Wow Classic Scarlet Monastery

The Scarlet Monastery Attunement:Pathway To The Scarlet Key

Scarlet Monastery is a very unique dungeon, due to its design, and how it has been broken up into multiple wings. In the later section of the article, we will take a brief look at how what all each wings compromises of.

How to Conquer Scarlet Key?

Out of all the wings, there’s one wing, the Library Wing that isn’t locked. The Library Wing has The Scarlet Key. You have to look at the very end of the wing for the Doan’s Strongbox, as inside it only you will find the Scarlet Key.

The Scarlet Key is required to gain access to the SM Cathedral, and SM Armory. This attunement is very much similar to Stratholme, as here you just have to loot the key, and end the attunement. Right at Doan’s Strongbox, you will find Arcanist Doan, just get rid of him, grab your key, and you are good to go towards other classic attunements!


Scarlet Monastery

  • The Scarlet Key is known also as the master key, and has a lot of reputation as it’s used to protect the Scarlet Crusade and Scarlet Monastery areas.
  • It’s actually very straight forward to loot the chest, as the key also gets placed in the keyring on its own.
  • Scarlet Monastery is located in Whispering Gardens, Trisfal Glades. It’s dominated by the human and undead races.
  • The High Inquisitor Whitemane (Cathedral) is the final boss of the dungeon.
  • The dungeon has a player limit of 5
  • The Cathedral, and Armory are the two wings out of the four of Scarlet Monastery, and to enter them, you will require the Scarlet Key from the library.
  • The Library Wing, where your key is kept, is the right most entrance. It mainly has three sections: the Gallery of Treasures, the Huntsman’s Cloister, and the Athenaeum. The third section, the Athenaeum is where you are going to find the boss Arcanist Doan, and the chest which contains The Scarlet Key.
  • Oh, did we forget to talk about the fourth wing? The wing that is left to be discussed is the Graveyard. It’s opposite to the Library Wing, i.e., it’s the left most entrance. To access this Wing, you don’t require any sort of key, or anything else. It mainly contains undead mobs, and are non-elite.
  • The advised character levels are in the range of 26-45. It also depends upon the wing that you are trying to target.
  • The Graveyard can be completed without even a proper group, and it’s perfect for the players between the range of 26-36. At maximum, a group of 3-4 would be more than enough.
  • The Library requires five players, and it’s perfect for the players between the range of 29-39.
  • The Armory requires five players. Though, at times, four may be more than enough to deal with Herod. The wing is perfect for the players between the range of 32-42.
  • Out of all the four wings, the last wing, The Cathedral is the toughest wind among all. It will require five people. The bosses, High Inquisitor Whitemane, and Scarlet Commander Migraine have to be defeated at the same time. It’s perfect for the players between level 32-42.


  • What’s the way to enter the Armory without the
  • ?

Ans: If you don’t have the Scarlet Key, and wish to enter the Armory, without it then you may try some unlocking method. Under unlocking, you have Blacksmiths items like Silver Skeleton Key, Engineer items like [Small Seaforium Charge], Rogues’ Lockpicking skill, etc. It’s important to know that we have listed up the commonly used unlocking techniques, and every method doesn’t go down with every lock.

  • How much time on an average will it take to grab the Scarlet Key?

Ans: The process is very simple. Once you are in the Library, it should not take you more than twenty minutes on an average to get rid of the boss, and loot the Scarlet Key. If you follow our above listed guide carefully, then you will be able to procure your Scarlet Key in the minimum time possible. Every guide of ours on Wow Classic is aimed to make the in-game journey easier and faster for the player.


Scarlet Monastery has seen a lot of changes, and the current version has just been limited to mainly two wings. However, thanks to Blizzard, we still have access to the Wow Classic, where we can play the old and original Scarlet Monastery dungeon. There’s nothing much to complicate about the Scarlet Key, as it’s pretty easy and quick to acquire, as you would have seen from above.

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