Wow Classic Omnicc:Must Know In Warcraft

Wow Classic Omnicc inputs text over your items, objects, spells, etc that are on the cooldown. It will basically act as a representation of when the addon will be ready to use.
For those who are still confused, do you know what’s the traditional timer for the items and objects in WoW? Yes, it’s the traditional analogue cooldown, and OmniCC replaces it with a digital analogue cooldown.
The text modifications allow you to adjust the timing, effect, and positioning. A feature that we liked was the eradication of the OmniCC and how it closed captions in certain situations by putting them in the blacklisted category.

How to start using OmniCC?

Once you have installed OmniCC on your system, you can get access to the menu of options right through either one of the two commands: /omnicc and /occ.

Right from scaling and font size, you have a wide variety of options to deal with. The best part about the addon is that you won’t have much difficulty in beginning up with it, as it comes almost ready out of the box for use. Just download it, and in no time, you would have started to use it in the most efficient manner.

Wow Classic Omnicc Features :

Wow Classic Omnicc

  • Customize the size and font of the overall countdown.
  • Customize the size and color of the available cooldown durations (less than a five seconds, less than a minute, less than an hour, more than an hour)
  • Different slash commands for different operations.
  • Preset cooldown setting for abilities with very short cooldowns.
  • Works right out of the box
  • Simple yet very powerful addon
  • The addon works well with almost everything, right from your favourite add-on to standard interface.
  • Very much lightweight


  • How To Enable Omnicc For Xperl?

Ans: First of all, if by any chance, the blacklist is enabled, then turn it off. Secondly, make the minimum font size slider to 2.

  • Why Is Omnicc So Popular?

Ans: OmniCC was released back in 2008, and 2020 has passed, and the addon still continues to shine to the core. The addon is still a lot popular among the WoW players, and it’s estimated that in the coming time, the addon will continue to rule this genre of addon markets.

  • Is There A Way For Wow Classic Omnicc To Not Start The Cooldown On Abilities That Have Charges?

Ans: As per our knowledge, as of now, there’s no way to accomplish this! However, we recommend you to do your own research. In fact, try your own experimentations, and whatever the outcome turns out to be, let others also know in the comments below.
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The Classic OmniCC seems to be a great addon which will guide you on when to act and how to act. It makes it easy to keep a track over the analogue cooldowns.
The addon has been there in the market since a pretty long time, and people are still longing for it, with each passing day. The customization of the texts is something that’s sure to interest you.

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