A Definite Guide On Druids Gold Farming In Wow Classic

It won’t be wrong to say that Druids have the capacity to pull off even the most toughest roles, melee DPS, caster DPS, tanking, etc. There’s a reason that it’s said that Druids can pull off most of the gold farming ways. However, if you don’t know the right techniques to farm gold in Druid, then it’s of no use. That’s why, in this article, we will be covering the exclusive Druid Gold making Guide.

How To Farm Gold as Druid?

Solo Farming As A Druids:

Druids Gold Farming In Wow Classic

Druids are known to be a highly praised solo class in the game. For Druids, solo farming is a great way to procure gold. You will come across a variety of dungeons and enemies that you may farm as they are very profitable.

Stealth Soloing Dungeons:

Stealth Soloing Dungeons

The permanent invisibility abilities (Stealth and Prowl) can only be found with two classes, Rogues and Druids. You are going to come across a variety of bosses, and elite packs, that may not be that hard to deal with, mainly Dire Maul and Maraudon. This way, you can use stealth and even have the power of skipping major portions of the dungeon. After that, you are free to either sell or disenchant the drops.
For those who don’t know, Prowl is one of the amazing abilities that you may use on a lot of lower-level dungeons, which could be found right from day 1. Also, don’t forget that Dire Maul is only available after Phase 2 hits!

Tyr’s Hand:

Tyr's Hand

Tyr’s hand is a base near Eastern Plaguelands, and players can easily use this area for solo farming, as it will be very beneficial and profitable for them. There are also high chances of Scarlet Archmage to drop Formula Enchant weapon – crusader. The melee often uses this sought-for weapon enchanting as the formula itself is highly demanded and can be sold at a good price. It’s a very rare enchantment that can be used to Enchant the weapon of other players in exchange for gold. In addition to that, Tyr’s enemies also drop runecloth, major healing potions, and many more essential and handy items.


WOW CLASSIC offers many prized and essential resources for many crafting professionals. Some of them are-

Essence Of Fire:

Essence of Fire

To farm the very valuable item for crafting essence of fire, the player must reach UN’GORO Crater, where the mountain of volcano is filled with all the fire elements. After that, the player has to get a drop rate, along with the heart of fire and elemental fire. It’s also called the elemental building block in the crafting of items.

Essence Of Water:

Essence of Water

To farm another valuable item for crafting, which is the essence of water, the player can use any high-level monster drop. The greater the drop, the greater the chances for essence of water. It can be easily farmed near Felwood, Winterspring, and Eastern Plaguelands from water elements.
Essence of water is majorly used for the drop, but combining it with alchemy essence of water can be used for making of greater frost protection potion. Both the essence are satisfying, and using them makes your efforts go low in the farming of gold.


1) Is it hard to farm gold in Druid?
Ans: At least 90-95% of the gold farming methods can be easily pulled off on a druid. You don’t need to be a pro in everything, as this class in Classic WOW is all about, jack of all trades and master of none!

2) What’s recommended, solo druid farming or group druid farming?
Ans: To be honest, it depends totally upon you. If you are fine with a bit of grouping, then you may proceed ahead with group druid farming, otherwise, you may feel free to go with solo druid farming.


We hope you would have learned the right and most popular ways to farm gold on a Druid. Out there, we have many gold farming techniques, and surprisingly, a lot of them can be pulled off on a druid. If you don’t believe us, then go ahead and try it for yourself in the game. Lastly, if you need any help concerning this article, then don’t forget to hit a comment below.

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