8 Things To Know About Wow Classic Skeleton Key In 2021

Wow Classic Skeleton Key is used to gain access to the Schoolmance door. The completion of the 60G] Araj’s Scarab will be a sign that you have completed the attunement. Out there, you may get confused with other Skeleton keys too, but we want to clear that we are talking about the Scholomance skeleton key.

The one being discussed in today’s article has a different procurement process for both the classes. Infact, in almost all the categories of Wow Classic, one or the other activity/event has seperate process for the two classes; Alliance & Horde.

How To Get The Wow Classic Skeleton Key?

Wow Classic Skeleton Key

  • The first and foremost step is to attain the quest, “Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!”. From here, you can go to the Western Plaguelands, and head to grab the next quest, Scarlet Divisions, and Clear the Way, for Horde, and Alliance respectively.
  • Once done with the above quest, head for High Executor Derrington at Bulward, in case you are from Horde. On the other side, if you are from Alliance, then grab the quest, “All Along the Watchtowers” from Commander Ashlam Valorfist. Finish up with the quest, go back and turn it in.
  • The next attunement (Schoolmance) is simply an interaction between NPCs (camp). Once you are done with this, it’s time to move on to the next quest.
  • From the same camp, look for another NPC, from where you can attain Skeletal Fragments. Alchemist Abington for the Alliance, and Apothecary Dithers for the Horde. Deal with a few mobs, and once you have the fragments, turn in the quest.
  • The same NPC will give you the quest, “Mold Rhymes With…”, and from there, you will go to Gadgetzan to interact with Krinkle Goodsteel. It’s important to note that before you head to Tanaris, ascertain that you atleast have 2 Thorium Bars, and 15 gold.
  • The quest, Fire Plume Forged, will be given to you by the gobin. Head to the middle of the Un’Goro Crater, and look for the small lava lake (top). Time to forge the key mold using the item. After that, just head back to Plaguelands and turn the quest in.
  • Once you are done with all of the above the last quest that you would get is “Araj’s Scarab”. To attain this quest, you will need to have a group of 5, as you will have to kill elite lich.
  • The last quest once completed, just head back to camp and turn in the quest. That’s it! You now have your own Schoolmance key.

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Things You Should Know About Wow Classic Skeleton Key:

  • The quest chain for Skeleton Key begins at High Executor Derrington at the Bulwark with the quest Scarlet Diversions.
  • The quest chain not only helps to rewards the players, but even gives way to go and explore the further Plaguelands
  • Skeleton Key doesn’t stick to the normal lockpicking methods.
  • Schoolmance is actually a real word, and in Transylvania, it was actually a fabled school of black magic, and as per the folkloric records, it’s said that these schools were operated by the Devils.
  • In the real Schoolmance, their syllabus had courses on magic spells and animals. What’s interesting to note here is that the school was situated underground, and the students weren’t exposed to sunlight for seven straight years.
  • From the real Schoolmance description, we sort of get the idea where the developers of WOW Classic got the idea from.
  • Skeleton Key is a level 1 item and it’s not disenchantable.
  • The key was added in the


  • Is It Hard To Obtain The Wow Classic Skeleton Key

Ans: Nope, not at all! Skeleton Key is a single player attunement, and you just have to deal with the quest line. If you are an average game player, then you won’t have much issues in attaining the Skeleton Key.

  • What Level Is Schoolmance Classic?

Ans: Schoolmance comes under the classification of end game dungeons. It includes a number of quests for Warlocks, Paladins and Shamans. You are advised to be anywhere between Level 55 and 60.


The process for Skeleton Key is very long and time consuming, and also as you would have seen for Alliance and Horde, you will have to keep in a few things in mind. That being said, we hope that you have now learnt to properly complete the Skeleton Key attunement.

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