Wow Classic Shadowforge Key

How To Get Access To Shadowforge Key In Wow Classic?

Blackrock Depths is a part of the Molten Core attunement, however, it has its own attunement too named Shadowforge Key that you may undertake to land up with a number of shortcuts to bypass parts of the dungeon.
The procedure followed to attune to Blackrock Depths seems to be a little interesting and unique from the other Classic attunements out there.

How To Get A Wow Classic Shadowforge Key?

To start off, you will have to die in Blackrock Mountain, as you have to meet and talk with Franclorn Forgewright (NPC ghost), who is available only once you have died and can be found in Forgewright’s Tomb (center of Blackrock Mountain).

The ghost will provide you the Dark Iron Legacy quest, under which you will have to kill Fineous Darkvire.

Grab the Ironfel, and take it to the Shrine of Thaurissan, which is the same where Pyromancer Loregrain is. Place the Ironfel on the statue, and you will have access to your Shadowforge Key. Also, this key can be used to solo Molten Core.

Things You Need To Know About Shadowforge Key Attunement:

Shadowforge Key Attunement

  • The attunement can be used to gain access to the Shadowforge Doors in Blackrock Depths.
  • The key allows you to escape lower areas of the instance, including Ring of Law encounter. Also, not to forget that it gives you access to Grim Guzzler Bear.
  • At Lockpicking 280, the Shadowforge Doors can be picked up by Rogues.
  • It can also be called the Master Key to the Depths.
  • The key is an item of level 1 and comes under the quest item category.
  • The players who have completed Dark Iron Legacy, and by chance, have lost access to Shadowforge Key, can always retrieve it back with the help of World of Warcraft Item Restoration.
  • Shadowforge City is located inside Blackrock Mountain
  • The Dark Iron dwarves’s capital is Shadowforge city.


  • Who Generally Requires The Shadowforge Key?

Ans: The classes that aren’t capable of lock picking, tend to go behind the Shadowforge Key

  • The Shadowforge Key Belongs To Which Legacy?

Ans: The records mention that the Shadowforge Key is a reward from the quest Dark Iron Legacy.

  • Who Drops Shadowforge Key?

Ans: Fineous Darkvire, the dwarf (level 53/54 elite) drops the Shadowforge Key. Well, not exactly! First, you have to kill the dwarf, and after that, you have to grab the Ironfel, which will be used to grab the key.

  • How To Get To The Grim Guzzler Without The Shadowforge Key?

Ans: There are actually a couple of ways through which the Grim Guzzler access can be opened without the Shadowforge key.

The first way is to get Mistress Nagmara to open the door. If, by any chance, you have previously accomplished The Love Potion quest, before it being removed from the game, then you are in for a bit of luck. You can go to her, and she will end up calling out Private Rocknot. With the help of him, you can open the door, and leave.

Kill the patrons, and you will have more security standing in front of you. They give access, but even block the door. Keep killing them, until you have access to the regions across that door.


When we were trying out the Shadowforge Key, we came to realize that this was quite similar to Scepter attunement. There are lots of bosses involved in this attunement, and sadly, we don’t see a lot of groups for it. This attunement is kind of like a sub extension under a major attunement of Wow Classic.

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