Farming Linen Cloth In Wow Classic [Latest]

Farming Linen Cloth is a rough and cheap cloth that is mainly used in the churning out of homespun clothes and various other sundry items. It’s a drop found on humanoids, possessing a level cap of 15. The maximum drop peak range is 10-14.

Without wasting any more time, let’s check out the popular farming spots for Linen Cloth. Also, before we head on to that, just a gentle reminder that having a brief prior knowledge of the game categories would be essential. For that, click here!

Where To Farm Linen Cloth In Wow Classic?

  • Darkshore (Alliance)

Farming Linen Cloth wow classic

What’s it like to deal with mobs having a drop rate of 80%? Surprised? Well, if you are in an Alliance, then in Darkshore, you will come across Twilight Fanatic mobs, which you can kill, and from there, you may expect a drop of 1-3 Linen Cloth per kill. The best thing about these mobs is that they are always present in a group of three, which makes killing them even easier .

  • Westfall (Alliance)

Farming Linen Cloth Westfall (Alliance)

In Westfall, near Sentinel Hill, you will come across Riverpaw Gnolls, which can be killed to farm Linen Cloth. The respawn rate of these mobs is high, and we have personally witnessed a mob respawning even before the last one touches the surface.
The only sad thing is that this is an Alliance area, coupled with some high-level Alliance NPCs. That’s why it’s just restricted to Alliance players or the high-level Horde players.

Also, in case you are done with the final questline in Westfall that comes to an end with Return to Sentinel Hell, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to farm the mobs in here.

  • Azshara (Horde)

Azshara (Horde)

In Azshara, we have the Restless Spirits that you can tackle to farm Linen Cloth. Each kill should land you up with an approx of 1-3 Linen Cloth.

  • Silverpine Forest (Horde)

Farming Linen Cloth

In Silverpine Forest, Hillsbrad Worgens are said to be dropping off Linen Cloth in the unique manner. The Worgens are said to be not that much distance from each other, and on top of it, they sport a quick respawn rate.

  • Ragefire Chasm (Horde)

Farming Linen Cloth in wow classic

In Orgrimmar, there’s an instance known as Ragefire Chasm, which has many Burning Blade Orcs and elite Troggs that are found to drop a high number of Linen, at least up to five per drop.


1) Where All Are Linen Cloths Used As An Ingredient?

Ans: The recipes in which Linen Cloth is used as an ingredient include Copper Axe, Rough Weightstone, Rough Copper Bomb, Linen Bandage, a bolt of Linen Cloth, Copper Modulator, and the list goes on and on!

2) Where Is All Linen Cloth As A Quest Item?

Ans: It’s used mainly in the following quests:

  • The Tome of Divinity
  • Gathering Materials


From our side, we have listed up the popular and commonly used farming spots for Linen Cloth. If by any chance, you are not able to farm the Linen Cloth, or having some difficulties with the above-mentioned farming spots, then you may check out our Wool Cloth farming guide too. Why do we say so? Simply because with Wool Cloth’s farming, you will also get many drops of Linen Cloth from the mobs.

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