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How To Get The Wow Classic Workshop Key?

Wow Classic Workshop Key is used to open the entry to Gnomeregan through the back door, it lets you escape the initial part of the instance.
You can obtain the key from one of the prominent bosses of Gnomeregan, Electrocutioner 6000. The drop rate of the key is 100% and what could be better than that!

Did you know? About 5 other keys have the same drop rate, check them out here!

How To Get Workshop Key In Wow Classic?

  • The exact coordinates of Gnomeregan on the map is (43, 52).
  • Use the front entrance, to enter into the instance.
  • Jump to the lower floor level off the place where you are currently standing.
  • In the west, enter the long tunnel, where you will come across Electrocutioner 6000 on a moving platform.
  • The above steps that we mentioned are one of the fastest and easiest ways of procuring the key, as you escape a lot of mobs, and prevent your chances of getting killed. In fact, even such easy way is for the Crescent Key.

Things You Should Know About Workshop Key:

Wow Classic Workshop Key

  • Gnomeregan is located in Northwestern Dun Morogh
  • The end boss in Gnomeregan is none other than but rather Mekgineer Thermaplugg himself.
  • The races found in Gnomeregan include Gnome, Trogg, Leper gnome, and Dark Iron dwarf.
  • The minimum level requirement is of level 19. However, it’s advised that you wait for touching the 24-34 level.
  • It’s a dungeon, which has the capacity of players 5(10)
  • Under NPCs, we have Tink Sprocket whistle, Kernobee, and Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse.
  • The instance has various bosses other than just Electrocutioner 6000. Some of the other bosses included are Dark Iron Ambassador, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Viscous Fallout, Crowd Pummeler 9-60, and so on.
  • The city is quite a fresh mid level dungeon, as it constitutes of a Alliance-friendly NPC section, which has got guards, a mailbox, vendors, etc.
  • The city theme is also very comical and technological.
  • The overall layout is actually quite full of twists and turns. To be honest, it’s not that hard to get lost in the instance. The quests are such that they will lead the players to restart the dungeon again and again.
  • The Electrocutioner 6000 is of the Mechano tank (Mechanical) race. It’s of the level 28 elite.
  • Electrocutioner 6000 can be found in the upper level platform, Launch Bay, Gnomeregan. The boss (machine) is handled by an insane gnomish lieutenant, who even now works under the leadership of Mekgineer Thermaplugg.
  • Electrocutioner 6000 is the one and only source of Workshop Key. There’s no other way to procure the same.
  • Electrocutioner 6000 can have mainly three abilities, Shock, Megavolt, and Chain Bolt.


  • Should I Make An Extra Bag Space To Attain Workshop Key?

Ans: A lot of players struggle and try to make the bag space. However, there’s no need for that! Wondering how? Just put the key in your new Key Ring bag! Surprisingly, a lot of players weren’t aware of this very simple feature.

  • What Are The Most Noticeable Loots Of The Electrocutioner 6000?

Ans: It’s a fact that Electrocutioner 6000 doesn’t have so much to offer in terms of loot table. Still, some of the most known and prominent loot of the boss is Spidertank Oilrag, Combat Cloak, Electrocutioner Lagnut, and Electrocutioner Leg.


The Wow Classic Workshop Key is used two times in the instance. At first, you will use it to enter Gnomeregan, and after that, you will need it a little later inside also. Though, we recommend you to have the key with you till the very end of events of Wow Classic, as you never know when you may have to repeat this attunement.

The key is to ensure that the player hasn’t cheated by dying and then going through the entrance. Any one out of the group can have access to the Workshop Key, and everyone will be able to enter the instance.

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