Wow Classic Gold Farming

How To Manage Gold Farming In Wow Classic?

When the players initially start to play Wow Classic, they have issues in procuring gold, as cracking the deal of earning in Wow Classic is a bit difficult! In this article, we have presented a complete and quick guide for gold farming in Wow Classic. Also, if you have some time to spare then don’t forget to check out other categories of WOW Classic.

Our ultimate gold making guide will not only teach you the steps to collect gold, but even how you can manage them efficiently, in the most optimum manner. Based on our experience, we have created the guide in such a manner so that it’s easy and straightforward to get started with it.

After this paragraph, you are going to dive into the depths of the guide, which will help you in both, earning gold and becoming a professional at managing it.

How To Manage Gold Farming In Wow Classic?

Start Saving!

One of the most straightforward and obvious tips is to just save! We mean, yes, just save! Saving is important in levelling period, so ascertain that you don’t unnecessarily spend copper.

For instance, food and drinks can be handled through daily raids and when you head to the class trainer to buy skills, just buy what you will be using on a regular basis. There are various items and resources that are unnecessary, so try to avoid them.

At the earliest, try to go for big bags as during your adventure, you will come across a lot of items that you have to collect. These items would be needed when selling stuff at the auction house. If you ever feel that your bags are reaching their limits, then you can easily go through the items, and discard the ones not needed, and keep the ones that are required.


Fishing is worth the time and efforts put in! Once you go towards the higher fishing levels, you will start coming across rare fishes that are more than enough to sell off well at the auction house.

For instance, to make Stonescale Oil, Stonescale Eel, Nightfin Snapper, and Nightfin Soup, the Alchemist requires the rare types of fishes. Even the chefs are known for cooking fish, and if you want, you can even eat the fish, as that will end saving your money. Fishing is great as a side hustle to save money and also not to forget that it’s quite easy to prepare.

Don’t Forget About The Auction House!

Learn the art of Auction House, as this is where you will make your fortune! Auction House operates mostly between Friday and Sunday. There are various buyers looking for loot items, including buff food, crafting supplies, to name a few. For some professions, certain items are necessities, making them an item that can be sold off at good pricing.

It’s advised that you use Auctioneer (auction house management addons) as they will show you the popular prices for different areas so that you can grab the best price for the goods. This will give you an added advantage over other players who may keep a low price for their items, and end up just in the middle.

Farm Dungeons

Once you have at least touched level 50, you may head to the low level dungeons to gather different kinds of loot left in solo mass dealings. In this case, mages, sorcerers, and Hunters are going to have an upper hand over the others.

The low level dungeons are easy to deal with, as here, you have various trash mobs. It can be used as a great source of resource gathering, and can act as a great source of income too. The various endgame materials, including Righteous Baubles, Schoolmance, Dark Runes, etc are very worthwhile.

Class Specific Gold Farming Guides:




Druids are known to be versatile hybrids. They have the ability to get into various roles, with the help of shape shifting forms. They are known to be the king of gold farming techniques, as the majority of the techniques out there used to farm gold are easily applicable on Druid.

To know about the exciting gold farming techniques that you can apply on Druids, click below.




If you are from the Alliance, then the Warlocks are arcanists, otherwise, if you are from Horde, then they are Shamans. It doesn’t matter, whether you are solo, or with a group, this class is quite fast in its levelling up process. It may be a little hard to master it, however, when it comes to the raids, it’s very satisfying and rewarding.

If you are looking forward to a not so commonly used class that can help you earn the same amount of gold, then click below.




This one may be a little debatable, but according to us, and many other experts, Hunter is said to be the perfect farming class, out of all the nine. The professions, Skinning, Herbalism, And Mining, go down quite well with the Hunter class, as after all you are churning out materials for yourself only. If you have a habit of playing alone, then Hunter would be a great choice for you!

What makes Hunter the best gold farming class?




If you are looking for an easy to go class, through which you can farm gold, then probably you should check out Mage. The AoE spells have made the Mage broken (in a positive manner). If you have plans of heading out in the wild, then Mage is a good class, as it can finish off the mobs in a matter of seconds. Other than just being a good class for earning gold, it’s also convenient to level up!

What makes Mage an easy to go gold making class?



Warriors, as the name says, have what it takes to both damage and protect themselves! They are melee, and close combat fighters that are going to give a hard time to the mobs. They act in the role of tank or off-tank. Also, if needed, they can contribute high melee DPS.

Warriors need to have good quality materials as that is related to the fate of the mobs.

To always have sufficient gear, warriors need gold, and that’s why it’s important to learn in detail how to gold farm as a Warrior.




Just like any other class, Paladin also has its own way/s to farm gold, which has the potential to land you up with 50g+ an hour gold. However, Paladins kind of gets restricted to the greatness of undead/demon only. Still, if this is your taste, or if you feel that this is what you need to go for, then you should read in detail about this guide. Let’s hope that you are going to have a good time at the Plaguelands!




In the initial stages, Shamans may not seem very great to you, however later on with farming, they come quite handy. Remember, Shamans are useful for forever! The players are always curious to know the exact and best farming spot for their respective classes. For Shaman, we think Dire Maul East is the perfect gold per hour farming spot. Though, it’s important to note that you will need to be accompanied by two professions….

Want to know which professions are we talking about?




Rogues can come very handy at the time of groups, especially in dungeons, as they are known to be accompanied with CC abilities, including Blind, Kidney Shot, Sap, Gouge, Crippling Poison, etc. The Stealth of rogue makes a way for safer exploration of places. Just like any other class, Rogues too come with their own share of weaknesses.

Is Rogue a great class for gold making?




WOW Classic is a slow paced game, and Priest is said to be highly associated with healing. This class is going to come handy at the time of healing the character, rather than during the attacks. Priest is a class which can be accompanied with other classes to give out the desired results. The crafting progression can help Priests in churning out good quantities of gold.

Know how to make the most out of the Priest Gold Making class by clicking below!


1) Is It Illegal To Buy Wow Gold?

Ans: There are lots of third party services out there, that can provide you lots of gold at affordable rates. However, it’s important to understand that you may get banned from the game for buying and selling gold. Blizzard doesn’t ban these services on a regular basis, but seen they do, it’s in a huge wave. So, why take the risk?

2) What Wow Professions Make The Most Gold?

Ans: As per we know, it seems that Alchemy and Herbalism are the best bet, if you are just interested in procuring gold. It’s true that other professions are equally effective, but Alch and Herb have the magic that others miss in them.


We hope that this Wow Classic Gold Farming Guide would have proved helpful in educating you about the ways to procure and manage gold in the game. Purchasing the first mount in the game is what most players struggle for, and if you have followed our above guide carefully, then your problem would have got eradicated by now. If still, the problem persists, then kindly comment down or directly hit on the contact form.

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