Runecloth Farming Guide In Wow Classic

Runecloth is a level 50 item that has a selling price of four silver. It’s known to be the third most powerful among the rest of the cloth. The humanoids of 51-60 level range are generally seen dropping this. It’s said to be rarer than Mageweave Cloth, but of course, not more than Felcloth.

There’s no need for special efforts for this cloth as normally during your adventuring, you will come across a lot of it, and with the help of our guides you would always be one step ahead of your competitors. Though, for those who look forward to just farming Runecloth, here’s the spot guide for you!

Where To Farm Runecloth In Wow Classic?

  • Blasted Lands

Blasted Lands
In Blasted Lands, you can farm Drowned Gilnean Merchant and various humanoids. Though, it’s important to note that once you accept certain quests, Blasted Lands will change up into a different state, and after that, a lot of mobs that you get to see now won’t be present there anymore.

Fortunately, there’s a trick to deal with this situation! Talking to Zidormi will let you jump up between low-level and high-level versions of the Blasted Lands. To find Zidormi, you can just open the map, and there in the north, Zidormi will be marked with a white text bubble.

  • Silithus


In Silithus, getting rid of Twilight Cultists can land you up with a lot of Runecloth. Also, farming at the Twilight Base camp is a great move, as here, you will find the mobs respawning quite quickly. Though, in case if you still run out of enemies, then you may just head to Twilight Post and shift between the two camps.

All in all, it’s a great spot to farm the cloth. In case you are loaded up with bad gear, you need not worry, as you may just farm the mobs at the edges and exclude the ones in the middle.

  • Blackrock Depths

Classic Runecloth

Blackrock Depths is a high-level character farming spot. You need to be a minimum level 35 to farm in Blackrock Depths, however, the recommended level is 40+. One clearance should not take you more than seven minutes, so if you continue up with the process, then sooner or later, you may land up with the 10 instances per hour limit.
To enter Blackrock Depths, go to Blackrock Mountain from northwest Burning Steppes or southwest Searing Gorge. If by chance you are coming from Searing Gorge, head up on the giant chain that is found on the left, and after that, head down towards the center (big rock). The stairs that you see below use them and head out to exit and end up at the chain.
You have to grab the Molten Core attunement, and the quest giver is right straight ahead. Go towards the right to head towards the instance. Remember, at the very end of the chamber, you are going to come across the instance.


1) What Is Runecloth Used For?

Runecloth has usage in a variety of tradeskill recipes. It’s known to create mainly Heavy Runecloth Bandage and Runecloth Bandage with a mix of First Aid.

2) How Do You Get A Bolt Of Runecloth?

A bolt of runecloth can either be farmed from fishing in Tanaris or crafted by Tailors, possessing a skill level of 250.


Runecloth isn’t something that you should definitely run behind! In the process of the game, you will land up with a lot of it. If you still wish to farm it, then first make sure that all the other necessary items have already been farmed. After that, you may proceed ahead with the farming of Runecloth. Rest all, it is up to you how you want to proceed ahead with the farming cloth.

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