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How To Get To The Key To The City Attunement In Wow Classic?

Key to the city attunement is necessary to gain entry into the side entrance. How does it help you? Well, it gives you direct access or a kind of shortcut to the final boss, as you start the dungeon on the Undead sector.

How To Get To The Key To The City Attunement?

  • In the service entrance, Magistrate Barthilas will drop off the key.
  • You will require the key to get access to the side entrance, giving you the way to begin from the undead side of the instance.
  • If you come from the living side, then you will have to make your entry to the entrance, and you will find Magistrate Barthilas there, whom you have to kill, as he will drop the item.
  • In case you are coming from the Undead side, along with the key, then you will find the Magistrate running away to the within areas of the Undead side.
  • At lockpicking 275, the rogues can lock pick the entrance. For those who don’t know, lockpicking 275 simply means the locking 275 means the lockpicking skill level that you possess. At any particular level, your lockpicking skill would be level * 5. So, for instance if you are at level 10, then your lockpicking skill level would be 50.
  • As per our experience, we feel that the keys to the city is a lot simpler attunement than other attunements, as here you just have to grab off the key from the corpse.

Things You Need To Know About Key To The City Attunement :

keys to the city

  • The master key to gain access to Stratholme is none other than but Key to the City.
  • The key binds when picked up.
  • The key is essential to gain entry into the Eastwall Gate, which further acts as an access to the Scourge-controlled eastern districts of Stratholme, area between Festival Lane, and King’s Square. The area between the latter two places is used to connect the eastern, and western districts. Also, not to forget that Eastwall Gate also helps in entry to the Gauntlet.
  • In reality, if you wish to hold the title of Key to the city, then you will have to do something really good for the city that you are aiming to get the key for. Doing something that can be considered noble in the eyes of the citizens of the city, or by feeding the politicians, you have a chance of winning the key to the city. To know more interesting facts similar to this, then click here!


  • Is There Only One Way To Gain Access To The Eastwall Gate?

Ans: The main and most known way of getting access into Eastwell gate is right through the master key only.

  • What’s The Genre Of The Master Key That Drops Off From Magistrate Barthilas?

Ans: It’s non consumable, and is an item of level 1 only.

  • What Do I Do With The Key To The City Wow?

Ans: The Key to the City is required for entrance to the Scourge-controlled eastern districts of Stratholme. It even extends up to the King’s Square and the Festival Lane, which joins the eastern and western districts.


To be honest with you, there’s nothing much that you would have to worry about Wow Classic Key to the city attunement. It’s very simple and straightforward. It’s recommended that you don’t put in a lot of time and efforts in the quest, as even with the most bare efforts, you will easily be able to pull it off.

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