Onyxia's Lair Attunement

A Definitive Guide On Wow Classic Onyxia’s Lair Attunement

Have you been searching for the Wow Classic Onyxia’s Lair Guide? If yes, you have landed at the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen onyxia attunement alliance or the onyxia attunement horde. You will have to go through many quests and missions to finish before you get to enter Onyxia’s Lair.

All the quests and trails that you face during this time will be different based upon the faction you chose. In this article, we will take you through a Wow Classic Onyxia’s Lair Guide to know about the quests, levels to pass, and a lot more. Beware, that Onyxia attunement is going to be a lot harder, and not very easy peasy like Orb of Command.

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Guide to Onyxia’s Lair

Before we go to the guide, let’s get you familiar with everything related to Onyxia.

Onyxia is a member of the black dragon race. She is the daughter of Deathwing and his prime consort Sintharia. She is also the brood mother of black Dragonflight, which is in Azeroth.

Apart from her dragon form, she also appears in a human form, just like her brother Nefarian and her father. In her human form, she assumes the persona of a noblewoman from Stormwind called Katrana Prestor, whose main motive is to gain control of Stormwind.

She has been the reason behind so many conflicts in the Kingdom of Stormwind, such as the conflict between the stonemasons and house of nobles, and this was what led to the death of Queen Tiffin Wrynn. Apart from that, she has also manipulated King Varian Wrynn into abducting the Defias Brotherhood, en route to the Theramore Isle.

After that, she became the royal councillor to the king’s 10-year-old son Anduin Wrynn. Along with that, she also controlled the high lord Bolvar Fordragon with the Drakefire Amulet’s help.

She was later slain by the king when her true identity was revealed. She was beheaded by the king after his return and thus restoring the line of the Stormwind kings. She was later reanimated by her brother as an electrical monstrosity, after the return of her father. She was later destroyed once more, along with her brother.

Entering Onyxia’s Lair location

Onyxia’s Lair is a raid located in the southern Dustwallow Marsh, and it is also said to be the shortest raid in Wow. This raid needs 40 players to participate, and it just consists of one boss Onyxia herself.

The only requirement of this is that the player must have a Drakefire Amulet. The amulet should be there in the bag with the player as without it, you can’t enter into the lair location.

On the way to the Lair, players will run into several Onyxian Warders. These warders patrol the path that leads to her, and they are not that hard to deal with. The players need to be wary of one of their abilities, which is very deadly, and that is the Fire Nova.

Want to go into the location and reach out to Onyxian without dealing to any of her warders?

Defeating Onyxia

Defeating Onyxia is not an easy job as the players need to be very vigilant. She has three abilities such as Tail Sweep, Wing Buffet, and Flame Breath.

To defeat her, players need to follow a few sets of instructions, and those have been mentioned below in the WoW Classic Onyxia Guide.

Part 1: The players need to stick to the sides as the position behind and in front of her is very dangerous. They also need to be careful about her tail as one sweep can quite easily toss them towards the eggs’ nest, and if that happens, a swarm of Onyxian Whelp will spawn.

This is where the tanks come in and help you to attack Onyxia and turn her tail towards the entry and thus allowing the raid to stay on her side. After that is done, the tanks should position themselves against the wall, so that they aren’t knocked back by the knockback of the Onyxia’s Wing buffet attack.

When Onyxia is in position, the DPS should slowly start attacking her. The attack should go on till she reaches 65%, as, after this, she will move on to the next part. If the DPS engages Onyxia before she is in that position, she can potentially wipe off the entire raid party.

Part 2: After her health reaches 65%, she will slowly start moving towards the center of the room. When she’s there, she will take flight, which is very dangerous for the players. The raid party’s DPS should save their damage by increasing cooldowns when she reaches 65% health.

The moment she reaches 65%, that is when the player should use all of their abilities to burn through their health before she can take flight.

When she takes flight, all raid members should scatter themselves around the cave into 8 locations, which are North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest.

While flying, she will use her fireball and breath attack, and this together is known as a Deep Breath. She will attack one of these 8 locations at one time, and the raiding party should steer clear of the part when she attacks.

Before she attacks, the game will inform the raiders that she is taking a deep breath, and when that appears, they should be ready to move to the safe zone.

The fireball attack used by her will target random people, and when someone gets hit by it, the damage will spread to other players within 8 yards as this is an AoE attack. The Fire Protection Potion is very useful as it will help players soak up the damage from the attack.

Part 2 will end when her health reaches 40%, and that is when she will land again.

Part 3: When her health reaches 40%, she will land in the center of the room, and the players should not attack her at that moment. The tankers should move in first and position her just like they did in part 1. When that is done, the DPS should move-in and start attacking her.

During this time, she has a new ability called the Bellowing Roar. This no normal roar and will be used in intervals by her. When she uses the roar, all players will be under fear. To overcome this, the tanks need to use Berserker Rage, or they can rely on their healers to use Tremor Totem or Fear Ward.

Along with this ability, she will also have help from other sources such as the Onyxian Whelp, as these will occasionally spawn and attack the raid. Any tank that has AoE can attack these and can finish these with ease.

The room’s cracks will start erupting lava and cause fire damage to any player hit by it. The Greater Fire Protection Potion is very useful in dealing with this part. If all of these are taken care of, it would be straightforward for the raid part to defeat Onyxia.

After Defeating Onyxia:

After the defeat of Onyxia, there will be lots of loot that players would acquire. They can acquire tier 2 helms from Onyxia, and those have been listed below.

  • Judgment Crown – Paladin
  • Stormrage Cover – Druid
  • Bloodfang Hood – Rogue
  • Dragonstalkers Helm – Hunter
  • Nemesis Skullcap – Warlock
  • Netherwind Crown – Mage
  • Helmet of Ten Storms – Shaman
  • Helm of Wrath – Warrior
  • Halo of Transcendence – Priest

Apart from these, Onyxia also drops some epic loots, which have been listed below.

  • Vis’kag the Bloodletter.
  • Shard of the Scale
  • Sapphiron Drape
  • Ring of Binding
  • Mature Black Dragon Sinew
  • Eskhandar’s Collar
  • Deathbringer
  • Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire

And finally, along with all these, she will also drop head of Onyxia, and this will begin another quest, Onyxia hides a backpack and some other BoE blues, gold and a random sack of gems.

Onyxia’s Abilities

Wow Classic Onyxia's Lair

Onyxia has quite a lot of abilities, and all these abilities depend on the part of the battle that you are in.

Part 1 Abilities

Tail Sweep

This is one of her most-used abilities, but the damage dealt by this attack is very less as it will just knock back the target. The problem with this attack is that if the target happens to fall on a whelp cave, there might be a wipe.

Wing Buffet

This is one of the primary attacks that knocks back the target and, along with that, causes severe damage as well.

Flame Breath

This is her primary attack, and it hits everyone in front of her and some distance to her sides. The fire deals a lot of damage to players who are around lvl.40 – 50, as the damage can hit for upwards of 4000. But at level 70, it’s very easy to survive the flame breath.


This is an attack that she does by her wings, and it leaves huge physical damage on multiple targets in front of her.

Knock Away

This causes damage only to the main target and knocks the target back and, along with that, reduces the threat of a target by 25%.

Part 2 Abilities

Onyxia Deep Breath

The strongest she has is a Deep Breath. This attack hits the targets four to five times, and in most cases, the targets die after getting hit. She takes a deep breath and with fly around the room to leave a devastating attack that rolls straight across the room to the opposite side. But luckily for the player, the game will inform them about the attack.

There were many theories about how to evade this attack, and some people tried to find patterns to this attack. But actually, this attack is very random, and it actually originates from the floor. DPS should always keep a safe distance when she initiates the attack and moves to a safe location.


When Onyxia’s health hits 65%, that is when she will start flying, and its quite hard to attack her during this time as she releases the Onyxia deep breath after that.

Whelp Spawns

These will appear in between to attack the raid party, and it’s quite easy to deal with these. A spare hunter should easily take care of these.

Engulfing Fireball

Onyxia releases this attack while flying, and this hits many targets at once, as this is a splash damage attack. The damage can go up to as high as 3000, and the players nearby can receive damage around 1500. It is even said that this attack has the power to wipe the targeted character.

Part 3 Abilities

Bellowing Roar/ Lave Crack

This attack will only be used at the end. Though it doesn’t cause much damage, it surely will instil fear in the raid party, and along with that, lava eruptions will also happen through the cracks on the floor.

In order to get rid of the effect of this attack, the players need to use their healer’s Tremor Totem or Fear wards. The hunters can use berserker rage to get rid of this.

Whelp Spawns

These also appear in the final stage, and just like part 2, they can be dealt with pretty easily. Apart from these two attacks, Onyxia will use all the attacks that she used in Part 1.

Phew! That was a heck load of a ride! Take a break, and after that, head to another fantastic quest guide; Dragon’s Eye Classic Quest.

FAQ’s About Onyxia Guide:

Q: How do I get into wow classic onyxia quest?

A: Onyxia lair is located southern Dustwallow Marsh, and it is a 40 player raid, and each player should have a Drakefire Amulet in their bag.

Q: At what level can I enter WoW Classic Onyxia?

A: A player must be at least level 55 in order to start this raid quest, but in order to finish it, the player needs to be level 56.

Q: Is Onyxia immune to classic fire spells?

A: Onyxia is immune to all kinds of fire and also all kinds of fire spells and effects.


Defeating Onyxia is quite easy. The only thing that each player should have is patience and teamwork. Just follow the instructions that have been provided here in the Wow Classic Onyxia Guide, and defeating here would be quite easy.

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