How To Farm Silk Cloth In Wow Classic? [Detailed]

Silk Cloth is a fine form of cloth that can be farmed more easily when compared to Wool cloth in Wow Classic. The players leveling Tailors will require 860 Silk Cloth, and First Aid, will require 90 Silk Cloth. If you are looking for reputation turn-ins, then you would require 60 silk cloth.
When you farm silk in dungeons, you may also come across many Grave Loss, Goldthorn, and Arthas’ Tears. The first two have a very high selling rate in the Auction House. Well, that’s for another chapter as we now move on to the Silk Cloth Farming Guide.

Where To Farm Silk In Wow?

  • Scarlet Monastery

Farm Silk Cloth In Wow Classic
Scarlet Monastery can be found in the northeast of the Undercity, Tirisfal Glades. It’s a four-part dungeon and is a lot popular among the players, as it has some of the amazing loot in it for Wow Classic. On top of it, the completion time of lots of areas is relatively less.

The players having a level range of 26-45 may go for the dungeon. Don’t forget that it’s a five-player dungeon. You can find the enemies dropping off more than one silk per kill in this place; at least, that’s what we have noticed.

Earlier, at the time of the kingdom of Lordaeron, Tirisfal Glades used to be the epicenter, but since the advent of the plague, most of the individuals have turned into a scourge. The remaining humans who didn’t become a victim of the undead can now be found fighting against the undead as the Scarlet Crusade.

  • New Thalanaar, Feralas

Farm Silk Cloth In Wow Classic
In New Thalanaar, you will come across Grimtotem Marauders (monsters), who stay close together and respawn immediately. That’s why this place is quite great for farming gold and silk, and if you are lucky, you may even get a rare companion. You can easily get 1000-1200 silk by killing them.

If you are above level 60, then it won’t be difficult for you to kill these monsters, as they have a health pool of around 1400 HP and are on level 39-40. The coast and the small island are the two exact spots where you will come across these enemies.

  • Badlands

Farm Silk Cloth In Wow Classic

The cave leading to Uldaman has many Troggs and the Dwarfs that can drop a lot of silk. If you can’t farm at the places mentioned above for some reason, then Badlands would be a great option to go for. Other than inside the cave, there are lots of mobs outside the cave too!

On the right of the entrance to the cave on the cliff, you will find many mobs. The downside is that the respawn rate isn’t that great. If you have a high mobility rate of class, it may not take you much time to clear the mobs, and in the end, you will just be sitting there waiting for respawns.


1) What’s The Best Approach To Farm In Feralas?

Ans: Head to one spot, kill the mobs, go to the second spot, kill the mobs, and repeat the process. The respawn rate is very fast here, and that’s why you have to act in seconds to churn out most silk in the shortest time possible.

2) Can You Make Millions From Silk Cloth?

Ans: It would surprise you, but you can make millions from Silk Cloth in the game! You need to learn to play not only challenging but even smart!


The places mentioned above are some of the most popular and best farming spots for silk in Wow Classic. Other than the spots as mentioned above, you may also give a shot in Dustwallow Marsh and Thousand Needles. However, if you ask us, then we would recommend you to silk in Feralas and Scarlet Monastery only, as that’s a great place for churning out thousands of silk per hour.

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