How To Conquer Orb Of Command In Wow Classic?

The Orb of command is a single player attunement that helps the players to get a quick entrance to Blackwing Lair in the Blackrock Mountain. To complete the attunement, you will have to head to Blackrock Mountain and finish the Scarshield QuarterMaster.

Initially, we thought that this attunement is going to be a lot difficult, however in comparison to other raid attunements like Naxxramas and Drakefire Amulet, this one was far off easier.

How to Complete Orb of Command?

To complete the attunement, you will have to head to Blackrock Mountain and finish the Scarshield QuarterMaster.

After that, once you have access to the quest, just kill General Drakkisath, and you will even end up completing the quest. To enter the attunement, you have to be at least level 60.

It’s important to understand that you need to first complete the Blackhand’s Command attunement quest in order to access the Orb of command attunement. Failing to accomplish the some of the events prior to Orb of Command may never lead to the start of this attunement.

Things You Need To Know About Orb Of Command:

Orb Of Command Attunement In Wow Classic

  • The Scarshield QuarterMaster can be found between the Orb and Blackrock Spire instance portable.
  • The area is guarded by fearsome Scarshield warriors.
  • The very first hurdle in the attunement is to grab the Blackhand’s Command from Scarshield QuarterMaster.
  • Blackhand’s Command is a level 55 item which binds when picked up.
  • The Command has a drop rate of above 70%. You have to be minimum level 55 to attain it. It comes under party loot.
  • In case, you have difficulty in the completion of the attunement, then there’s an alternative entrance that you can only access after defeating Warchief Rend Blackhand.


  • What’s The Exact Spot Of Scarshield Quartermaster?

Ans: Down the hallway right from the entrance of Blackrock Spire, you are going to find Scarshield QuarterMaster, along with some Scarshield warriors.

  • Do I Have To Be In A Raid To Get Blackhand’s Command ?

Ans: Yes, from what players have said, being in a raid does help you grab the item. However, not to forget that you must be level 60 at the least to be eligible to pick up the item. Also, the enemy may drop enough for all the members, and that’s why you may have to kill him a few more times.

  • Where Is The Orb Of The Command On The Wow Of The Map?

Ans: It can be found in Burning Steppes. It’s located at 48,67 in Blackrock Mountain. This is exactly below the hall, right from the entrance to LBRS.

For Blackrock Mountain, you will be needing the Shadowforge Key. Remember, to use Orb of Command, you have to complete the Upper Blackrock Spire.

You may also check out the 23.92, 32.27 coordinates. Also, remember that you don’t have to be a part of a raid to gain access to BWL.

  • How To Cancel Orb Of Command?

Ans: Orb of Command is a single player attunement, and if you have taken upon the attunement, and you wish to cancel it in between, then you have to just get killed in the process.
If you kill yourself or get killed by the other enemy, then you will have to restart everything from where you had initially began in the respective area. These days, we also have external addons that may help you to forcefully put an end to Orb of Command.


To conclude, if you wish to make a quick and dashing entry into Blackwing Lair, then you could definitely run behind completing the Wow Classic Orb of command attunement. This attunement is actually quite short, and not that difficult to accomplish.

If you think that it would be hard to kill General Drakkisath, then you are probably wrong, as he isn’t something to worry about. In case, you still find problems in completing the attunement, then you may go for the alternative entrance path.

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