Wow Classic Maraudon Attunement

The Maraudon Attunement-Scepter of Celebras In Wow Classic

If you wish to gain a direct shortcut to the boss, Princess Thedras, then you should complete the Maraudon attunement. It will directly activate the portal transport feature, where it will take you to the Earth Song Falls. The completion of the Legends of Maraudon quest will mark the end of the attunement.
Now that you know the result, lets learn about how to start the attunement. Also, before that don’t forget to check out Shadowforge Key , as it’s very similar to this one.

How To Start Maraudon Attunement?

The Purple and Orange sides of the attunement have got the Noxxion, and Lord Vyletongue as end bosses respectively, whom you have to kill. The task is to obtain an item from them, and after that, head near large, as you have to now kill Celebras the Cursed. Once you have killed him, immediately help Celebras in his ritual to obtain Scepter of Celebras.

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Things You Need To Know About Maraudon Attunement

Maraudon Attunement

  • Purple Wing is also known as The Wicked Grotto.
  • Orange Wing is also known as the Foulspore Cavern.
  • Green Wing is also known as the Inner Maraudon.
  • By grabbing the key, you will earn some experience points.
  • The Key (Scepter of Celebras), is used to access the Earth Song Falls, which is located in Green Wing. It lets you escape the purple and orange sides, so that your team can land straight to the Princess Thedras.
  • Scepter of Celebras is an item of level 53.
  • It has a speed, damage, and damage per second rate of 300, 110-165, and 45.8, respectively.
  • It is located in the Valley of Spears, Desolace.
  • The minimum level required for Wow Classic Maraudon is level 25.
  • It has a player limit of 5(10).


  • Where Can We Find The Portal In Maraudon Attunement?

Ans: The Maraudon portal is behind the Spirit of Kolk, where passing through the portal will land you up on the waterfall. From here, behind Celebras, you directly jump into Maraudon.

  • How Many Nibs Will Be There In Classic Maraudon?

Ans: To be very precise, there are 475 mobs in Maraudon Classic.

  • How Do I Get Out Of Maraudon?

Ans: The first and foremost step is to kill Noxxion to attain Legends of Maraudon. Somewhere in the middle, he will break, and churn out non-elite elementals. Once you have killed him, he will again re-form. Once you have dealt with him, you may feel free to leave the area.

  • Why To Go Solo In Maraudon?

Ans: It’s simple, because there’s no other player to interfere with your style. You make your own pace, you don’t collect items whose value may depreciate over time, and you also don’t have to be dependent on the auction house for selling. Each and every item, even the most precious ones of the bosses are sold off directly to the vendor only. If you would also like to know how to conquer other events of Wow Classic in the most easiest and smart manner, then click here!


It’s possible that you could run through the dungeon, but the area is actually pretty large. It’s the case of easier said than done!
The loot item that drops off from the end boss is going to be a treat, as it’s the best slot for certain classes. The Classic Maraudon attunement enables you to make runs to the princess, so that you can have access to the gear faster and easily.

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