Wow Classic Naxxramas Attunement

A Definitive Guide On Naxxramas Attunement

The thing that separates the Naxxramas attunement from other Classic attunements is that it requires a certain reputation level. The minimum requirement is honored with the Argent Dawn faction. Once you clear off the honored stage, you will have access to the quest.
Don’t forget that the attunement comes with its own pricing!

In case you are honored (Argent Dawn), then to complete the quest, you will have to pay 2 nexus crystals, 60 gold, 1 righteous orb, and 5 arcane crystals. Once you have completed the Wow Classic Naxxramas, you can head to the Plaguewood of the Eastern Plaguelands.

This is where you will come across teleport spite within a ziggurat (39, 26). Go up on the runic circle, and get teleported to Naxxramas. It’s true that the Naxxramas attunement is a lot simpler and straightforward, however the same is not the case with attunements like Orb of Command.

How To Complete The Naxxramas Attunement?

To accomplish the quest, you will have to be minimum honoured with the Argent Dawn, and after that, you can head to Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands to interact with Archmage Angela Dosantos, who will give you the quest, “The Dread Citadel”.
Once the quest is completed, you will have access to the entrance of Naxxramas.
The attunement requires you to have at least a specific amount of materials and gold to begin with the quest. To know how to procure gold and other items in the most efficient manner, check out our top guides for Wow Classic.

Things You Should Know About The Naxxramas Attunement :

Naxxramas Attunement

  • Phase 6 saw the introduction of Naxxramas in Wow Classic.
  • Similar to BWL and MC, Naxxramas attunement needs to be accomplished, before you access the raid.
  • Here, you just have to complete a quest with the help of materials and gold.
  • The quest can be accomplished for totally free of cost, if you end up exalting Argent Dawn.
  • Once the quest is completed, you will receive 0 XP, though you will gain 1000 reputation with Argent Dawn.
  • The attunement is a part of the Eastern Plaguelands.
  • The attunement starts with Archmage Angela Dosantos, and ends with Archmage Angela Dosantos.
  • Part of the quest takes place in Eastern Plaguelands.
  • Naxxramas (Classic) is located in Plaguewood, Eastern Plaguelands.
  • It’s a raid type instance, and the advised level is level 60-70.


  • Does One Have To Pay The Price For Every Single Raided Item?

Ans: If you are exalted, then that removes up any quest to get attuned. However, if you are not exalted, then need not worry, as you will have to just pay the price once to get attuned.
Ignore those who say that you would have to pay each time that you go for a raid. In short, it won’t be wrong to say that you have to pay to play, and being exalted is like a free pass!

  • How Much Would I Have To Pay To Complete The Quest?

Ans: This is where the actual trick comes into play! A certain amount of elements are required to be invested to complete the quest. The price that you would have to put in depends completely upon the reputation level or the standing that you have with Argent Dawn. If you reach the exalted level, then you need not pay anything.


The Wow Classic Naxxramas was released on December 3rd. In the above sections, we have not only listed the steps to get attuned to Naxxramas, but have also discussed the steps that you can take in advance to ascertain that you are prepared for the attunement in every manner possible.

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