Wow Classic Dragonkin Menace Guide In 2021 [Detailed]

The Dragonkin Menace requires you to be atleast level 58 and the nature of the quest is of level 54. It’s Dragonkin Menace elite category mission. It starts at Helendis Riverhorn and ends at Helendis Riverhorn. Some commonly found races include Dwarf, Gnome, Dwarf, etc.

In this quest, you have to kill 1 Black Drake, 10 Black Dragonspawn, and 15 Black Broodlings. Once you have completed that, you have to return to Helendis Riverhorn to accomplish the Wow Classic Dragonkin Menace quest successfully.

The quest takes place at Burning Steppes. The life at Burning Steppes is not that great, and the reason for the buildings isn’t yet fully known. Though, we have the information that before the great explosion, all of this was under the Redrige mountain range. As of now, the dragonkin can be found under the bridge and it’s your job to get rid of as many as possible. Once you complete the one of the quests, you will earn 250 reputation with Darnassus and 5450 experience.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Burning Steppes:

  • Rend Blackhand is the ruler of Burning Steppes
  • It’s located South of Blackrock Mountain and the capital is
  • Blackrock Spire (1,500)
  • It has Level Scalable of 40-60
  • It has a population record of 3000
  • The government system followed here is Tyrannical dictatorships
  • Blackrock Depths and Fire-Gut Rock are the major settlements.
  • Blackrock Spire Foothills and Blackrock Spire are the minor settlements

Tips To Level Fast in World of Warcraft Classic

  • The journey is going to be time consuming

An average play is going to take around six to seven days (in-game’s tome) to reach up to the level of 60. By six to seven days, we literally mean 168 hours and not time spent balancing even other share of activities. It isn’t going to take you a lot of time to reach up to the endgame, and that’s why we recommend you to enjoy while it is at it.

Go and grab a big screen to stream TV shows while you play the game. There are many service available at your service, a quick Google search would reveal up the potential details. In all this, just make sure that you don’t end up over burning yourself. The journey is going to be time consuming and if you have that thing cleared in your head right from the start, then hopefully journey is going to be a lot interesting and less boring. World of Warcraft Classic is a game that demands patience and consistent efforts. So, if you wanna make it in the long run, then you better learn to grind.

  • Choose the best class

Efficiency plays a crucial role in leveling up. The processional players hardly waste any time and are pretty strong on their class and spells. Though, certain classes always tend to be better than others. For instance, Rogues and Warriors are no doubt, great for endgame classes, but when it comes to leveling, they won’t be able to deliver that same level of good output.

These classes can lead to endless downtime and in place of these, you can opt for classes like Mages, Hunters, and Warlocks. These can provide you stuns, crowd control, pets , AOE damage, snares, and slows. To make it easier for you, here are the following classes in the order of bad to good: Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Druid, Priest, Shaman, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior.

  • Right Kind of Server

It may be a little hard to digest the fact, but, yes, the type of server that you decide to go with, ultimately affects your leveling journey. The servers are PvE, PvP, RP, and RPPVP and each of them are specified towards a specific kind of player. If you are a fan of the World PvP and love to fight, then a RPPVP and a PVP server would do the magic. These are the most commonly used servers, and this is where you may expect to see most of the top players and steamers. Though, PVP servers cause ganking, which further leads to time wasting during the quest of Dragonkin Menace.

We recommend you to actually not take much tension, and instead opt for a RP or PvE server. This is definitely going to save you time. Also, leaving the PvP realms is great as you get to see less population. The not so populated servers give you the chance to fight for mobs. In the world of popular servers, you will find yourself engaged the most in respawns only.

  • Don’t forget to get the maximum out of addons

If you have recently began your journey in World of Warcraft Classic, then leveling fast without any assistance is going to be a little difficult. Keeping that in mind, let’s find out more about the addons that can get you started in the game.

Some amazing addons include Leatric Questie, Guidelime, and Leatric Maps. Guidelime is an addon that literally helps you up in the whole journey till level 60. It shows you an arrow to go behind as you clear each zone and level. If you would like to relax and just enjoy things happening in the back while you go on accomplishing Dragonkin Menace, then you know what to go for!

Questie isn’t exactly a guide, but it should get you going as it displays quest icons and where you can go on approaching them (on the map). Lastly, the Leatrix Maps, displays the map, telling you where to head to. These addons are going to prove you a lot beneficial, right from the moment, they get activated. But, still doesn’t mean that your gameplay is going to end up becoming a lot smoother and easier. The addons doesn’t change the fact that the journey to level 60 is still going to take you a considerable amount of time.

  • Pay a visit to trainers only when required

Trainers should be visited only at the right time and trust me, that’s going to save a lot of your time. Whenever you land on an even level, that’s when you get open to new spells. This is the perfect time when you should head to a trainer, not when you are on an uneven level. Also, when you make the steps towards your class trainer, strike the moment and end up visiting your weapon or profession trainer too.

If your gathering progression is at its best in terms of speed, then you are going to have an added advantage as you would be able to level up in the zone in which you are questing. This will ascertain that you don’t go back and forth to the lower zones. Lastly, the weapon skills that your class possess can all be trained at level 10. So, try to invest from early on, in case some new weapon upgrade arises.

  • Play with resources

Probably, the ultimate way to manage your health is through First Aid. It seems it’s a very great way as you will literally find all kinds of cloth from the humanoids around you. The great thing is that once you are done away with a kind of cloth, then you can even go on using it to level up tailoring, hand it to your friends, sell it on the AH, and even level up your reputation.

The bandages play a great role in reducing your downtime and making the leveling path smoother. It’s also important to understand that a caster’s efficiency decreases a lot in the lack of mana. That’s why it’s important for you to figure you out how the mana regeneration functions, if you desire to let things flow efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the best way to approach Dragonkin Menace?

Answer: It’s better to complete WOW Classic Dragonkin quest as a party as you will be encountered by a lot of elite dragons.

Question: What’s the difficulty pattern of Dragonkin Menace elite quest?

Answer: The difficultly path is 48 50 52 57 65

Question: Where does the quest takes place?

Answer: The entire Dragonkin Menace quest takes place in Burning Steppes.


That pretty much wraps up the article, where we discussed Dragonkin Menace quest and also threw some light on the tips that you can follow for leveling up faster in Wow Classic. If you have any more questions or queries, then feel free to hit in the comments below. Someone from the team or from the audience would hopefully get back to you with an appropriate solution.

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