10 Of The Most Crazy Facts About Wow Classic SexyMap In 2021

If you think the addon’s name is a bit over the top, then maybe you are right, but if you say that it’s not feature-rich, then we are ready for a fearsome debate.

Anyways, jokes aside, Wow Classic SexyMap, makes it possible for you to create your version of the wow map in place of the standard and boring Vanilla map. You can make adjustments to both the mini map and world map. Right from setting a position to changing shape, Classic SexyMap brings a lot of fun to the table.

Important :Don’t forget to check out other addons that can enhance Warcraft experience.

To make the starting easier and faster for you, the addon comes with some default preset settings for the mini-map. In the settings, you have the burning sun, stairgate, parachute, etc. included. All of these will influence how the map shapes and looks up.

Along with SexyMap, you may also club IceHUD as that’s also a great starter addon.

How to start using SexyMap?

When you enter your character, your map is going to look like default, small and tiny. Head to your interface, Addon, and then go to SexyMap to begin the customization. You will come across different categories, including borders, zone text, timers, etc. We have covered about the different options in brief in other sections of our article.

In the addon, you can create a character from scratch or through the preset option. Based on your needs and interests, you may choose one out of the two options. Pretty much that’s what will get you started with SexyMap! If you are also looking forward to explore more of the world of Warcraft, then check out the most popular Wow guides by clicking here!

Main Features:

WOW Classic SexyMap

  • The buttons or rather options situated on the map can be hidden. As per your requirements, they can either be always hidden, or appear up on minimap hover
  • The minimap border options are very attractive, and are very much configurable, with a lot of amazing presets.
  • Mouse wheel auto zoom out, and minimap zoom
  • Target tracking, resource gathering, etc made a lot easy, all thanks to the HUD overlay.
  • Catchy name and catchy features!
  • Not uses too much of system resources
  • Lightweight
  • Ping Notification


  • Does SexyMap allow presets?

Ans: Yes, it does! The SexyMap presets are free of viruses (of course, if you download from an authentic site), and doesn’t replace up your regular maps.

  • I can’t move the minimap in WOW Classic SexyMap?

Ans: If you are unable to move the minimap by unlocking or right clicking, then it may be probably due to other addons interfering with SexyMap. In such cases, we recommend you to disable all other addons and then try moving the minimap.

  • I am getting LUA errors while using SexyMap. What should I do?

Ans: Make sure that you have SexyMap addon for the classic version, and also ascertain that it’s the latest update. If you are using some incorrect version, or outdated version, then such issues are bound to arise.

Note: It’s always advised that you download from the correct sources, and from there also, see to the fact that the addon is updated on time or not. Download from our given links as they are authentic, updated, and secure, totally free from viruses


Wow Classic SexyMap is quite a small and lightweight size mod, that you can instantly download and load on your system. The first look impression is just mind blowing, as after all the addon features some exciting map effects, that are sure to catch your attention even further. The best part is that, even after all of such awesomeness, the addon doesn’t take too much your system resources. To be honest, at start, even we thought that the addon is going to take some considerable amount of space as it had effects to work on, however, the reality was the total opposite, and that’s when we were relieved.

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