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Where Can You Find The Wow Classic Broken Tooth?

A broken tooth is considered to be one of the ultimate hunter cats in the World of Warcraft expansions. In this wow classic broken tooth guide, we have explained in detail about the Broken Tooth, where you can find/buy the same And how to reach that location?

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Wow Classic Broken Tooth Guide

Wow Classic Broken Tooth Guide

Before the patch 2.0.1, there were many pets available with ease that have wildly different PvP capabilities when tamed. After the normalization in the World of Warcraft, even the great desirable pets like the broken Tooth have become normal pets. This resulted in the loss of their special capabilities in the PvP combat.

So, let us dig a bit deep into who is broken Tooth, and where can you find it?

Who Is Broken Tooth?

Broken Tooth is one of the rarest cats found in the Badlands of Eastern Kingdom.

This wild pet has a fast respawn rate and is found mostly in three different locations: One near the Angor Fortress, the other at the eastern side of the large mountain near the north of Dustwind, and the last one near Uldaman.

The chances of finding broken Tooth near the Angor Fortress is pretty high.

One can easily spot the Broken Tooth as a mountain lion and other cats are always in stealth mode.

If you come across any mountain lion which is unstealthed, then the chances of it being a broken tooth are high.

Broken Tooth is sought after for its amazing attack speed of 1.0, in the World of Warcraft. Before the patch of 2.0.1, broken Tooth was one of the most effective pets for beast mastery, but after the patch, it has lost all its PvP abilities.

This cougar skin is the most used cat skin in the World of Warcraft, and the players can find this anywhere between the 3 and 37 levels.

How to Reach Badlands to Tame Broken Tooth?

The fort of Kargath which is present in the Badlands connects the north and south of the eastern kingdoms. For a horde, it is pretty difficult to reach as the region it connects is between the level range of 35 to 45.

The only entrances for the player to reach this location are through the Searing Gorge (high-level Horde flight path) or Loch Modan (Alliance territory far from Horde flight path)

Some of the other best alternatives to reach the Badlands are through the Warchief’s Command Boards or Hero’s call. However, these quests are available to the player at level 45.

Either of these quests will take the player to Gek at Light’s Hope Chapel that will put the player on a rocket to fly him to Fuselight-by-the-Sea in the Badlands of Eastern Kingdom.

Queueing (Another Quickest Way)

Another best way to reach the Wow classic broken tooth location is through queueing. Using the Dungeon Finder, the player can queue for the Uldaman instance. However, this is possible only at the levels between 34 and 42. These are the right levels where the quest can be performed.

Once the player enters the quest, he needs to die and resurrect at the spirit healer only then he will be in the Badlands and can run to Kargath from the Southwest. Also, the players must ensure that it is a bad etiquette to leave the dungeon group as soon as they enter the Badlands. The player needs to stick to the dungeons until the instance is completed.

The Teleporter In Booty Bay (Quickest Route)

The Teleporter In Booty Bay

This is the second quickest route to reach the Badlands by making use of the teleporter in Booty Bay and finding the wow classic broken Tooth. If the player does not have any flight points in Hillsbrad or Arathi, he can make use of this quickest route.

The player can get access to the teleporter in Booty Bay by a short quest chain in the Orgrimmar. This path goes through two Alliance regions which are riskier to play on the PvP servers whereas easy to play on the PvE servers.

In case if the player has a high level, he can easily survive in the Badlands. So, here is how the player can reach the Badlands from Orgrimmar:

  • Firstly, the player should get a Scooty quest from Sovik in Orgrimmar. For this, he needs to accept the Rig Wars from Nogg.
  • Now, the player needs to enter the Booty Bay.
  • After the player finds the Scooty, he needs to turn in the quest and complete it. Once the quest is completed, the player is rewarded with a transporter.
  • Once the player steps on the transporter, he needs to move into the entrance elevator and kill Leper Gnomes who guard the room.
  • Now, the player needs to exit the Gnomeregan after collecting the elevator.
  • The player needs to follow the roads in Dun Morogh and follow the signs to Loch Modan. From here, the player needs to reach the southern mountains.
  • After the player goes through the gap of the Southern mountains, he reaches wow classic broken tooth location, i.e., Badlands.
  • Once the player reaches the Badlands, he needs to keep an eye on the mobs, keep killing them, and finally find the wow classic broken Tooth.

From Undercity

From Undercity

Another best way for a player to reach wow classic broken tooth location is through the undercity. Any character of level 20+ can easily go through undercity and reach the Badlands.

For a player to reach the Badlands through Undercity, he needs to go through the following:

  • Take Zeppelin to Undercity and from there to Silverpine Forest.
  • From here, he needs to find the path at the Sepulcher and from there travel to the Hillsbrad.
  • From Hillsbrad, the player needs to grab a flight point at Tarren Mill and then continue to Arathi.
  • After reaching the Arathi, the player needs to continue east on the road and reach a flight point at Hammerfall and travel to Wetlands.
  • From Wetland the player needs to reach Dun Algaz which is located towards the South of Wetland.
  • Between Wetlands and Loch Modan, Dun Algaz has a series of level 30 guards whom the player needs to kill before reaching the tunnel exit.
  • If the player dies at Loch Modan, he arrives at the Spirit healer near Thelsamar. From there he can resurrect and reach the Badlands.


Does broken tooth Stealthed?

No, the broken Tooth is not stealthed, unlike most of the mountain lions.

Is broken Tooth the best pet?

Broken Tooth was one of the best pets in the World of Warcraft classic. However, with the patch of 2.0.1, it has lost all its combat capabilities.

What level is the Badlands?

Badlands is at the level 35-45. However, if played wisely, users of 20+ level also can reach the Badlands.


These are some of the quickest and easiest routes to reach the wow classic broken tooth location (Badlands) and tame the wow classic broken Tooth. Some of the routes need a player with just 20+ levels whereas a few routes need players of 30+ level.

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