmed, again and again, landing you up with 50g+ per hour.
  • The hunters can collaborate with Warriors as they can’t solo run this instance. You can sell them off to potential loots like the Tarnished Elven Ring.
  • On popular raid nights, you can take the lockout that you obtained from the tribute run, and sell it off to raiders.

Once you are done with a tribute lockout, you may approach the three different orge bosses that you had escaped earlier. These bosses will now hand over to you strong two-hour-long buffs that can be accompanied into a raid for more health and damage.

You would be a little surprised or happy to know that some raiders would even be ready to pay some gold to get in your party and summon to have the buffs.

Tip: It’s advised that on a Tuesday night, you must use the lockout, as that’s when a lot of guilds raid, giving you the chance of making hundreds of gold.


MaraudonHunters can solo the higher level dungeon, Maraudon. Out of the many activities that you can perform here in Maraudon, here are the two main profitable things:
It’s best to join in melee DPS, including Warriors and Rogues. You may charge them gold so that in the instance, you can go solo and deal with the final boss, Princess Theradras. The boss Blackstone Ring (BiS for Physical damage dealers). The individuals yet gearing up for raids are in for a treat, as you may find people ready to buy a Hunter gold to let them farm it, henceforth, in case of a ring drop, there’s a guarantee.

To vendor the gear that you achieve, you may kill all of the bosses. It may grant you a good share of gold from the vendor materials, and if you learn to deal with it in the right manner, then it becomes a solid gold source.


1) Why Do Hunters Always Need Gold In The Wow Classic?

Ans: In WOW Classic, the procurement of gold is a little difficult, whenever you level up, you need to purchase mounts and equipment with a large quantity of gold.

2) What Are The Good Professions For Hunters?

Ans: According to us, Skinning and Gathering are probably the two most great professions for hunters.


We hope that you would have understood the Hunter class Gold farming Guide. It’s recommended that you don’t end up in the habit of overconsumption, as that will land you up with huge bills. So, at any cost, avoid the items that you don’t require. The sellers are cunning and would go to any lengths to sell off their stuff, but you have to stay firm and not fall for any selling tactics.

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